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Conrad Makkah Hotel Review- Great Hotel, Price and Location in Makkah near the Haram

After our stay at the Hilton Convention Hotel Makkah, we moved to the Conrad Makkah Hotel. I had heard good things about the hotel and also on TripAdvisor the reviews were good so I was really looking forward to staying there.

Upon arrival, I went to the desk to check in. The manager asked me my name and said, “Mrs Nikolova we have been waiting for you please come to the VIP desk.” This was such a change and the second time we had such a warm welcome in a hotel.

Conrad is a high-end Hilton Hotel brand so you expect better customer service, furniture and the design. And the hotel doesn’t disappoint.

The property is located in the Jabal Omar development and it is next to the Hyatt Makkah Hotel. The benefit of this property is that they have two towers; Safa and Marwa and they have a good Haram view because they are between the Intercontinental Makkah and the Millennium Hotel.

The lobby is lovely and spacious. I love the water feature they have in there and the reception desk was fast and professional. As a Diamond member during check-in, I was upgraded to a suite on the 7th floor. I had asked for a higher option but they didn’t have anything available,  however, the view made up for it. I had such a lovely view of the Haram and our suite was beautiful.

The Room

The suite was smaller than the one we had in the Hilton Convention but the design and view made up for it.

The suite consisted of a living room, bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom. We only had one bathroom and if you were staying with family and you needed to use it you will have to wake them up since it was located next to the room entrance. However, this was a very small thing.

The view is floor to ceiling and it is lovely to be able to sit and enjoy it. I loved people watching and I even created a time-lapse video from my room. Check it out here.


The bathroom is spacious and open and I loved it. It didn’t have a bathtub, which I guess is a space-saving option but it seems that majority of hotels in Makkah are opting for showers but I don’t really mind this.


The main restaurant serves breakfast and there are good options from international cuisine, to Arabic and Asian as well. They had several large groups of Indonesian pilgrims so the hotel was busy.

The hot buffet and the eggs area might need a slight improvement but the queue only happens when people order for their extended family.

I really enjoyed breakfast there and I don’t feel anything was missing. Service was good, the options were plentiful and the food was nicely done. Definitely a good option for breakfast.

The Executive lounge

One thing that is interesting in this property is that the executive Lounge is on the ground floor (Haram level) where the reception is two floors up on the road level. The lounge is spacious and big and I love the fact it is on Haram level because you can easily walk up to the masjid for prayer or come for a coffee between prayers. I am not sure if this was intentional but it is very handy.

The lounge I must say is a little disappointing and I did give them feedback on it because for a Conrad property it doesn’t even match the Hilton Convention centre lounge.

Breakfast for all guests is served in the main restaurant, which is OK if you want a lot of options but you are meant to have a lounge for people to enjoy their breakfast there. One of our days the lounge was rented out to an Indonesian tour group so they had breakfast there and it was not available for guests. This was disappointing especially when even the main restaurant gets busy with groups.

Afternoon tea option is on a try and minimal and you do have to ask for extra if you want but then you feel you ask too much and you feel as though you are bothering them.

The evening snacks are also minimal and bare, they had some small chicken skewers, samosas and salads. If you want sauces you have to ask too.

Staff will also need some extra attention when it comes to customer service because they are not very proactive. I am strictly speaking of the Conrad Makkah Executive lounge and not the overall hotel, but considering that people pay extra to use the lounge or have status and stay beyond 40 nights per year it doesn’t give a good impression.

Once they get to know you they will talk to you, but even the guy introduced himself because he knew we will get a survey at the end as we are Diamond members.

Comparing this lounge to the Convention centre lounge they have a long way to go especially as you would expect better from a Conrad Hotel.

Customer service

The housekeeping and reception staff are excellent. As it was my birthday I had left a comment when booking and I expected a cake but the cake we received was massive, fresh and delicious.

Plus one day on our anniversary we came in and we found our room made with rose petals. I have never had anyone go into so much trouble to create such a beautiful memory and I really loved it since I didn’t expect it. This was a nice gesture from the team and I truly appreciate it.

Standard room

I had asked to take a few photos for the blog of the normal rooms because I know that not everyone is a Diamond member and my review of the suite will not reflect every experience. The hotel doesn’t have a Kabah view per say, as they can only see the roof of the Kaaba, so if you want a Kabah view room then you are better off booking a Clock Tower hotel.

The room they showed me was the standard Haram view which was converted into a quad room for the guest. This was a good example because I can confidently say it was still spacious, so even if you have a family and you need four beds they are happy to accommodate.


The property is only 3 minutes from the Haram and the entrance is directly located facing the Conrad Makkah Hotel. It is very convenient even if you have an old person or a young child with you. Plus if you don’t want to pray in the mosque and you want to stay in the courtyard it is only 1-minute walk to the sections for women. I have managed to get to the courtyard after the adhan and still made it in the mosque close to Kabah.

I love the location of the Jabal Omar development because there is a supermarket, the food court on the top floor and now that all three hotels are operational more and more shops are opening. It is definitely less crowded than the Clock tower area which takes you longer to get from your room to Haram than the Jabal Omar side.

We stayed there for a week and we only went once in the Clock Tower since there was nothing we really needed from that area. I am happier this way as it’s way less crowded which means less pushing around. 🙂

The Conrad Makkah is a great property and I will happily stay there again. The prices can also be very reasonable as when we were there it was cheaper than the Convention hotel Makkah and Hilton Suites Makkah.

If you are booking I would appreciate if you use my affiliate links as they provide support for the website and keep it going.

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