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The Best DIY Umrah Packages Done for You

Welcome to DIY Umrah Packages. 

I know many people stress about planning their Umrah, especially those who are going for the first time.

So after popular demand, I have put together DIY Umrah packages for every month of the year. This is to help people understand the process, compare prices with Umrah agents, and see which is the cheapest / best option for them. 

Even though my book DIY Umrah – Plan your Umrah like a Pro can help you plan one of the cheapest Umrah possible, I take your questions seriously, and you always ask for “done for you packages as examples”. 

You will find each month in the table below to help guide you to either book as you see them if the dates work for you or use the steps to book your own and have this as a guide. 

Please note these are only cash prices Umrah packages and not using points or other travel hacks, which you can find in my book. 

The reason is that not everyone wants to have to save points and earn points, learn how to manage and book awards to save on their holiday or Umrah, even though the savings can be significant.

If you want to learn more about using loyalty points to save for Umrah or a dream holiday, then you can check the book, of course. 

How the DIY Umrah Packages work 

We will structure those with flights from our readers’ most popular locations, London, Manchester and New York. As we go along I might other from other cities as well depending on your demand, so message below.

You can, of course, follow the same example below: look for your own flights from your home destination and then book the hotels from the links below. 

The Umrah packages are structured one per month for a 10-day Umrah package with the cheapest flight options available. The hotels and prices will be for two people. Note that children normally sleep free in the same bedding. I will share tips on saving money, and you can look for your own flight dates.

There will be structured for six days in Makkah and four days in Medinah

I know most people stay longer in Medinah hence the option. 

If you want to extend your Umrah, you can do that as it is a flexible and budget DIY Umrah package example. 

We make a small commission from the links in the post, which you don’t pay extra, but we appreciate your booking through them since we can support the blog. So thank you for enjoying the content and supporting us. 

I will always share the cheapest best options for my readers and not the most commission earning, which I honestly don’t even track. 

Steps I follow for my own DIY Umrah package planning

  1. The Visa
  2. The flights
  3. The Hotels
  4. Transportation

#1 Saudi Tourist Visa 

The tourist visa for Saudi allows you to perform Umrah and explore the country. It is the easiest and cheapest way to enter Saudi Arabia for Umrah, and I have an entire post with updates for you. 

Check this article for everything you need to know and a step-by-step guide for the Saudi tourist visa.

The price of the visa is £120 approximately, depending on exchange rates. 

#2 Flights to Saudi for Umrah

You can find my favourite websites for booking travel in my resources, but I will tell you I always start with Google Flights and then check and book via Skyscanner. 

Sometimes not all prices are shown on both websites, and Skyscanner is usually cheaper to book through. 

I use both because they give me a quick look at monthly availability. 

With flight prices crazy and airports at capacity, it is no wonder people are struggling to find deals. Prices for flights have skyrocketed, and sadly school holidays and peak travel dates are always more expensive, which is why I use points to reduce costs and book in advance. 

For many, it is not always possible, especially parents with school kids, but flexibility or reducing the days you stay if you are on a budget can bring the cost down significantly. 

Pro Tip: If you cannot find the cheapest flights, try using open jaw tickets, which lets you leave one airport and depart from another. This can reduce the cost of your Umrah flights. 

You can also look for flights to Medinah and depart from Makkah, which is what I always recommend. 

#3 Hotels in Makkah & Medinah

I am always asked about hotels as there are so many options in Makkah and Medinah.

You can read my favourite hotels in Makkah here as well as budget hotel options in both cities.

With hotels, it is always important to see what is your budget, and how much you want to walk especially if you have children and the elderly and then decide on the best option.

The hotels I mention here and the sites provide you with the best price at the time this post is written but also it is hotels I would take my family to stay or we have already stayed.

You can read some of the reviews of hotels here.

I normally book hotels directly with the hotel especially if I am an elite member because I receive benefits like free breakfast, free upgrades and lounge access. As well as points that count towards earning more free nights. You can read more about these in my book.

However here we are talking about cash options and there are many occasions when I book in cash and almost 95% of I will book through simply because I earn a free night for every 10 I accumulate.

If you are going on Umrah for 10 days and you book all your nights via you will essentially receive 10% back. You get this free night in a voucher format equivalent to the average spend of your nights. For example, if each of your nights is 100 then the vouches will be 100 (less than the taxes of that country).

I personally don’t book via booking simply because I rather receive a discount and pretty much all of the sites are very close in price and part of the same group.

#4 Transportation

The best way to travel between the two cities is to get the Haramain train, which is new, fast reliable, comfortable and safe.

You can read the review and everything you need on the train here.

I have travelled between Makkah and Medinah by taxi and I just found it so hard and long. Definitely possible but since the train was introduced I have not even looked at that option.

If you are a large family then it might be the best for you and you can easily find taxis and negotiate a price to take you.

You can also explore the VIP Saptco bus, which is comfortable, they provide you with a snack and the seats and space are great. If I were to choose between the options, I would definitely say that it would first be a train and then the VIP coach.

For the purpose of our DIY Umrah package building, I will add each transport option below and a price so you can see the full package. Again this is for guidance and of course, you can choose a different transport method.

If you are arriving in Jeddah and going straight to Medinah then a taxi is the most convenient and easy as they are available from the terminal and have a set price and you pay at the taxi counter. Everything is signposted and easy to follow once you exit the baggage claim.

Transportation optionsCareem / Uber / Taxi
Train to/from Makkah to Medina135SAR / £30
Taxi from Jeddah to Makkah190-270SAR / £35 -£60
Taxi from Medinah Airport to Masjid same from the train station25SAR / £5
Taxi from Makkah train station to Haram30 SAR / £7
Bus from Makkah train station to HaramFREE

DIY Umrah Packages September

Here are the details on the DIY Umrah Packages for September 2022.

The below are valid as of the time of writing, the links are affiliates but as I mentioned you don’t get charged extra and we receive a commission. However, the sites I recommend earn you points and free nights.

Skyscanner is generally one of the cheapest for flights and gives you a free night after 10. So if you book both hotels for 10 days with the links below which is the DIY Umrah package you will receive 10% back on an average night as a voucher to use for your next stay!

Flights Dates Price fromLink to Book
London to Jeddah13th to 23rd£400ppBook here
Lond to Med / Jed to Lon14th to 24th £495ppBook here
Manchester to Jeddah17th to 27th £425ppBook here
New York to Jeddah15th to 25th £578ppBook here
Hotels MedinahDates CategoryPrice for 4 nights from
Intercon Medinah Dar Al Iman (review)13th to 17th 5 starBook from £626
Intercon Dar Al Hijra 13th to 17th 4 starBook from £381
Crown Plaza Medinah 13th to 17th4 star Book from £340
Pullman Medinah13th to 17th4 starBook from £379
Hotels MakkahDates CategoryPrice for 6 nights from
Swisshotel Makkah17th to 23rd5 starBook from £697
Pullman Makkah17th to 23rd4 starBook from £483
Hilton Makkah Convention (review)17th to 23rd4 starBook from £639
Double Tree by Hilton 17th to 23rd4 starBook from £571
M Hotel Makkah by Millenium 17th to 23rd5 stars further awayBook from £185

As I mentioned above these are flexible done-for-you Umrah packages that you can mix and match insha’Allah.

What I Would Pick as DIY Umrah Package for September 2022

The DIY Umrah Package for September I would pick will be the flights from London to Medinah with open jaw return to London £495, the Intercon Dar al-Hijra £381 for two people, because although older it is close by to the mosque.

In Makkah, I would pick the Pullman Makkah for £ 483 which is near the Clock Tower so a good location if I had the budget I would go for the Swisshotel.

The whole DIY Umrah Package for September would cost me approximately including transport, and a visa £2164 for two people.

DIY Umrah Packages October

Here are my top options for DIY Umrah Packages for October 2022. These again are an example of what I would personally book for my family.

Please read through the above information so you can understand my way of thinking and the tips I share.

Flights Dates Price fromLink to Book
London to Jeddah10th to 21st£460ppBook here
Lond to Med / Jed to Lon1st to 10th£508ppBook here
Manchester to Jeddah10th to 21st£597ppBook here
New York to Jeddah28th to 7th Nov£711ppBook here
Hotels MedinahDatesCategoryPrice for 5 nights from
Intercon Medinah Dar Al Iman (review)1st to 5th5 starBook from £696
Shahd Al Madinah Hotel1st to 5th5 starBook from £363
Crown Plaza Medinah10th to 15th4 starBook from £456
Pullman Medinah10th to 15th4 starBook from £565
Hotels MakkahDatesCategoryPrice for 5 nights from
Swisshotel Makkah5th to 10th5 starBook from £762
Hyatt Regency 10th to 15th5 starBook from £1129
Sheraton Makkah 10th to 15th5 stars further awayBook from £439
Double Tree by Hilton5th to 10th4 starBook from £544
M Hotel Makkah by Millenium10th to 15th5 stars further awayBook from £172

What I Would Pick as DIY Umrah Package for October 2022

Here is what I would pick for October Umrah with the above prices. Since October is sadly an expensive month with all the family on school holidays this reflects the prices.

I would pick the £508pp flight from London to Medinah and then Jeddah to London because this will save me on transport costs. I would go with Shahd Al Medinah as the hotel is cheap and also very close to the Prophet’s mosque costing £363 for two people. If you have a young child it will be a free stay for them.

In Makkah, I would pick the Swisshotel as it is in the Clock tower and close to everything. I personally prefer the Jabal Omar development but sadly the prices are expensive to justify a stay there. The price is £765 for two people.

The total cost for two people including visas, transport and hotel is £2539 which is a good deal for 5-star hotels and in a peak travel season.

DIY Umrah Packages November 2022

Here are my top options for DIY Umrah Packages you can create yourself for November Umrah saving you a considerable amount of money.

FlightsDatesPrice fromLink to Book
London to Jeddah4th to 14th£530ppBook here
Lond to Med / Jed to Lon (direct)5th to 15th£578ppBook here
Manchester to Jeddah17th to 27th£488ppBook here
New York to Jeddah7th to 17th£702ppBook here
Hotels MedinahDatesCategoryPrice for 5 nights from
Intercon Medinah Dar Al Iman (review)9th to 14th5 starBook from £1139
Shahd Al Madinah Hotel9th to 14th5 starBook from £793
Crown Plaza Medinah9th to 14th4 starBook from £456
Pullman Medinah9th to 14th4 starBook from £610
Hotels MakkahDatesCategoryPrice for 5 nights from
Swisshotel Makkah4th to 9th5 starBook from £742
Conrad 4th to 9th5 starBook from £993
Park in by Radisson4th to 9th4 stars further awayBook from £198
Double Tree by Hilton4th to 9th4 starBook from £488
M Hotel Makkah by Millenium4th to 9th5 stars further awayBook from £172

What I would pick as my options will be the Manchester flights since I live in the North and also the Swisshotel in Makkah and the Crown Plaza in Medinah. November seems to be an expensive month for Umrah as more people can get time off work.

Overall however it is still a better option to do DIY than with an agency.

Total cost £2564 for two people sharing for DIY Umrah 5 star.

DIY Umrah Packages for December 2022

FlightsDatesPrice fromLink to Book
London to Jeddah (low cost)14th to 25th£350ppBook here
Lond to Jed / Med to Lon 18th to 28th£768ppBook here
Manchester to Jeddah20th to 30th£650ppBook here
New York to Jeddah12th to 22th£958ppBook here
Hotels MedinahDatesCategoryPrice for 5 nights from
Intercon Medinah Dar Al Iman (review)25th to 30th5 starBook from £1390
Intercon Dar Al Hijra Medinah25th to 30th4 starBook from £949
Crown Plaza Medinah25th to 30th4 starBook from £903
Pullman Medinah25th to 30th4 starBook from £793
Hotels MakkahDatesCategoryPrice for 5 nights from
Jabal Omar Marriott 20th to 25th5 starBook from £828
Pullman Zam Zam Clock Tower20th to 25th5 starBook from £1143
Park in by Radisson20th to 25th4 stars further awayBook from £172
Hyatt Regency Jabal Omar 20th to 25th5 starBook from £1177
M Hotel Makkah by Millenium20th to 25th5 stars further awayBook from £200

Considering that this Umrah package for December 2022 is in peak travel time I find that the deals are pretty decent.

Other costs associated with DIY Umrah

These transport costs depend on what you will choose as your method. Not all will apply of course.

Transportation optionsCareem / Uber / Taxi/Train
Train to/from Makkah to Medina135SAR / £30
Taxi from Jeddah to Makkah 190-270SAR / £35 -£60
Taxi from Medinah Airport to Masjid same from the train station25SAR / £5
Taxi from Makkah train station to Haram 30 SAR / £7
Bus from Makkah train station to HaramFREE
Saudi Tourist Visa 535SAR /£120

I will be picking at the end the package, hotel, flights and transport that I would personally use for my family and price it accordingly.
Personally, as a couple, I would take the low-cost option as it is almost half price and because I can travel with hand luggage.

Now, if you are adding bags or if you have a family, it might be worth booking the more expensive flights. For the hotels, I would go with the Marriott in Makkah as it is of a good standard and price and the Pullman in Medinah for the same reasons.

Overall you can have an Umrah package for under £1800 per person and you will also receive a free night voucher on your hotels which should average about £200.

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DIY Umrah E-Book

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In my DIY Umrah E-book, I share with you how you can save thousands every time for every trip. It truly changes the way you travel.

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Saturday 26th of November 2022

Please assist with any information related you Umra or Hajj packages


Monday 26th of September 2022

Salam MTG, Fantastic newsletter. So detailed and informative.

I have a question regarding the online tourist visa which is approximately £125-£130 at the moment. Any tips on completing this successful? I have read so many instances on TripAdvisor of applications being rejected especially when a family applies and some are accepted and some not, even though properly completed. Thanks

Muslim Travel Girl

Tuesday 27th of September 2022

No tips, i have applied several times without issue even as a family. normally they reject one person if they cant get enough details or there is a flag but you should contact the embassy in cases as they check the same system as other countries. Doesnt mean anything is wrong.

Anisa Natha

Wednesday 21st of September 2022

Salams, hope you’re well. I always follow and buy your books and book umrah myself, but the taxi prices were a lot more in august when I went with my family of five. Taxi to Madina airport to Pullman zamzam was 150 diharam and taxi to makkah from Madina was 550 diharam. Which was a lot cheaper then some of our friends paid. Which was over 700 dihrams. Does it depend which month you go? Prices fluctuate that much?

Muslim Travel Girl

Thursday 22nd of September 2022

Thank you so much for your support. It will depend on the driver, the prices I mention are prices that I have paid and other people I know. Since there is no standard tariff, especially on Medinah ( Jeddah airport is standard). Let me know what prices they paid and I will include them as a note for others but these are indication since so many fluctuate.


Tuesday 6th of September 2022

MaashaaAllaah subhaanAllah. very nicely written and well needed article. جزاک اللہ خیر

Muslim Travel Girl

Thursday 22nd of September 2022

Thank you for your kind comments

Mubeen Khan

Thursday 25th of August 2022

Very informative post. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

We are thinking of doing DIY Umrah next year during Christmas holidays due to schools not allowing kids to travel during term time and weather being more bearable in December. When would be the best time to book flights at cheaper rates. I heard booking 11 months in advance in January is the best?

I have been keeping an eye on this year flights 4+ months in advance from Manchester (preferable) and London Heathrow and prices are £3000+. It makes the cost of Umrah very expensive.

Muslim Travel Girl

Saturday 3rd of September 2022

I would say about 6-4 months and check when the airlines have sales. This is the best way to buy tickets. Sadly the Christmas holidays will be more expensive due to the schools. Look for non-direct flights as they are cheaper than direct.