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Travel Resources by Muslim Travel Girl

One of the most common questions I receive is “How do you get a good deal”. Sadly there is no magic answer or trick, sometimes is luck and sometimes it’s research.
One this is for sure, however, that while looking for the best price I will use either one or all of the sites below. This way I make sure I check out every option and angle for the best deal.
These are the sites I personally use and I recommend for you too. As always I will never recommend something I haven’t used or not passionate about.
Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you make a purchase.  I use all the companies listed here and recommend them because they have saved me money or made my travels better.  If you are booking your travels and would like to support this website in some way, using these links is one way to do that. Thank you




Skyscanner is an easy website that changed the way people search and find flights. I have been using them since their inception and I love looking at the cheapest destination for ideas or inspiration plus as an aggregator, you definitely get a good price from websites you wouldn’t know of. Visit website


Google flights

Google flights offer an easy way to search for flights and I also use it to track flight options and prices. This is especially useful for a dream vacation where I want to know the cheapest time to book. You can book via them however I almost always check Skyscanner too. Visit website



When there is a deal Momondo will have it, this is also an aggregator but sometimes they pick different sites and prices so it’s worth checking them as well. Visit website

Hotels is by far my favourite site when looking for hotels. I love their easy reward system of 1 free night after 10 which is about 10% rebound. Visit website


I always check the reviews on Tripadvisor and filter out the genuine ones and the fake. I love their new cheaper when you can search for specific things like location, breakfast, food etc. TripAdvisor also sometimes has good deals on some properties, especially on the more section. Visit website


I am a Hilton fan as they have generous promotions and you can find their hotels pretty much everywhere in the world. Most of the time when booking a Hilton property I will go through their website and their prices are pretty standard across all sites. Visit website



Hotelscombined is also a hotel aggregator which finds you cheap deals. I have found some great discounts there so before booking I will always check them. Visit website



Agoda is a hotel aggregator that I have success finding deals on. I like to check them for a specific hotel I have in mind before booking. Visit website



SecretEscapes is a travel membership site that gives you exclusive discounts and offers, it is free to join. Many times they have great deals on luxury honeymoon destinations with extra perks thrown in. If you are into luxury travel or less then check them out. I have found great London and Maldives deals on their website with substantial savings.
Also if you use my link you can receive £15 for your next trip when you signed up. 


Voyage Prive

Voyage Prive is also a competing travel membership site but they also have good offers and worth checking if you are planning a special trip or looking for cheaper luxury.

Signing up via my link gives you a discount on your next trip here.

I have a post here on some of their offers you can read on.



I love Airbnb, especially now, staying in apartment appeals to many more people. With Airbnb having so many options for private pools for hijabis, quirky rentals it is a great place to check and book for families and much cheaper than hotels in many cases.  Visit website
Also if you haven’t used Airbnb before you can get a discount here for your first trip.

The Man in Seat 61

For train travel and reviews, this is the best site you can use. I love train travel and planning a trip is just not possible without The man in Seat 61. Visit website

Priority Pass

Luxury travel doesn’t have to be expensive. One of my favourite perks is airport lounge access which you can pay yourself for with Priority pass. I have had their card for several years and I have to say, it makes flying even in economy class better especially with a baby. Visit website

Car Rentals 


I use when the price is similar to aggregators as I collect points on the rental that I can use for a free weekly hire during expensive summer months. Over the years I have saved thousands this way. It does take time to save up the points but eventually, it is worth it.  Visit website


Offers competitive rentals in Europe and sometimes they have good discounts for home drop off and pick up of rentals.


Skyscanner also has an option for car rental which I have used before with great success. Definitely worth checking especially if rental prices are high in your location. Visit website

Direct Car Excess

Always have car hire excess insurance especially when booking from third-party sites a small scratch can cost you thousands. I have used Direct Car Excess for years and I buy the annual insurance so then I know I am covered when booking a rental. Visit website

Questor Insurance

Questor Insurance is another website for car hire excess which I used while living abroad as you don’t have to be a UK citizen to be covered. Visit website



Megabus offers competitive rates for coach travel in the UK, US and Canada. Definitely worth it is you have time and want to enjoy the scenery. It was my go-to transport site while a student and on a strict budget. Visit website


If you are looking for train travel on the cheap and exploring various countries at the same time, your best option is Interrail.


If you live in the UK you know train travel is expensive so Railcard can save you 1/3 of the price for you, your family and friends. Definitely worth getting one if you enjoy staycations or travel often by train. Visit website

Just Park

JustPark is the best-kept secret of cheap parking around the UK. Especially for visiting London by car you can save hundreds from standard parking fees. They are definitely my first option and I have an article on this too. Visit website


A freelancer place where you can either offer your skills or hire a freelancer to do small tasks for you. I have been using the site for years for technical support or designs, and you can find some great gems there.


A great website with lifetime deals on new systems or app for businesses. I have used them for years and some of their offers turned out great. You can get $10 for your next purchase using my referral link here.


Express VPN

Express VPN was recommended to me by a friend years ago and I never looked back. Not only protects your privacy but also it’s vital if you travel to different locations.  If you sign up via my referral link you will get 30 days free VPN.


Transferwise is an online multi-currency account that lets you top up a free Mastercard that you can use abroad without paying large fees. For someone living in the UK without having free foreign transaction fees having this card has saved me quite a lot of money. I love to use it, the fact you can keep several currencies and that you can even receive money in your account easily. If you sign up via my link here you get a fee-free transfer for up to 500 euro.

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