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5 Apps for Umrah to Help You Make the Most

Visiting the house of Allah is a very special experience. After saving your money and travelling all the way to Makkah, you want to make the most of your Umrah experience. Here is a review of some useful smartphone apps that can help you get through Umrah and feel deeply connected with Allah SWT in this spiritual journey of a lifetime.

#1 Hajj & Umrah by Darussalam

5 Smartphone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Umrah Apps

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The first word revealed in the Quran is “Iqra” — read. Knowledge is the first step to any ibadah and so we must strive to prepare ourselves with knowledge. Before going, learn about what you need to do for Umrah and its meaning.

Hajj & Umrah is a great app that gives you a quick overview of the essentials. Beautifully illustrated and easy to follow, it’s not only a great learning aid to help you prepare before you go, but it also acts as a convenient checklist and revision resource when you’re there.

#2 Dua in Quran by Badr Interactive

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5 Smartphone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Umrah Apps

It’s a blessing to be in the most spiritual place on earth, so this is when you want to make lots and lots of dua! Many people advise to write down your duas so you don’t forget them when you’re there. In addition to this, you should also take advantage of the opportunity to maximise reciting the beautiful duas in the Quran!

Remember, these are the duas that have been revealed to us — in Allah’s words Himself! How much more powerful can these duas be? Dua in Quran is a convenient go-to app for an easy and quick reference to these powerful duas.

#3 Quran Companion by Quran Academy

App Store | Google Play

5 Smartphone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Umrah Apps

Imagine this. You have the opportunity to put your hands on the Ka’aba or the Black Stone and make dua. But you fumble with your book or phone to find the duas you want to recite. Before you know it, you’ve lost the golden opportunity!

Some moments are just too special or fleeting to search for a piece of paper or your phone to read your duas. Prepare yourself by memorizing selected duas most meaningful to you. Whether it’s to increase your rizq, find a spouse, or be blessed with a child, the Quran has powerful duas for every life situation.

To help you memorise Quranic duas, check out Quran Companion, a powerful Quran memorisation app with multi-sensory learning techniques. An added benefit is it can help you memorise new surahs so you can diversify your recitations during salah!

#4 Uber by Uber Technologies

App Store | Google Play

5 Smartphone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Umrah Apps

One of the best ways to travel from Jeddah to Makkah is the new Uber option.

If you’re not a fan of coaches and don’t want to break the bank either, Uber is the way to get to Makkah from Jeddah! The best part? You can receive a free ride as a new user.

With Uber, you can even check out the route and approximate price via their interactive map helping you budget better for your Umrah trip.

#5 My Travel Health App by Travel Health & Wellness / Travel Health Guide by Dr Deb

App Store | Google Play

5 Smartphone Apps to Help You Make the Most of Your Umrah Apps

Taking care of your health is of utmost importance while traveling. My Travel Health App has all the health information you need to perform Umrah, from vaccinations to common health concerns during Umrah and how to treat them. You can also use this app to store all your critical information such as contact information, hotel, and emergency contacts.

My Travel Health App is currently only available for iOS, however. For Android users, I recommend Travel Health Guide. It is a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment information app written by an experienced travel medicine doctor to help you work out what to do if you get sick.

The beauty about both these apps is once you’ve downloaded them, it doesn’t need Wi-Fi or internet connection to get the information you need. Definitely handy!

Do you know any other apps that you would like to recommend for Umrah? Share them in the comments below.

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