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Can You Get an Umrah Visa After Ramadan 2020?


Can You Get an Umrah Visa After Ramadan?

View of Makkah

After many years, the question of “Can I go for Umrah After Ramadan” is always a regular one.

Now with the tourist visa available to some 49 countries for Saudi Arabia things have changed dramatically when it comes going for Umrah after Ramadan and before or after Hajj. 

When Can you do Umrah

It is important to distinguish two things when we talk about when can you go for Umrah. 

First, are you going on an Umrah visa OR are you going on a tourist visa and performing Umrah. There is a big difference in what you can and cannot do, so please read below! 

Performing Umrah with an Umrah visa 

For countries that cannot issue the tourist visa, you will have to either try and apply as a Category B ( you can read more about this in the tourist visa section) or you will need to issue an Umrah visa. 

With an Umrah visa, the standard rules of the visa application which are different and a little less flexible. 

You will need a mahram as a woman (currently for some countries, you also need a female companion for males!)

You will need to issue the visa and go within 30days 

It is a single-entry visa and valid for 15 days stay in Saudi Arabia 

You cannot issue a visa for Umrah yourself and you will need a registered agent to do this for you.

Umrah Visa applications close after the first two weeks in Ramadan, after the 14th of Ramadan you cannot issue an Umrah visa. 

When does Umrah close: Umrah closes after the first two weeks in Ramadan and there are no more Umrah visas. They will reopen issuing visas again after Hajj. 

The Umrah period starts approximately 1 month after Hajj. 

There are no specific dates for this and no announcements, agents will get access to the system and start issuing visas usually a month after Hajj. In 2020 you can look into booking after 18th onwards, but since they are no specific dates I always prefer to wait once open.

MuslimTravelGirl gets the information about the first few days as some of the agents and we publish it here, so make sure you subscribe and keep an eye on our site. 

For those issuing Umrah visa ONLY to go in Ramadan and you need to issue an Umrah visa a week before Ramadan. 

Performing Umrah on a Tourist Visa 

Now, If you belong to a country or a category B option where you can issue a tourist visa for Saudi Arabia you can also perform Umrah with it. The restrictions are less and there is good news! 

Please note, the information below has been confirmed online with the official Visit Saudi website 

According to the Saudi tourist visa rule, the only restriction you have on the visa is that you cannot perform Umrah during Hajj season, however, are able to go for Umrah after Ramadan. 

There is no other limitation mention there.

Ramadan this year falls approximately between 23rd of April 2020 and 23rd of May 2020. 

Who Can Go For Umrah Between Eid Al Fitr and Hajj

Umrah after Ramadan for those on Umrah visa is not available, as they Umrah visa closes the second week of Ramadan. 

However, Umrah on tourist visas can be performed up until the Hajj Season. 

As confirmed with the Visit Saudi website the Hajj Season in 2020 is from 21th June 2020 until 18th September 2020.

During that time Muslims on tourist visas will not be able to visit Makkah and perform Umrah. I would assume there will be more checks during this time so people don’t perform Hajj and turn into a problem. 

Saudi umrah during hajj season 1

Muslims can visit Medinah during the Hajj season. 

Also, Muslim and non-Muslim tourists are welcome in the country to visit any other city.  

I know one of the reasons why people want to go for Umrah after Eid Al Fitr is because hotel prices drop significantly. This is also the quietest time for Umrah.

Sadly the Hajj season is off limits but the good news is you can go for Umrah on the tourist visa after Ramadan and up until the start of the Hajj season 2020.

This will give you almost a month (23rd May to 21st June) to enjoy a quieter and cheaper Umrah after Ramadan 2020. 

If you want more practicalities with regards to Umrah then make sure you check out our master DIY Umrah page for more. 

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Tuesday 28th of April 2020

Assalamualaikum ukhti, Is there any update for the suspension on tourist visa on this year Syawal, since the Covid temporary restriction-for Malaysian. Im going in the 2nd Syawal.

Muslim Travel Girl

Thursday 14th of May 2020

unfortunately, it is still closed so keep an eye as you might have to reschedule.


Sunday 8th of March 2020

Aslamalaikum I think so one can stay for 30 days on umrah visa, but the agents make us check out after 14 days... (duration of stay 30 days)

Muslim Travel Girl

Tuesday 17th of March 2020

Yes, correct. 14 days for Umrah visa, for tourism you can stay longer

Ibne Batoota Travel

Thursday 27th of February 2020

I would appreciate if you can correct some of the given information. 1) Umrah visas were issued even in first week of Shawal last year 2) In Ramadan the umrah visa is valid for 15 days ( you must enter with in 15 days) but you can stay for 30 days.. What the article mentions is exacly the opposite of this.

Muslim Travel Girl

Thursday 27th of February 2020

you have 30 days to enter Saudi and you can stay 15 days. You cannot go on Umrah visa after the mid of Ramadan.

sameena Shah

Tuesday 11th of February 2020

When will SA start issuing umrah visa after Hajj??

Muslim Travel Girl

Wednesday 12th of February 2020

it says above after 18 Sept.