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11 Best Hotels in Makkah near Haram For Umrah in 2024

Are you looking for the best hotels in Makkah for Umrah? The new hotel developments in Makkah, such as the Jabal Omar construction, are making it better for pilgrims to find hotels in Makkah near Haram for much lower prices than before since competition works well in this case. 

After ten years of writing about Umrah and over a million readers, I’m happy to see more luxury hotel options in Makkah that are also affordable and to a good European standard. 

With the new visa options for Saudi Arabia and Umrah, it is much more affordable but also easier for Umrah pilgrims, especially those from the West. 

I remember when prices for hotels in Makkah were in the upper $300’s and it was normal. 

Now you can find some of the best hotels in Makkah for as little as £100 a night off-peak season and even for £300/£500 in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. 

the best hotels in Makkah for Umrah - luxury hotels in makkah near haram

I do have a full guide on how to plan a DIY Umrah package with hotel examples further below for you. 

However, here are my suggestions for hotels to consider in Makkah for Umrah in 2024.

Please note some of these links are affiliates and we do earn a small commission however, all views are my own. I always appreciate your support, and you don’t pay anything extra if you use the links.

Best Hotels in Makkah for Umrah 

#1 Address Jabal Omar Makkah 

I will start with the newest addition to the best hotels in Mecca scene because this is truly the best at the moment in terms of service, room quality and experience. The famous Address Hotels of Dubai opened in Jabal Omar in Makkah in 2023, and the reviews so far are great. 

It is a hotel I am looking forward to staying later in the year as well. 

the best hotels in makkah luxury makkah hotels the address hotel jabal omar
photo credit: Address hotel Makkah

You have come to expect high standards from the Address hotels and it seems this is the case here. 

Prices are also very reasonable starting at £130/ $150 per night which I feel will increase once they get more stays under their belt. 

It also seems to be a 5-star hotel experience overall as you will read below some hotels are not up to their star rating.

The location is prominent the only issue is that although eventually there will be a lift for the hotel currently there is a shuttle since the Jabal Omar complex is not fully developed and construction is everywhere. 

If you want the best luxury at a good price and don’t mind a walk or a shuttle, consider the hotel.

#2 Jabal Omar Hyatt Regency Makkah

I have stayed at the Hyatt Regency Makkah several times since my husband had a Globalist status, and we definitely took advantage of that. For me, it is one of the best hotels in Makkah for overall service and quality. Even my first time on points in 2015 in Ramadan was in this hotel, so I have had a good experience over the years. 

Hyatt Regency Makkah Hotel Review the. best hotels in makkah to stay

The hotel location is great for a hotel in Makkah near the Haram. It is just next door to Hilton Suites but of course a good upgraded option. It is a 5-minute walk from Haram and since in 2023 my husband stayed with my disabled mother-in-law, I can say easy access for the elderly too. 

The hotel is a five-star property and every time we have stayed there on status, we have been upgraded to some great suites, even if our stay was only for a night. 

Their executive lounge was not working in 2023 when we visited and I have to say the food option was disappointing as it was only a small couple of sandwiches. But breakfast and upgrades are a plus for elite members. 

The furniture is also good quality. 

The prices are decent as well and if you go off-peak, you can find some great options for as little as £114 per night.

Check out the TripAdvisor reviews here and you can book via Hyatt or websites like Expedia for good prices.

#3 Conrad Makkah

Conrad Makkah hotel is located in the Jabal Omar development as well, it is a new property and of a very high standard. I have stayed here several times, especially in the past years during Ramadan in 2022 and 2023. 

the best hotels in makkah in 2024 conrad makkah bedroom muslim travel girl

During peak time you might not get upgraded like Ramadan but as a Diamond member, we get access to the lounge and discounts on Suhur. I have to say that the hotel has improved its executive lounge which was sad back when they opened. 

I would happily stay here again and they do offer upgrades to elites during non-busy times. 

I enjoy my stay there and they do accommodate large families with extra beds.

Location-wise is 5 minutes from Haram with the elderly or children and you do have to cross the road (shown in Hyatt photo). This is not an issue but if you need a wheelchair, you will have to go on top of Hilton Suites which is in the same development as they are all internally connected.

During the Hilton sale, you can find rooms for about £110 per night.

Read my review of the Conrad here or for bookings and best prices on Conrad makkah check 

The Jabal Omar development also has a supermarket and a food court plus Five Guys and several other outlets.

Personally, I also consider this one of the best hotels in Makkah as a mature option with knowing what to expect in terms of service.

#4 Hilton Suites Makkah

Hilton Suites was one of the best hotels in Makkah in the previous years before several new hotels opened in the Jabal Omar Development. I stayed in the hotel years ago and I have to say it does show wear and tear. I expected a little better service, but their breakfast and location are great. 

the best hotels in makkah near haram muslim travel girl bedroom hilton suites
Room at Hilton Suites Makkah

The location is just behind Intercontinental Makkah and near haram only about a 3min walk on the same level as the street so wheelchair access it is very convenient. 

The rooms also have a small kitchenette which is great for families that are on a budget and want to save money by cooking some meals. As the mall is underneath the hotel, you can go to the supermarket to buy the essentials, or the food court is only a few escalators away. 

Usually, the prices for this property are higher as it offers a kitchenette facility and family rooms but you can find them off-peak for about £140 per night. 

This hotel doesn’t have a lounge so if you are looking for this don’t book it. 

You can book and check prices on the Hilton website, especially during a sale.

In my book, I also talk about how to get these hotels with a 70% discount if you want to find out more check it below. 

#5 Hilton Makkah Convention Centre

The Hilton Makkah Convention Centre for me, is considered one of the best properties for value, especially for Elite Hilton members. You can read my review of the hotel here.

The hotel is a little further on a walk, like 8 minutes, but they also offer a shuttle to take you to the bottom of the street near Hilton Suites. This is especially useful for small kids and the elderly.

best hotels in makkah hilton makkah convention bedroom

The property is new-ish and very big and does offer great views of the Haram courtyard. Plus, their lounge is excellent and offers dinner options in the executive lounge with cooked meals. 

For those elite members who are on a budget but want to have a good experience, it is a good option. 

Prices at the Hilton Convention Makkah are also very good, with the off-peak season starting from £80 a night. I didn’t really mind the location. I have been twice now and with a baby on Umrah, and although the hill is a little steep with a pram, it is manageable.  You can find good prices when booking a Hilton sale.

Check out the Tripadvisor reviews, if you are booking a sale book on the Hilton website directly, especially if you have Gold status.  

#6 Intercontinental Dar al Tawhid Makkah 

One of the oldest and first hotels in Makkah is the Intercontinental Dar Al Tawhid, the location is the closest and fastest to the Masjid Al Haram without a doubt. It is literally in the courtyard area. 

I stayed in the property a few years ago and I do have a review although it is old and needs an upgrade it is well maintained. Definitely not a Western standard of 5 star hotel but if you are looking for convenience and speed this hotel is the best choice. 

If you are an IHG elite and you can get benefits in the property, it is definitely worth it. The Mosque is so close you can pray in your room and still feel part of the courtyard congregation. 

Prices for the hotel are higher than the newer properties but they do bank on the fact that they are in the middle of the action. 

Intercontinental Dar Al Tawhid has this old charm and prices start from around £180/ $200 per night.

#7 Makkah Hotel 

The Makkah Hotel is what used to be the Hilton and then the Millennium Hotel Makkah. They have both left the property, so now it is called just Makkah Hotel and Makkah Towers. 

The property is one of the closest and best options for Haram, but it is one of the oldest in the area, so it does need a good refurbishment. It seems they did some light facelift but nothing major. 

The Best Hotels to Book In Makkah for Your Next Umrah | Hilton Makkah Towers

I remember when we stayed there several years ago when it was called Hilton Makkah, it took us about 4 minutes to get out and into the Haram as I had timed it. The Makkah Hotel offers a lounge and the Makkah Towers have a kitchenette for families who want to cook. 

Readers stayed there in 2023 and were happy with it but again expect it is not up to a 4-star Western standard. 

This is a great option especially the hotel for those with elderly parents and you don’t need to cross a road and it is also less crowded than the Clock Tower. 

Prices start from about £100 per night. 

For best prices check out Agoda as a good hotel price aggregator option or check out the TripAdvisor reviews.

#8 Marriott Makkah

The Marriott Makkah is located a little further up than the Hilton Convention Makkah again in Jabal Omar complex, so you can walk it down or you can tke their free shuttle. 

Marriottt Makkah one of the best hotels in makkah
Photo Credit: Marriott Makkah

All these shuttles drop you just outside the Hilton Suites and it takes only a few minutes and then the 5-minute walk to the grand mosque and even the new part of it. The only issue with these properties is the steep hill, but for example, you can walk it down and then get the shuttle on your way up.

The hotel has good reviews and good prices from around £80 a night. 

With Marriott now being one of the largest hotel chains in the world after taking over Starwood, you can earn and redeem points as well, though they increased the category without any notice! 

As an Elite, you get upgrades, lounge access and free breakfast.

The hotel does offer a lounge and good views of the Haram. 

You can read the TripAdvisor reviews here or check prices on

#9 Fairmont Makkah

Fairmont Makkah is located in the Clock Tower and if you are looking for a great view of the Kabah, then their rooms offer that. With the acquisition from Accor Hotels, Fairmont is now a great brand to consider, especially because you can earn points with your stays under the Le Club Accor Hotels umbrella.

The Best Hotels to Book In Makkah for Your Next Umrah
a view with a room of the Kabah credit: Fairmont Makkah

Prices are decent, starting from £140 a night in some off-peak seasons and considering it is in the Clock Tower, you can have some amazing views. Many of our readers have also received significant upgrades in the hotel. 

One reason why I am not keen on the hotels in the Clock Towers is simply due to the long wait on the elevators and the number of people that enter the shopping centre.

This can be very true, especially in Ramadan when people pray on the sides as well and then just sit there, making it harder to manage traffic to the hotel and Mall. 

However, if you are after those amazing views of the Kaba, then this is the place to be. 

To book the Fairmont or check any offers available here or to read the TripAdvisor reviews you can do so here.

#10 Raffles Makkah

One of the best hotels in Makkah If money is not an object and you don’t care about anything else but stunning views, good service and beautiful rooms, then you should check out the Raffles Hotel in Makkah. 

The Best Hotels to Book In Makkah for Your Next Umrah | Raffles Makkah
Photo Credit: Raffles Makkah

It doesn’t come cheap, with rooms starting from £400 a night but the reviews of the properties so far are great. I am planning on doing a review of this hotel to check it out myself, as I am curious to see the standard of their service. 

Again, the hotel is in the Clock Tower, so be mindful of people’s traffic when entering and exiting. 

To find the best price for the hotel you can check here and don’t forget to read the TripAdvisor reviews as well

#11 Swisshotel Makkah

Swisshotel Makkah also ranks in the top 10 best hotels in Makkah with a good location within the Clock Tower, good quality service and breakfast, as well as stunning views. 

The Best Hotels to Book In Makkah for Your Next Umrah | Swisshotel Makkah
Photo Credit: Swisshotel Makkah

Also, many readers have received great upgrades in the hotel, with some families receiving a two-bedroom suite as an upgrade. This hotel is also part of the Accor Hotel so you can use your elite status and redeem for cheaper stays. 

The hotel, of course, is not cheap, with prices during off-peak times starting at £150 a night.

However, it does offer great views, and I know many people stay there for that reason. I don’t think there is anything better than looking outside your window while resting and seeing half the city of Makkah.

To check out the reviews on TripAdvisor and also the offers they have available as sometimes they are cheaper.

#12 DoubleTree Makkah Hotel

A new hotel for 2019 is the Doubletree Makkah which is again located in the Jabal Omar Development. The hotel is located just behind the Marriott and Hilton Convention, you could walk it but they also offer a shuttle bus. Again you can walk it as a young person but their shuttle is convenient and quick and it doesn’t take long. 

Doubletree Makkah hotel best hotels in makkah for umrah
Photo Credit: Doubletree Makkah

The reviews are great as the property is still new, but it is done to a high standard with good facilities. It is not your normal Doubletree-style hotel, but rather a posher version. The hotel doesn’t offer an executive lounge, so be mindful if you are Elite and want one. 

Prices also seem higher for this hotel, starting from £130 a night. You can check reviews here and book directly with the hotel.

I love the fact that there are many new luxury hotels in Makkah are opening up, this brings the standard and competition to hopefully serve the Umrah pilgrims better. Prices have gone down and in most cases, the service and room quality is up, which is fantastic. 

Sadly the new properties opening will not be in the Haram courtyard as this is already built up and managed by hotels but they are good options a little further away and better value for money if you are on a budget.

I hope in the coming years, they will also renovate some of the properties within the courtyard area, such as Intercontinental and the Makkah Hotel. 

However, for me and in my experience, these are in my opinion the best hotels in Makkah in terms of luxury, service, distance and quality.

When choosing a hotel, it’s important to know your budget, needs and priorities. It is very easy to just overspend on a hotel when in most cases, you will not be spending too much time there.

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Monday 13th of November 2023

Salam, what do you think about stay for 3 days 2 nights? Can you help me plan please.

Muslim Travel Girl

Thursday 16th of November 2023

you can definitely do this, it will be busy but still a great option. Check out our packages exmaples for indicative prices inshaAllah. Sadly I dont have any consult openings now


Monday 27th of March 2023

Do you rate the Swissotel Al Maqam hotel

Muslim Travel Girl

Wednesday 29th of March 2023

I have heard mixed reviews but it is cheaper and close. not luxury but average


Wednesday 1st of January 2020

I used it myself. The only downside was it is a bit far from haram and you have to wait for their bus ( very organised shuttle service and timely) but other than that you will really love all your time inside it.