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Umrah FAQ: How easy is it to collect the miles required for Umrah

How Easy Is It To Collect The Miles Required For Umrah

People who just start collecting miles or just bought my book thought that it will be impossible to have all the miles required for Umrah.

And those who have ‘casually’ collected miles thought they had enough for an around the world ticket. 🙂

I know the feeling for both these categories, years ago when I was a student and would travel back to Greece to visit family I would always check my miles balance and see 4,000 miles. I would think ” Wow I must have enough for a redemption” until reality hit me that I would need 20,000 for an award ticket. Back then I was what I call a “casual collector”, I would fly with an airline that offered the cheapest ticket and would just sign up for the miles. I wouldn’t think to collect seriously and I would get annoyed that I had spent money but yet I didn’t have enough miles. Plus I would have 10 accounts and minimal miles never enough for a free trip.

Now I am a more serious collector, I think of the airlines I want to fly and collect miles with them, I plan around any offers that they have and take advantage, I use all the tricks that I reveal in my book and I always credit to one airline alliance. This way I will always be able to actually accumulate enough miles for redemption.

A year ago I had 0 miles in my account, today I have accumulated without flying an excess credit card usage of approximately 250,000 miles. To put it into perspective this is 10 times the required limit for a redemption to Mecca and just now in September I flew my first paid British Airways flight. More Avios for me, Thank you!

So to answer the question it is much easier than you think to accumulate miles for your Umrah trip, as long as you eat food, put petrol in your car, and shop for clothes and other home necessities, then you are already halfway there. The other half is HOW and WHERE you shop which does require a strategy and a little planning but if you are up for it then you can indeed not only go for Umrah but take your spouse to the Maldives for a romantic gateway. 😉 ( wink note for my husband! )

I am extremely confident that if you follow my advice, within the limits of Islam, you can within 6 months have enough miles for you and your spouse for an Umrah trip. 

Happy Travels 🙂

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