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Muslim Travel Girl’s Hajj Experience – Hajj Tips & Advice

Hajj is the greatest trip you can take in your life and is also part of the five pillars of Islam. So many people want to perform Hajj, and thankfully, I had the opportunity to do this as well.

This page holds all my advice on Hajj, Hajj tips, Hajj packing ideas, and things that worked for me during my Hajj. Also, it includes my Hajj experience each day to make it easy to follow the rituals and things you need to do during Hajj.

I hope this Hajj resource will help you and prepare you even a little while you are going for your own Hajj.

I also interviewed the Minister of Transport of Saudi Arabia during my Hajj by accident and got featured on the news.


Things to do before going for Hajj

what to wear when going for umrah & hajj

What to wear during Umrah and Hajj

My Hajj Experience Day 1 Mina Camp

My Hajj Experience Day 1- Mina Camp

Hajj Experience Day 2 Arafat Day and muzhdalifa

My Hajj Experience Day 2- Arafat Day & Muzdhalifa

Jamarat stoning - my hajj experience Muslim travel girl

My Hajj Experience Day 3- Jamarat Stoning

signs everywhere during your walk from Mina to Makkah at Hajj

My Hajj Experience-Walking from Mina to Makkah

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