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Hyatt Regency Makkah Suite Review

The first time we stayed in the Hyatt Regency Makkah, it was just after they opened in 2015, and it was one of the best trips we had because back then, we had saved over £18,000 on the price of the last ten nights of Ramadan by using loyalty points.

I haven’t seen those crazy prices during Ramadan in years, and I definitely don’t miss them. 

In November 2021, we stayed again in the Hyatt Regency Makkah in a Suite, so I thought I would review the property again and show you what the suite looks like. 

We decided to spend the night in Makkah and enjoy Umrah without our daughter. Since children are not allowed in Haram, and my mum is not a Muslim, we couldn’t bring them. 

the view from the room at hyatt regency makkah

The view from our suite at the Hyatt Regency Makkah

The hotel doesn’t have the best view of the Haram or Kaba so if you are looking for this you are better at booking one of the Clock Tower hotels.

You can read my first review of their standard rooms here. 

We stayed for a night, and as a Hyatt Globalist, we were upgraded to their suite on the 19th floor with a Haram view. 

The hotel doesn’t have the best view of the masjid since it is blocked by the Intercontinental hotel. 


Check-in was very efficient and quick. We arrived in the morning, and the property wasn’t bustling at that time. 

Our suite was ready, however, and we were shown into it straight away. 

The Suite 

suite hyatt regency makkah

The view from the door

The suite in itself was very spacious. 

This is a place where you can have more than two people since there was a huge dining room, an office space, a couch, and a bedroom plus two bathrooms with showers. 

living room area and desk

I really liked that the smaller bathroom, generally used as a guest bathroom in suites, had a shower. Therefore if friends are staying or family, you would have more shower options. 

The suite was definitely spacious enough for a family, and there was also a coffee machine and plenty of water. 

I could see some wear and tear, and there were stains on the sofa since it was a light colour. So I would say they can do a little better maintenance. 


One of my most significant issues with the room was the AC; it was set on way too cold for me. Every time I would turn it off, it would come back on its own after 5 to 10minutes. I called for them to turn it off since this was an option, but nobody came. 

Hyatt regency makkah guest bathroom with shower

guest bathroom with shower

Also, the internet on the property was terrible. I am not sure if it was a problem with the service provider or standard though it has never been fast, according to my husband. However, I actually tethered from my phone instead since it was much quicker. If this problem persists, I will be very disappointed. 

main bathroom hyatt regency makkah suite

The Lounge

There is no executive lounge open at the time of this article, but the coffee shop on the ground floor served snacks for the executive member from 5 to 8 pm. 

lounge snack

These were enough for a light snack, as there were sandwiches, fresh fruit and some baklavas. Definitely better than nothing. 


The breakfast was as good as I remember, with plenty of choices. Our friends from Conrad joined us for breakfast, and they also enjoyed it and even said it was better.

You had Asian dishes, Arabic options and of course cold cuts, fruits, salads and pretty much everything you might want for breakfast.

The staff were polite, and although it was busy, there was no delay in serving.


The Hyatt Regency Makkah is a large property, and although it was busy, you didn’t feel it. It is still a great hotel in Makkah with a good standard, and I am happy that it hasn’t slipped over the years.
I love the hotel’s location since it is only a few minutes walk to the King Fahad gate and within the Mall with a 24hr Starbucks. The Al Khalil courtyard, which is outside, has plenty of food options to enjoy, and I prefer this site to the Clock Tower.

You can also watch my video of the best Hilton hotels on youtube.

I would happily go back to the property, although I would ask and check recent reviews on Tripadvisor about the internet speed. 

Where to book

You can book on here and you can read the reviews on Tripadvisor

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