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Umrah visa fee Removed for Once Per Year Umrah

I am so excited to announce that the Umrah visa fee is removed!





I guess the hotel’s limited bookings and pressure from all the stakeholders (cough- tour operators) have done the trick.

I just feel super sorry for those who actually paid the fee in November. However, I was always optimistic that this will not stick around.

Here is the thing, though. The Umrah visa fee rule is abolished only for ONE Umrah per year, if you go a second time you will have to pay 2000SAR. 

So now the question is, when will you go for Umrah? I think I will save my Umrah option for Ramadan insha’Allah.

I find it’s only fair that you go once a year without paying the extra fee but if you can afford a second Umrah (check my DIY Umrah course) then it is only ok to pay extra.

Either way, I am super happy it has worked this way and it is beneficial for all of us including agents, hotels and pilgrims.

Umrah visas currently cost £100 and if you get them from Prince Visa you receive 15% discount so £85 per person. All you have to do is mention  you are a MuslimTravelGirl reader and you will receive it. That easy.

p.s. I don’t receive a commission from Prince Visa but I do like their service and reliability. 

Please note that there is no press confirmation from the Ministry, however, it has been sent to several Umrah agents, who shared the information with me. Once we have it confirmed with a link I will share that with you also. 

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