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Halal Travel Destinations for Muslim Travellers 2024

The world is full of options for Muslims to explore. I have never been to a place around the world that didn’t have some sort of Muslim options or halal food. My motivation is to showcase this to Muslims so they can explore what Allah SWT has created. Sometimes even not having halal food, an amazing culture can expand your horizons.

This is the one place where all our articles and Muslim-friendly destinations reside. You can click on the links to find the places you want to explore. As with anything in the world, some are more halal-friendly than others since London, for example, is way more developed than Athens in terms of halal travel options for Muslims.

Here are the pieces that anchor the website with the most popular destinations that you can explore and of course our most popular options for Muslim Holiday and Muslim-Friendly Travel Destinations.

Then you can check each country you would like to visit.

The Best Muslim Countries to Visit for Halal Holiday

The Best Muslim-Friendly Destinations Worldwide

The Best Muslim-Friendly Cities in the US

Awesome Muslim-Friendly Destinations in Europe

The Safest Cities For Solo Muslim Women In Europe To Travel

Muslim-friendly options in Europe


Europe is one of the most Muslim-friendly destinations with history, beauty and plenty of mosques in almost every city, plus halal food is also readily available.

Halal Travel Destinations in the Middle East

Map of Middle East halal travel options for Muslim travel girl

Without a doubt, the Middle East is a very popular travel destination with so many activities in Dubai for Muslims without worrying about halal food. Also, there are a lot more tourism options in Saudi Arabia and of course, Umrah.

Muslim-friendly options in North & South America

There are millions of Muslims living in America, and there are so many options to explore as well for Muslim travellers. Again, never seen a place that doesn’t have much to offer to Muslims. Even if it is one halal restaurant in the city.

Muslim-friendly destinations in Asia and Oceania

Muslim HOliday friendly options to travel to in Asia and Oceania Muslim Travel Girl map

Asia is one of the most populated areas by Muslims, so it is no wonder why it is also some of the most popular halal travel options for Muslim travellers. Halal food is not a problem, and there are many budget-friendly but stunning options.

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