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The Best Cheap Hotels in Makkah Near the Haram from $33

One of the most popular questions I receive on social media is about the best cheap hotels in Makkah that are close to masjid Al Haram and also offer comfort. Thankfully over the past several years, several budget hotels in Mecca fit this bill. 

Makkah has one of the most expensive property prices due to of course being the Holiest place for Muslims. Over the years there has been a lot of construction not only of luxury hotels near the Haram but also of cheaper hotel options that truly offer comfort, good standard but also prices. Many of the hotels below are under $60 per night which is fantastic and 10 years ago when I started writing was unheard of. 

Now, there are so many more budget hotels in Makkah and this makes me happy because combined with budget airlines a DY Umrah is becoming more popular and affordable. 

The best cheap hotels in Makkah for Umrah - budget hotel options in Makkah

Budget hotels close to Masjid Al Haram 

One thing to keep in mind when looking for cheap hotels in Makkah is the fact that if you are close to Masjid al-Haram the price increases. There are several hotels within walking distance to the mosque but I would not stay in them or recommend them as they are way below average standard. 

For Western Muslims who want to keep within a budget many new hotels offer Western standard hotel accommodations for good prices although they will in most cases need shuttle bus services. 

I did a reel on this post on my Instagram and there are several feedbacks and reviews of my recommendations with people very happy about them. 

I always recommend hotels where I would stay myself and I have many of these brands in other cities around the world. 

The hotels are from three-star to five-star but with budget prices simply because they are further away from the mosque. 

Most of them are international brands that have opened their budget versions in Mecca and offer everything you might need including a free shuttle. 

If you are looking for the best hotels in Makkah then check this post out. 

11 Cheap Hotels in Makkah

These cheap hotels are not in any particular order. Also note some of the links are affiliate, you don’t pay extra for this and we do earn a small commission as a thank you. However, this does not affect the order or recommendations. Again, I would not recommend a hotel if I wouldn’t stay in it.

ibis Styles Makkah
Ibis Style Makkah photo credit Ibis

1. Ibis Style Hotel Makkah  $33

It is about 15 minutes from the Haram or approximately 2km and of course, they offer a free shuttle bus. This is a three-star hotel, with modern amenities and good reviews. 

The Ibis brand is part of Accor Hotels and if you have read my loyalty program guide you know I love travel hacking and making things work to my advantage. You can earn points for your next stay. 

I have stayed in a few of the newly branded Ibis Style hotels and they are a great no frill but a cheap option.

The reviews on Tripadvisor are great and prices for the hotel start from as little as $33 /£28

You can check the prices and book on Booking here.

2. M Hotel Makkah by Millennium from $65 

This is a new four-star property about 2,5km away from Masjid al-Haram. You have a free shuttle to take you there 24hrs every hour or it is 5 minutes by taxi. 

The benefit of this hotel is the fact that although five-star and brand new because it is further out it, is much cheaper than the similar standard properties in the Haram vicinity.

Prices start from as little as $65 /£55

| Book via Expedia | Cheapest to book via

M by Millennium hotel Makkah - best cheap hotels in Makkah
photo credit: M by Millennium Hotel Makkah

3. Voco Makkah an IHG Hotel from $65

Voco is a 5-star new hotel in Makkah that although in other cities will cost 5x the price here they start from as little as $65 / £55 per night. 

The property has good reviews on my Instagram reel as well as on TripAdvisor. I have stayed in Voco hotels before and I love them. Another thing I love is IHG since you can earn points from your stay there for another holiday. If you want to learn more on this check out my courses. 

The property offers a free shuttle that takes less than 5 minutes to Masjid Al Haram or as some people have suggested a 20-minute walk. 

You can check prices and book here with Booking dot com

4. Novotel Thaker City from $45

This is a new Novotel property in Thaker City which is an area in Makkah and around 7km from the Haram. It is again a good 4 star property with all modern amenities. 

The hotel offers a shuttle every 30 minutes which is great considering that it is further outside the boundaries. 

Novotel is part of Accor hotels and offers a loyalty program as well, so you can earn money back from your stay. The reviews on TripAdvisor are great.

I have stayed in several Novotel hotels over the years and they are never this cheap. 

Prices start from $45 / £40 per night and booking here. 

5. Millennium Makkah Al Naseem from $60

This is a new four-star hotel around 10km from the mosque but with an hourly shuttle. You will have everything you need on the property. 

They offer transportation every hour or you can take a taxi. In some cases taking taxis might be a better option and since they are not expensive it offers a good choice without breaking the bank especially if you have children with you. 

TripAdvisor has good 4.5 reviews on the property and you can book via for a better price. 

6. Park Inn by Radisson Makkah Aziziyah from $65

A new property Park Inn by Radisson is one of three hotels in Makkah recently that opened. It is a five-star hotel again with a much cheaper hotel in Makkah than in the West but with Western standards. It is located in Aziziya which is around 7km from the masjid. 

They do offer a free shuttle and the reviews on TripAdvisor and my social media were positive about the hotel and the facilities. 

Considering that this is also part of a loyalty program and you can make some of the money back, it is a good offer. 

Prices start from $65 / £55 per night you can check prices on here. 

cheap hotels in Makkah park in by radisson Makkah aziziyah
Photo credit: Park In by Radisson Aziziyah

7. Park Inn by Radisson Makkah Al Naseem from $50

The second Park Inn by Radisson is the Al Naseem Hotel, which again is a good budget hotel option in Makkah. It is a four-star property and it opened a few years ago. 

The hotel is modern it has all the facilities you might need but on budget prices and it is located in Aziziya which has a mosque nearby as well as a supermarket and restaurants. 

The reviews on Tripadvisor are 4/5 with comments on the shuttle bus sometimes not being on time. Again, with these properties, it is important to keep in mind that although the shuttle is free it might not be always on time due to traffic. 

Prices for the hotel start from $50 / £45 per night.

8. Wirgan Hotel Al Nour from $45 

This is a new four-star property, owned by a Saudi company it is on the list because it is a new and budget option with good reviews. 

They offer a free shuttle and their rooms look modern and well-appointed. It is located around 7km from the Masjid as Haram but does offer a great budget hotel option in Makkah. 

You can check prices and book on here. 

9. Wirgan Hotel Aziziya $65

This is the second Wirgan hotel located in Aziziya this is of a higher standard a five-star property. The reviews are very positive and there is also a kids club in the hotel. 

Aziziya has a lot going for it and I have walked from there to Makkah so it is doable although, again with kids, I would definitely recommend the free shuttle or a cheap taxi. 

Prices on start from $65/ £55 per night and you can also read the reviews there. 

wirgan hotel makkah aziziya - cheap hotels in makkah
Photo credit: Wirgan Hotel Makkah

10. Park Inn by Radisson Makkah Thakher East from $50

This is the third Park Inn by Radisson Hotel in Makkah, it seems they are definitely making a statement. It is a brand-new property and will open in February 2024.

So if you are going during that time you will get a good price but also note it might have some issues. Usually, new hotels at the opening will always have small things to iron out operationally. 

Again there is a free shuttle and the property does look very modern and nice. 

For the prices they are charging you can’t really go wrong if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Makkah. 

11. Le Meridien Towers $65

La Meridien Towers is on the older side and has been around for several years, however, if you are looking for a place that is close to Haram but you can use your points then this is a great option. 

Prices start from $65 per night and of course, they offer a shuttle to the mosque. 

Overall I hope this list of cheap hotels in Makkah inspired you to see that there are so many good options in the vicinity of the city that planning your own DIY Umrah doesn’t have to break the bank. I know there are several more luxury and budget hotels opening in Makkah soon and I am excited. 

If you want to read through some of our other articles on how to plan your own Umrah or you want an example then check out our DIY Umrah Package examples for each month.

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