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5 Cool Things That Happen to You When You Book Your Own DIY Umrah

5 Cool Things That Happen to You When You Book Your Own DIY Umrah -Muslim travel girl

I am a person who loves doing everything the DIY style and Umrah is no different. After all, I am known as the DIY Umrah girl. A title I am super proud of. 

Do-it-yourself Umrah is not for everyone, I have found that usually, the young hip generation of millennials are more into this style of Umrah, which is understandable. And one of the things I have noticed is that many Umrah agents are picking on the trend of providing more of a customizable option for Umrah than the standard group package. 

However, if you are that hip millennial who wants to plan and do their own DIY Umrah then here are few things you should expect:

#1 Massive Savings 

Yes, you read that right. When going for Umrah on your own and knowing how to plan it the best way it can actually save you hundreds of pounds. You can issue your visa on your own and then just plan your Umrah as any other holiday. On average people can save £300 per person by doing it DIY. 

#2 Earning while you Spend

One of my favourite things and not everyone ”gets it” when I mention it the first time. But you can earn cashback, free nights and more by doing a DIY Umrah. Considering you spend on average £100 per night on hotels, by using as an example you can earn up to 10% cashback plus a reward night for every 10. So, in essence, you get quite a bit of your money back. 😉 

#3 Flexibility

One of the reasons why Millennials love planning their holidays is because it gives them the flexibility to do what they want. They don’t rely on a group to plan their days. They can sleep during the day and perform tawaf during the night for all they want. 

#4 Explore more places

Book your flights with few long layovers or free stopovers. Qatar Airways offers free transit visa stopover plus a free visa so you can enjoy and explore a new country while on your Umrah. Something similar is also offered with Turkish airlines, where you even get a free tour of the city on a long layover. Airlines are catching up with providing services for the new millennial travelers so take advantage of them. This is my favourite thing as depending on when I am going I can combine a holiday and experience Ramadan in a different country. Plus after walking for up to 7km a day, a real holiday sounds like a brilliant plan.

#5 Become more confident 

By planning and organising and actually going for your own DIY Umrah you are bound to become more confident in your skills and abilities. Like with any holiday when you travel you experience new things and you get more exposure to the culture. Whether it is taking your taxi from Jeddah airport to Makkah or riding the SAPTCO bus from Makkah to Medinah or even arranging your ziyaras it is a great way to push yourself a little further and be that confident traveler you are meant to be. 😉

So let me ask you again, why wouldn’t you want to plan your own DIY Umrah? 

And this is why I have created this course for those who want to find out how to save even more money or go for Umrah during this Ramadan. Make sure you check out my course which is open with 10% discount for the next 3 days!  Just quote promo code “webinar” at check out. 

So what’s stopping you? Lets go for Umrah!

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