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The Best Muslim Friendly Resorts in Europe 2024

Over the years Europe has become a great destination for halal holidays, especially for European Muslims looking to get away during the summer holiday. 

This article was initially written in 2016, and while doing research for the best Muslim-friendly resorts in Europe back then, I knew I struggled to find places offering halal food but also options for modesty. 

Well, your 2024 summer halal resort options are so much better now, and I am really excited to see how many halal-friendly places offer halal food and places to pray. 

Truly is an exciting time for Muslim travellers. 

What is a Halal Resort or a Muslim-friendly resort?

Before we start with all the resorts I recommend for your halal travel in Europe this summer, I want to point out something. 

There is no 100% halal resort pretty much anywhere in Europe in the sense that you won’t hear music for example, something that many complain about in Turkey resorts, or that you will always have halal food. Sadly there is nothing 100% 

However, there are many Muslim-friendly that have come to understand that Muslims are part of this world and also a great customer segment, and they try to cater to their needs as much as possible. 

I have an article on this and my opinion and you can read more here. 

There are many amazing European resorts offering privacy and activities for Muslims, but, for example, they don’t serve halal food. However, you will have a great time and experience a new destination. 

I have done my best to compile a list that includes a good mix, and I do encourage Muslims to go to places with Muslim-friendly options at least once a year because if we want to develop more of a halal travel industry, we need more customers to show those places. It is all about supply and demand. 

These resorts will also make a great Muslim-friendly honeymoon destination for those who want to stay close to home or have budget restraints as they are cheaper than, say, going to Thailand. 

pool view of muslim friendly resort in europe sani hotel club (1)
Sani Resort one of the pools

What is the best time to visit and save money?

European summer travel starts from June until about the end of September, with a peak time in July and August which is also, sadly, the school holidays. 

Of course, going outside the school term times is the cheapest. Sadly for many, this is not an option. 

The best way to save money during peak time is to wait until a few weeks after the rush and book during the middle of the week. 

You could easily save a few hundred this way which is better than nothing. 

Also, if your hotel has the option to be booked via, I would book since after ten nights; you get a voucher on the average price of your stay. Effectively 10% back. 

How to Make your hotel more halal-friendly

One thing I always recommend, especially with resorts at Muslim-friendly destinations, is to email the hotel upfront and request that, for example, alcohol is out of the room if it bothers you and also to pre-order halal food if this is an option. 

Some of the resorts here offer halal, and others can be removed or ordered prior, so check the notes. 

I also like to email them and ask for my welcome basket to be with non-alcohol. It is just small things that make the start of your holiday better. 

Plus, many properties are happy to accommodate their guests and go the extra mile. 

1 Alanda Hotel Marbella Spain 

halal resorts in europe spain alanda marbella
Photo credit: Alanda hotel

Spain is one of the perfect destinations to explore. Barcelona is very popular with Muslim travellers but the South of Spain, such as Andalucia, offers so much Islamic history and makes it one of the closest and more perfect for a halal holiday.  

The Alanda Hotel offers halal food and no alcohol rooms. 

Sadly the pools are mixed, but you can wear your burkini without a problem and splash with the kids. 

There are several halal restaurants near the property as well as a mosque. 

I would also recommend you rent a car and explore some of the beautiful places around Andalucia in Cordoba and Granada. 

Prices start from £150 per night. Check them out here.

2 Explorers Hotel, France 

What a perfect gateway for a halal-friendly holiday in Europe and a kid’s dream with themed rooms. There is a large waterpark, and there are always some halal food options available. 

Also, modest swimwear is allowed without a problem, but the pools are mixed. This property is also great if you plan on exploring Disney Paris.

They are aware of Muslim travellers, so you can email the property to remove the alcohol from your room without an issue.

Prices start from £200 a night. To book visit this link.

3 Atrium Platinum Luxury Resort Hotel & Spa, Rhodes

muslim friendly resort greece atrium hotel
photo credit: Atrium resort

Rhodes is one of my top destinations for Muslim travellers in Greece. It has a lot of Ottoman history you can explore, fantastic beaches and halal restaurants nearby. 

There is so much to do around the city but also just relax on the beach for depending on what type of traveller you are you should definitely consider Rhodes. 

The Atrium hotel offers no alcohol rooms, and you can request halal in advance, but also there are a few restaurants near the hotel. 

There are several historical mosques on the island you can also visit. 

Prices start from £200. To make a reservation, visit this link.

4 Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort, Tenerife 

halal resorts in europe gran bahia tenerife
Photo Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque Resort

Canary islands and a honeymoon in Europe?

Sounds amazing! Gran Bahia Del Duque Resort Tenerife is a great place where your dream honeymoon can come true. On the island of Tenerife and next to the Atlantic, this resort offers beautiful views and nice weather almost all year round!

You can email and ask for halal food in advance of your stay as well removing the alcohol from your room. Please note, though, that it might be served in the resort. 

Also, you will have no problem wearing your swimwear.

This hotel is a luxurious option and has some stunning views, and other is plenty to explore on the island, so would recommend also renting a car. 

Check the prices for your dates here; rooms start from £250 a night.

5 Cape Sounio Grecohotel, Sounio Greece

muslim friendly resort greece cape sounio aerial view
photo credit: Cape Sounio

As a Greek, there is no better place to vacation, and for me, the Cape Sounio resort is one of the better ones on the Athenian riviera.

Sounio has some really nice beaches, and there is a lot of history plus it is a short drive from Athens about 1hr. 

If you are having a city break in Athens, this is a great place to stay for the weekend. Athens is fast becoming on of the most Muslim-friendly cities in Europe, and there is now officially a mosque as well. 

The hotel is 5-star and located on its own private beach with a very nice spa. I have spent a few summers there and have been to the resort, as it is a popular weekend destination with locals. 

There is a halal option available when you pre-book and request in advance, and also you can also swim with your burkini and hijab,  I have never had a problem with this in Greece. 

There are halal food options in Athens, but in Sounio will be only the hotel option. Still, it makes a great weekend break.

Prices for this hotel start from £200 a night. 

6 Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens Greece 

muslim friendly resorts in europe greece grand resort lagonissi
photo credit: Grand Resort Lagonissi

I think one of the first-ever 5-star luxury hotels I had ever been to as a teenager was the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens for a wedding. 

The property is located not far from Athens on its own cape and offers a great option for those wanting to be close to the city to find halal food but also to relax and enjoy a good summer holiday. This is one of the closest halal hotels you will find in Greece. 

They offer halal options when booked in advance; there are a few small mosques to pray though there is a good 50 min drive also, the resort offers fully private pool villas. 

You can swim with your burkini in the hotel’s pool, or you can rent a private villa which is secluded with walls. Alcohol can be removed from the room if requested as well. 

This is a great option for a honeymoon or a luxurious weekend gateway not far from the UK. 

I would recommend renting a car from Athens airport and driving around the area. There is a lot of beauty and the drive is nice. 

Prices start from £450 and during peak season are higher. If booking, consider via for your 10% back. 

7 Wome Deluxe Resort, Turkey

wome deluxe halal resort in turkey all inclusive
photo credit: Wome Deluxe

There is no way this list can be complete without the famous Turkey halal resorts. In recent years the Mediterranean sea resorts have become very popular with Muslim travelers looking for fully halal options and private beaches. 

One of the most famous options is the Wome Deluxe resort offering luxury rooms, full halal food buffet options as well as a private beach and pool for women. 

There is also a lot of kids’ entertainment to choose from for the little ones in the family. 

Turkey is definitely a great holiday destination, and there is so much history, so I would as always recommend you either book a day trip or just rent a car to explore the surrounding area. This is a halal all inclusive resort.

Prices for the resort start from £140 per night, and you can book via halal booking.

8 Bera Alanya Resort

One of the most popular hotels for halal holidays in Europe, especially in the summer, is the Bera Alanya hotel in Antalya. 

The resort always has great reviews about the food and kids’ activities. 

You can enjoy Turkish food as well as other cuisine options on the property. There is a ladies’ fully secluded beach as well as a private pool for them. 

There is also no alcohol on the property, and there are prayer rooms as well. 

You can book with prices starting from £130 per night all inclusive. 

9 Sani Resort, Halkidiki Greece

sani resort muslim friendly hotels in europe greece

I simply cannot conclude this list without including the Sani resort in Greece. I don’t visit many properties second or third time, and I think Sani Resort is the only hotel I have done this with. 

I first visited over 13 years ago when it had just opened. Since then, it has become one of the most luxurious and popular resorts in Europe, and for a good reason. 

Their rooms, location and customer service are fantastic. I have been there with my family as well as friends and all the times we had a fantastic experience. 

The resort has its own marina, shopping options, several restaurants, as well as a kids club, nightly entertainment for the whole family, and so much more. 

The resort doesn’t offer halal food, but with over 15 restaurants, you can find something to eat, and it will be delicious. We normally go for fish or carbs and greek salad. I have a list of food options you can enjoy in Greece that are halal and traditional.

I have always been welcomed with my hijab and never had issues; I know there are many Muslims who visit every year and enjoy it since I have received emails. 

The reason why I include this property as well in this list is that they are definitely Muslim friendly destinations, and I truly want them to start offering halal as standard. I know you can request this in advance, and they will try and accommodate. 

Prices off-peak season April to May, are reasonable, around £250 for the half board. During the peak season, they can go in the thousands.

This list of Muslim friendly resorts in Europe is just a starting point, hopefully for you to get inspired to try something else as well.

There is so much to see around Europe, and the more we travel, the more we can make the rest of the travel industry to be more halal conscious for their customers. 

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