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Best European Cities with Halal Food in 2014 for Muslims

One of the most important aspects for many Muslims when travelling is whether they can easily find halal food in Europe. 

Europe is such an awesome place to be living or exploring if you are from a different continent. There is so much diversity, beauty and hospitality everywhere. Plus it is very easy to travel to several countries either by bus, train or car.

The majority of Europe is Muslim-friendly and incidents of racism are very rare, there are several European countries with large Muslim populations which indicates easily available halal food as well. I also aspire to the fact that if we don’t travel, we will not be able to break those stereotypes and enjoy bonding with others.

Now, personally, I find that Europe is a very Muslim friendly continent and with millions of Muslims living here, however, it is not a halal destination in the sense that you won’t see nudity or drunk people. Sadly, this is pretty much common, and if you live in a non-majority country, you are aware.

Having said that, though, there is plenty you can do that is halal-friendly in Europe and safe. Of course, some cities in Europe are more halal-friendly than others. So let’s explore my recommendations.

If you want to read more about the difference between halal travel and Muslim travel you can check out my opinion here.

Best Muslim-Friendly European Cities with Halal Food

1 London

muslim friendly European destinations London
a view from the London eye

We simply cannot look at Europe and not consider London as a fantastic Muslim-friendly holiday with easy-to-find halal food. London has everything a Muslim tourist will need whether you are into more conservative experiences where you want to keep everything halal or you want to throw in some shopping fun and adventure. No wonder London is a city in Europe that attracts millions of tourists every year.

For Muslims from all over the world, London and the United Kingdom offer everything and it is considered one of the most Muslim-friendly European cities. With 1.2 million Muslims living in the city, it is hard not to also be halal friendly.

If you live in the UK but outside the city then it is time for you to explore your own backyard. Why travel far away when an adventure awaits your doorstep? London makes the perfect weekend away with a variety of halal food restaurants, mosques to pray and more.

You can read my full guide to exploring London this way.

Halal fine dining experience in London

Mosques in the London area

  1. Regent’s Park Mosque 146 Park Rd, London NW8 7RG
  2. East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre – 46-92 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JQ
  3. Masjid Al Rahman – 40-50 St Stephens Rd, Forest Gate, London E7 9RL
  4. North London Central Mosque (Finsbury Park Mosque) – 7-11 St Thomas’s Rd, Finsbury Park N4 2QH

Halal food in London

Ok, there are literally thousands of restaurants in London and it is hard to say which is my best one. I have a halal fine dining option available as well as my favourite halal afternoon tea in London options. I mean after all, it is quintessentially a British thing to try.


Several hotels in London offer halal food options; my favourites are Hyatt Regency Churchill, which I have a review for, Hilton Park Lane, Intercontinental, the Jumeirah Hotel group and many more.

Muslim-Friendly Activities in London

You can do many Muslim-friendly activities while in London, from walking tours to bus tours and even a Muslim history tour.

2 Malta

Halal Food and mosques in Malta

Malta must be one of my favourite Muslim friendly destinations in Europe. Malta is a small island country, located in the Mediterranean sea and this makes it the perfect getaway for a summer vacation.

Not expected by many but I find it super beautiful and Muslim-friendly.

It has so much history, beautiful beaches, and family-friendly activities and they also drive on the same side as the UK. Plus the weather is great all year around.

Flights from the UK start from as little as £40 return.

Tip: I would recommend that you rent a car to explore the country, especially if you are going during the off-peak season. Car hire is cheap and it provides you with the flexibility to explore on your own. Just make sure you get excess insurance.

Halal Food in Malta

There are several halal food restaurants and we had no issue enjoying some meals. I would also recommend trying the local fish options as there are delicious and always halal too.

  • Oz Sofra Kebab (Triq il- Korp tal- Pijunieri, Bugibba SPB 2809, Malta)
  • Millenium Kebab (110 Triq Ix – Xatt | Sliema SLM 1020, Sliema , Malta)
  • Falafel Street Express ( 2 Triq Bisazza, Tas-Sliema, Central Region 1641, Malta)
  • Ali Baba (9 Ponsomby Street, Gzira, Malta)
  • Golden Tulip Vivaldi -the only lamb is halal (Dragonara Road, Saint Julians, Central Region STJ 3141, Malta)

Also in Malta, you can find one mosque Islamic Centre of Paola at Triq Kordin, Paola, Malta.

Malta Accommodations

  • Hilton Hotel Malta – prices start from £140
  • Intercontinental Malta – prices start from £80
  • Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz – prices start from £120
  • VBRO for private villas, there are many hijab-friendly options

Malta’s architectural design is great for Hijab-free holidays in private villas, due to seclusion and high walls making it easy for families to enjoy some fun in the sun. Check out my tips for finding hijab friendly villas.

Muslim-Friendly Activities in Malta

You can do many boat tours, walking tours and history tours. We enjoyed our Mdina tour and the garden tour as well.

The best Muslim Friendly Cities in the World

3 Vienna

Halal food in Vienna and mosques for Muslim travellers

Vienna is the capital and the largest city of Austria, a beautiful architectural gem with well-known residents such as Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud.

Exploring Vienna as a Muslim traveller is easy and you won’t face any prejudice. We enjoyed our time in the city and even took a free walking tour to find out more about the local life and history.

The great thing about Austria is that all tours must be done by qualified tour guides so you do get a great free (with an optional tip) experience.

While you’re there you shouldn’t miss the Historic Center of Vienna, the Opera House, Schoenbrunn Palace and Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Halal Food in Vienna

There are many halal food restaurants in Vienna so going hungry will not be a choice! Here are some of the many options you have.

  • Restaurant Demi Tass (Prinz-Eugen-Straße 28, Vienna, Austria 1040)
  • Kent Restaurant (Brunnengasse 67, Vienna, Austria 1160)
  • Türkis City (4 Goldschmiedgasse, Vienna, Austria 1010)
  • Nirvana (16-18 Rotenturmstraße, Vienna, Austria 1010)
  • Quicky’s Burgers & More (25 Spitalgasse, Wien, Austria 1090)

In Vienna there are total 8 mosques, the Islamic Centre of Vienna is the largest and main mosque – Islamisches Zentrum Wien (Am Bruckhaufen 3, Vienna, Austria 1210).

Hotels in Vienna

There are no halal hotels from what I can find in Vienna, we stayed in the Hilton Vienna Plaza and it was great and central.

Read my review of the Hilton Vienna Plaza here

Tip: While in Vienna and if staying central you can walk in many places without an issue. Also, public transport is great and cheap if you want to get to Schoenbrunn Palace. We also used Uber on a few occasions without a problem.

Flights for Vienna start from £60 and return from the UK via Skyscanner. Make sure you look for the monthly flexible option for the best prices.

4 Budapest

Halal food in Budapest with mosques for pray for Halal travelers

Budapest the capital of Hungary is a very popular Muslim-friendly destination in Europe, plus also a very cheap one too. Flights for the country from the UK start from as little as £20 return.

With great architecture, history and beautiful buildings along the Danube river, there are many reasons why you should be visiting Budapest.

Don’t miss out on visiting the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle, the Hungarian State Opera House and also taking a free walking tour as well. I love enjoying walking tours in the city.

Halal Food in Budapest

Budapest also has several halal restaurants available for Muslim travellers to enjoy.

  • Szeraj ( 13 Szent István körút, Budapest, Hungary 1055)
  • Mughal Shahi (Városmajor utca 57, Budapest, Hungary 1122)
  • Baalbek ( 34 Váci utca, Budapest, Hungary 1052)
  • Antalya Kebab ( Szent István körút 22, Budapest, Hungary 1137)

There a total of 9 mosques and one of them in the Hungarian Islamic Community ( Városmajor utca 57, Budapest, Hungary 1122).

Hotels in Budapest

Tip: While in Budapest we stayed in the Intercontinental hotel which is very central, so we walked to the majority of places. When we went for dinner we used Uber which was a very economical way of transport.

Also, you can use the public metro as it is very good and cheap as well.

If you want something fancy to do on your holiday but yet not break the bank, we enjoyed a Four Seasons Afternoon tea. The tea was not halal (we chose the vegetarian option) but it was cheaper than in the UK and it was a nice way to spend an afternoon in the city.

We did the walking tour of Budapest as well, which I really enjoyed. I find that tours and activities are super Muslim-friendly and a great way to enjoy the city.

5 Rome

Halal Food in Rome with places to pray for muslims

I don’t think Rome needs an introduction. Italy’s capital and one of the most well-known cities in the world offer Muslim travellers everything they need for a holiday.

Great history lessons with amazing monuments, halal food, walks through parks and squares surrounded by history and fountains to “make a wish” ( just dua it! ).

We never experienced any problems in Rome as Muslim travellers and enjoyed every minute of it. It is also one of the most populated cities with halal food in Europe. There are many Muslims living in the city so finding halal food and also mosques to pray if you want is not an issue.

Millions of tourists including Muslim travellers visit every year and now that restrictions are out it has once again become very popular.

While in Rome, of course, don’t miss the Colosseum, the Vatican City, Spanish Steps and Fontana di Trevi plus so many more.

Tip: Visiting the Vatican, I can say your best option is to go 30min before they open the doors; this was a lifesaver as there was no queue.

If you want the Vatican tour, this is extra, and you need to book in advance. Tickets do sell out quickly.

When it comes to halal food there is also plenty of choices in Roma.

Halal Food in Rome

  • Himalaya’s Kashmir where Indian and Pakistani food is served  (325 Via Principe Amedeo, Roma, Lazio 00185)
  • Chicken Hut ( 465 Via Tuscolana, Roma, Lazio 00181)
  • Falafel King ( 59-61 Via del Mascherino, Roma, Lazio 00193) – close to the Vatican
  • Termini Halaal Food ( 45-46-47 Piazza dei Cinquecento, Rome, Lazio 00185) close to the train station

With 30 mosques around the city, there is plenty of places where you can pray and meet locals.

Check out the Islamic Faith Center (via di San Vito, 12A, Rome, Lazio 00185) which is the most central option.

Hotels in Rome

  • Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts – night starts from £200
  • Trevi Palace Luxury Inn  – night starts from £95 (close to halal food options)
  • Rome Life Hotel – night starts from £150
  • Dock Suites Hotel – night starts from £87

Tip: Transport in Rome with their metro is cheap and easy to use. You can also book walking tours if you want or even a tour bus. We arrived in Fiumicino, so the best way to get into the city was by train to Termini.

 6 Paris

Halal food in Paris with mosques to pray

France has a reputation for not being very Muslim-friendly, especially with their burkini, niqab bans and other controversies.

But at the end of the day, the French are known to be on the discriminatory side of everything that is NOT French. Personally, I don’t take offence and I have had a great time road-tripping through the country with no problem.

After all, according to statistics, Paris has 1.7 million Muslims living in the city, the largest population of any other European country. I have been to several French cities and personally never had an issue with my hijab.

It still is the number one choice for many Muslim travellers and the majority of the trips there are without a problem. Even as a Hijabi you will not have an issue and you will enjoy the beauty and history of the city.

Also with so many Muslims in the city finding halal food is a breeze.

Paris is a very cosmopolitan city, with a great mix of people, cultures, history and architecture.

Halal food in Paris

Paris has over 100 halal restaurants. Here are some of them:

  • Le Taj Mahal ( 78 Avenue Du 8 Mai 1945, Le Blanc Mesnil, Île-de-France 93150)
  • Sahil (104-106, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, Paris, Île-de-France 75010)
  • Le Snack Time ( 96 Boulevard Rochechouart, Paris, Île-de-France 75018)
  • Topoly ( 25 Rue Saint-André des Arts, Paris, Île-de-France 75006)

Mosques to visit in Paris 

While in Paris don’t miss to visit the Grand Mosque of Paris ( 2bis Place du Puits de l’Ermite, 75005 Paris, France), which plays an important role in promoting Islam in the city and bringing cultures together.

Another important mosque in the North of Paris is the Association Culturelle Islamique Mosquée Adda’wa, which can accommodate up to 1000 people during prayer times. Address: 39 Rue de Tanger, 75019 Paris, France

Great Mosque of Argenteuil check their Facebook page. (2 Boulevard de la Résistance, Argenteuil, Ile-de-France 95100).


Accommodation in Paris is not a problem and you will find a lot of hotels close to halal food options. The main thing to look for is pricing and budget. Below are some central suggestions, but you can always find more deals with Booking or Expedia.

Tip: Pickpocketing in Paris is known to happen so keep your valuables close to you or in your hotel.

If you are looking for activities in Paris know that the Louvre and several of the most popular attractions need you to buy tickets in advance.

The best transport option for Paris is with their metro system and also the cheapest. If you are visiting many attractions look for some that open at night such as the Louvre when there are not many crowds.

7 Amsterdam

Halal Food in Amsterdam and mosques to pray

The Netherlands is another very popular Muslim-friendly country in Europe with a large Muslim population.

As a Multicultural city,  Amsterdam is a very popular Muslim tourist destination and you won’t have a problem finding places to enjoy, halal food or mosques to pray.

Amsterdam is a city full of life, colour, bicycles, canals, bridges, museums and quite a picturesque place! With flights from the UK for as little as £20 return and less than 1,5hr, it makes a perfect weekend escape in the summer.

Tip: We never experienced racism or had issues in the country, I would recommend renting a car and visiting during the Tulip season in mid-April. There are also several other beautiful cities such as The Hague, Laden and Rotterdam and even the north of the country where you can swim in the North Sea.

Halal food in Amsterdam

The Netherlands has a large Muslim community so prayer facilities and halal restaurants are never a problem. In Amsterdam only there are over 100 restaurants serving halal food.

  • Bazar Amsterdam ( 182 Albert Cuypstraat, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1073)
  • Meram ( 219 Linnaeusstraat, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1093 EP)
  • Eethuis Albela ( 94 Dapperstraat, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1093 BZ)
  • Zina ( 70 Bosboom Toussaintstraat, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1054 AV)

Mosques in Amsterdam

There are several mosques in Amsterdam so there won’t be an issue with you finding a place to pray.

  • Westermoskee Aya Sofya -Grand Mosque (Piri Reïsplein 101, 1057 KH Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Islamic Faith Foundation ( Rozengracht 150, 1016 NJ Amsterdam, Netherlands )
  • Djame Masdjied Taibah ( 125 Kraaiennest, Amsterdam-Zuidoost, North Holland 1104 CE)


  • Hilton Amsterdam – night starts from £150
  • Hotel Golden Tulip Amsterdam West – night starts from £80
  • Novotel Amsterdam City – night starts from £100

There are many activities you can enjoy around the city, but I have to say the walking tours or the very popular biking tours are my favourite.

 8 Berlin

muslim friendly cities in europe with halal food

Writing about Muslim-friendly cities in Europe we cannot exclude Berlin, one of the largest cities in Germany and home to millions of Muslims. The country in recent years added even more to their Muslim population by accepting several thousand refugees.

The city offers a great mixture of young hippy life and also part of history. There are many eclectic cafes and modern areas all in close proximity to history and museums.

When in Berlin make sure you visit the Brandenburg Gate as it is a status symbol of the city, the Reichstag Building which was constructed to house the Imperial Diet of the German Empire, the Berlin Wall memorial and the Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin.

With this highly recommended walking tour, you can enjoy several options depending on what you want to learn about the city.

Halal food in Berlin

With such a large Muslim population in Berlin and so many Muslim visitors per year, there are many halal food restaurants in Berlin.

Being one of the largest cities in Europe, it would be illogical not to have a lot of halal places. Considering that the Muslim population in Berlin is numerous there is no shortage of halal with over 300 halal restaurants and  46 mosques.

  • Restaurant Hafis (47-49 Alt-Moabit, Berlin, Germany 10555)
  • Adonis Imbiss (132 Torstraße, Berlin, Germany 10119)
  • Lasan ( 96 Adalbertstraße, Kreuzberg, Berlin 10999)
  • Zam Zam (6 Huttenstraße, Berlin, Germany 10553) -alcohol-free
  • Boğaziçi Grill (47A Turmstraße, Berlin, Germany 10551) – alcohol-free
  • Vapiano ( 9-12 Tauentzienstraße, Berlin, Germany 10789)

Mosques in Berlin

  • Berlin Şehitlik Camii (Columbiadamm 128, 10965 Berlin, Germany)
  • Masjid Al Falah Berlin (Perleberger Straße 61, Berlin, Germany 10559)
  • Berlin Mosque (Brienner Str. 7/8, 10713 Berlin, Germany)


There are no halal hotels in Berlin, however, there are plenty of hotel options close to halal food restaurants so you wouldn’t have a problem.

  • Hotel Indigo Berlin – Centre Alexanderplatz – night starts from £120
  • Grand Hyatt Berlin – night starts at £200
  • Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West – night starts at £80

9 Zurich

Halal food in Zurich

Switzerland is breathtaking no matter which city you visit it is one of my favourite European cities for exploring as a Muslim is Zurich.

Yes, it is not one of the cheapest cities in Europe, even though you can find flights to Zurich from the UK for as little as £40 return.

I never had a problem travelling with a hijab, people are friendly and the views and architecture of the city are mesmerising.

If you are in Zurich, make sure you take the ferry and enjoy a few hours on Lake Zurich.

Check out my guide on what to do when in Zurich. It would make the perfect destination for a weekend break! There are almost 20 halal restaurants and a few mosques.

Halal Food Zurich

  • Falafel & Mezze House Rathausbrücke 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland (in the city centre)
  • Curry Queen Take Away (663 Badenerstrasse, Zürich, Canton of Zurich 8048)
  • Güven Restaurant & Market (Bahnstrasse 80, Regensdorf, Canton of Zurich 8105)
  • Food of Punjab (10 Friesstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland 8050) – alcohol-free
  • Libanes Take Away ( 74 Schaffhauserstrasse, Zürich, Zürich 8057) – alcohol-free


  • Zurich Islamic Center – (Müllackerstrasse 36, 8152 Glattbrugg, Switzerland)
  • Madni Masjid -Swiss Masjid Zurich (147 Weinbergstrasse, Zurich, Canton of Zurich 8006)


There are no Halal hotels in Zurich but of course, there are several hotels in the city you can choose from close to halal restaurants.

  • Zurich Marriott Hotel – night starts at £200
  • Swissotel Zurich – night starts at £150
  • ibis Zurich City West –  night starts at £100

10 Barcelona

Halal food in Barcelona with mosques

Barcelona, may not be the capital of Spain, but it sure is its biggest and most multiculturally diverse cities in Spain.

It is a very popular destination with tourists from the UK and many Muslim travellers visit the country every year. Thanks for the nice weather and cheap flights from the UK, Barcelona and Spain in general offer everything you need for a nice Muslim holiday.

When in Barcelona don’t forget to visit Gaudi’s extensive architecture in the city, such as Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila and also some of the city’s promenades for a walk.

Halal food in Barcelona 

There are approximately 300,000 Muslims in Spain so it should come as no surprise that the halal restaurants and mosques are more than enough, for a Muslim friendly stay there.

  • Pita House (54 La Rambla, Barcelona, Catalonia 08002)
  • Adil Fast Food & Kebab House ( 9 Carrer de l’Est, Barcelona, Catalonia 08001)
  • Kapadokya (6 Carrer Fusteria, Barcelona, Catalonia 08002)
  • Lal Qila Barcelona (49 Carrer de Roger de Llúria, Barcelona, Catalunya 08009)

Mosques in Barcelona

  • Centro Cultural Islamico Catalán / Barcelona Mosque ( Carrer de Rafael Capdevila, 1-3, 08018 Barcelona, Spain)
  • Masjid Tarek Ibn Ziyad (Carrer de Sant Rafael, 10, Barcelona, Catalunya 08001)


There are many hotels in Barcelona close to halal food outlets so finding food shouldn’t be a problem.

Tip: It is known for tourists to get pickpockets in Barcelona so keep your valuables close to you and spread cash and cards around.

Travelling by metro is a cheap and easy way to explore the city. You can also rent a car if you want to explore some of the coastal cities of Spain from Barcelona.

11 Oslo

Halal food in Oslo and mosques for muslims to pray

When thinking of the next Muslim-friendly destination the capital of Norway might not be the first place that comes to mind, but it is a great place for an awesome vacation, as it combines nature and landmarks in a unique way!

Oslo is a great city to explore on foot and enjoy, yes, it is on the expensive side but definitely worth it.

While in the city, don’t forget to visit the Fram and Viking Museum, which are great for exploring the Viking history of the country. Also, I would recommend checking out a walking tour as they offer a great first introduction to the city.

Halal Food in Oslo

Oslo is super friendly and there are plenty of things to see and do plus there is a Muslim community as well so finding halal food, a friendly Salam and a mosque to pray is not a problem.

  • Istanbul Kebab & Bakeri (8 Trondheimsveien, Oslo, Norway 0560)
  • Lett & Mett ( 12 Storgata, Oslo, Norway 0155)
  • Palazzo Pizzeria (19 Kristian Augusts Gate, Oslo, Norway 0164)
  • Halal Tøyen Burger (82B Jens Bjelkes gate, Oslo, Norway 0652)
  • Saray Restaurant (10 Trondheimsveien, Oslo, Norway 0560)

Mosques in Oslo

  • World Islamic Mission (Åkebergveien 28, Oslo, Norway 0650)
  • Islamic Cultural Centre Norway (Tøyenbekken 24, 0188 Oslo, Norway)
  • Central Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat ( Motzfeldts gate 10, 0187 Oslo, Norway)


  • Frogner House – Skovveien 8 – night starts from £89
  • Hotel Christiania Teater – night starts from £200
  • Soria Moria Hotel – night starts from £150

Tip: Book a hotel with breakfast as food can be expensive in Norway and eat out as well. I love taking snacks with me while out and about bought from the supermarket, which saves you money if you are on a budget.

Public transport and trains in Norway are very good so there is no need for car hire. You can also take the train and explore other cities in Norway.

12 Stockholm

european cities with halal food for muslim travelers - stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden’s vibrant capital, spreads across 14 picturesque islands, offering Muslim travellers a unique and welcoming experience. Its respect for diversity ensures easy access to mosques and halal dining options, catering to Muslim travellers and locals alike.

Stockholm is a city that offers a beautiful blend of serene waterfront views and rich historical sites. With majestic architecture and museums that embody Sweden’s heritage, the city is an ideal destination for Muslim visitors seeking a blend of cultural exploration and easily accessible halal food and prayer facilities.

Make sure you visit Gamla Stan (The Old Town)in the heart of Stockholm, a beautifully preserved historical area with origins dating back to the 13th century. Take a stroll through its narrow, cobblestone streets and explore the colourful, medieval buildings. Key attractions include the Royal Palace, the Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan), and the Nobel Museum. Don’t miss the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace.

Halal Food in Stockholm

  • 1. Mangal -34 Danmarksgatan, Stockholm, Stockholm County 16453
  • 2. Cheesecake Palace -Hanstavägen 88, Kista (various locations)
  • 3. Saffran -34 Danmarksgatan, Stockholm, Stockholm County 16453
  • 4. Chili Masala – 19 Hagalundsgatan, Solna, Stockholm County 16966

Mosques in Stockholm

  • Stockholm Mosque (Kapellgränd 10, Stockholm)
  • Fatih Cami, Sveavägen 94
  • Hotorget Mosque, Apelbergsgatan 34

Accommodation in Stockholm

Stockholm hotels can be expensive, especially for large families. Websites like VRBO can offer good apartment options for less.

13. Edinburgh

edinburgh is a great european city with halal food for Muslims

Edinburgh, Scotland’s enchanting capital, offers Muslim travelers a warm embrace with its unique blend of historical allure and contemporary life, complemented by a welcoming halal food scene.

The city’s cobbled streets and stunning landmarks, such as the Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, invite visitors to step back in time, while its diverse population ensures a respectful and inclusive atmosphere.

With a variety of halal-certified restaurants, like the Mosque Kitchen, known for serving hearty and authentic meals, and a tradition to visit with raving fans when in the city.

The picturesque city is also home to several mosques, including the centrally located Edinburgh Central Mosque, providing comforting spaces for worship and community connection.

Halal Food in Edinburgh

  • The Mosque Kitchen (Edinburgh Mosque, 50 Potterrow, Edinburgh)
  • Palmyra Pizza (22 Nicolson St, Edinburgh)

Mosques in Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Central Mosque (50 Potterrow, Edinburgh)

Accommodation in Edinburgh

Accommodation in the city centre of Edinburgh can be expensive for families so your best option is to check out apartments via VRBO.

14 Dublin

European cities with halal food Dublin is very muslim friendly
Dublin with my little Muslim traveller

Dublin, Ireland’s capital, has a reputation for friendliness and hospitality. It might only be a short flight from the UK, but it is also an underrated Muslim-friendly European destination. The country is stunning with natural beauty and entire history.

There are plenty of activities that Muslim travellers can enjoy in Dublin and surrounding it. From Trinity College, to Kilmainham Gaol Museum (previously a jail with history) Museums and beautiful walks around the city it offers plenty of options for Muslims to enjoy.

We did a whole week of driving around and visiting places like the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant Causeway and my favourite was driving Wild Atlantic Way.

Halal Food in Dublin

There is a large Muslim community in Dublin, and the locals are also very welcoming. Muslim travellers won’t have any problems finding halal food in Dublin. Check out Halal Food Dublin before your trip.

  • Lawza – 54 George’s Street Upper, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin
  • Born for Burgers – Center, 17 Dame St, Dublin
  • Doollaly – The Lennox Building, 47-51 Richmond St S, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin

Mosques in Dublin

  • Dublin Mosque (163 South Circular Road, Dublin)

Accommodation in Dublin

Dublin offers a lot of hotel options and very reasonable prices. We stayed at the Morrison hotel and it was very central and great location with a young child to explore.

I have always said that if there are Muslims, there is a mosque and a halal place. Considering Muslims are around 1.7 billion people, I doubt there are many places in the world where you can’t find Muslims. Pretty much in over the 30+ countries I have visited, I have never been to a place without a Muslim. 😉

European countries make the perfect destinations for Muslims tourists because finding halal in Europe is not difficult. I have never been to a city in Europe where I struggled to find various halal restaurants even in some of the most public and high-traffic areas like train stations, centre squares etc.

So pack your bags and let me know which one of the aforementioned cities you will visit.

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However, as a muslim woman i never got problem in Paris or the Suburb with my hijab ;)

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