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Ultimate Guide on Things to Do in London as Muslim Traveller

There are so many things to do in London as it is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world, for a reason.  

Being one of the favourite tourist destinations and a must-visit city for almost everyone, London has a lot to offer whether you are a Muslim traveller or not.

Personally, I find London as close to a perfect Muslim-friendly or halal travel destination as possible with so many things that it offers. 

There are halal food options and mosques to pray plus London is home to thousands of Muslims and many more visit every year. 

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler 3resized
Big Ben and the Parliament

From mesmerizing world-renowned landmarks and architecture to some of the best shopping experiences in Europe while offering perfect green parks to relax and enjoy.

The fatigue of running between tube stations can vanish in no time as one starts to explore London.

The city is never short of something new to experience and it offers every reason to fall in love with itself.

A highly diverse multicultural city welcomes everyone and offers experiences catering to every need, as Muslim travellers, we can easily find halal food and mosques to pray to even in central London locations.

London is a relatively safe and secure place for travellers without many incidents and millions of visitors every year it is a great place to explore as a solo traveller,  couple or as a family.

Check out below some of the best places to visit in London as a Muslim traveller.

Best time to visit London

Britain is known for more than history and landmarks and that is its unpredictable weather.  

It pretty much rains all the time apart from this summer where there was a heatwave.

Maybe my dua is being answered!  

October- February is cold and wet in London making it harder to explore the city and some tourist attractions.

However, if one is looking forward to Christmas markets and Winter Wonderlands, they should opt for this time of the year as London offers some great Christmas experiences. Personally, it is my favourite time to visit busy Oxford street one of the busiest shopping streets in the world.

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler 3resized
View from the London eye

The best time to visit London is if you want to enjoy the green parks, some sunny days and plenty of walking without holding an umbrella then it is best to come between May to August.

However, note that August is peak tourist month and also there are many tourists plus hotels are more expensive so book in advance.

For a good weather experience with some sunshine and fewer tourists try and opt for September, the majority of tourists will leave before the school holidays are over and prices will be lower. Plus you won’t need to complete about space in the subway or for the best photo spot.

Places to visit in London

London is full of amazing places to visit, no matter when you come.

From modern art galleries, trendy neighbourhoods, delicious halal restaurants and experiences to all the things London is famous for such as the London Eye, Buckingham palace and more.

We have compiled a list of the best places to visit in London as a Muslim.

London eye

One of the most iconic landmarks in London is the giant Ferris wheel, the London Eye.

Perhaps the best way to see London from a height is to take a ride on this giant wheel. It offers spectacular views of the city on a clear day and during the night you can see the city lit up with colours.

Although £20 for a ride is quite pricey, no visit to London can be completed without riding the London Eye.

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler
The London eye

#Tip: You can receive 2 for 1 on tickets for the London eye with Days out Guides. The site offers deals on many London attractions.

All you need is a train ticket and this is easily done for just a few pounds.

If you order online you go straight to the wheel and scan the barcode which is much easier.

Thames Cruise

River Thames is famous and does not need an introduction. One of my favourite ways to explore the city from the water is a River Thames cruise.

The cruises have guides that provide information about important landmarks of the city and it is a nice way of seeing around without walking for miles.

You can start either from London Bridge or from the London Eye and this way you can see more of London’s landmarks in a shorter period.  

London Aquarium

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler 3resized
Small fishes in the aquarium

The London Aquarium is a great place to visit with young travellers as it offers a good selection of fish and other species for them to enjoy. You can easily spend several hours there being mesmerised enjoying it all.

You can find a 2 for 1 offer for the London Aquarium as well and it is highly recommended for children to enjoy.

Big Ben and Westminster Abbey

The typical icon of London, the giant bell, Big Ben is a must-visit and no visit to London is completed until a photo is clicked with Big Ben. Sadly for the next few years, it is undergoing a massive restoration process so you will not see much of it as it is all covered.

While in the area however you must also visit the famous and beautiful Westminster Abbey, the church in which the majority of royal ceremonies take place.  

There is no cost to worship inside the abbey but visitors have to pay. It is also the burial ground for famous personalities like Stephen Hawking and Isaac Newton.


The tallest building in London as well as the centre of retails, offices, restaurants and apartments, Shard, is a striking vertical building built in the heart of the city. It is considered a symbol of modern London and offers some splendid views of the city from some of the high platforms of the tower.

Also if you want to have an amazing experience there and save the cost of a ticket, you can visit the Shangri-La hotel and their restaurant either for lunch or afternoon tea as they serve halal food and offer a stunning view.

You can check the article here.

Oxford street

Oxford Street is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world. It is the busiest shopping street in Europe with over 300 shops spread across 1.5 miles.

Things to explore in London as a Muslim
Oxford Shopping street

You can find stores for all pockets, from bargain clothing store Primark to high-end luxury Selfridges and everything in between. Also during Christmas, the street is one of the most beautifully decorated streets in the city.  

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace doesn’t need an introduction, as it is the home to the Queen and the Royal British family. There are tours offered to visit the palace from July- September and visitors can walk through the staterooms as well as the enticing Garden in the palace.

There is Changing of Guards ceremony held at the palace every day and people gather outside the palace to witness. It is a great experience and highly recommended.

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler

Just outside Buckingham palace you can visit Hyde Park and enjoy a leisurely stroll around the green gardens and maybe feed some of the many ducks there.

#Tip: For the adventurers do rent a bike and bike through the park. There are many bike stations and if taken for less than 30min it is free.

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler 3resized
Tower Bridge

No visit is complete if you don’t visit the Tower of London, it is the most famous fort existing in the UK. If you have taken the Thames cruise you will end up just at the entrance of the Tower. Further down and a short walk you will see Tower Bridge, another iconic landmark of London.

You can enjoy guided tours in both landmarks and there are many 2-for-1 offers you can find on the Days Out Guide website.


If you are a fan of museums, London is your paradise. London has more than 20 museums, many of which are free to visit. These museums are spectacular pieces of architecture, and they cover a wide range of topics, including science, history and arts.

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler 3resized
History Museum

The must-visit museums in London are the National History Museum and the British Museum.
Both museums are free to visit and highly recommended as they house many of the world’s treasures.

Regent’s Park

London has plenty of lush, green parks which are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to our environment. Probably, these parks are the reason London is termed as the green capital.

Regent Park is one of these beautiful, green parks in the city. With remarkable gardens, spacious playgrounds, walking lanes and small fountains, Regent’s Park is a treat to visit.

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark was once a British clipper ship but now has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. There are audio-guided tours available for the Cutty Sark and families are among the common visitors to one of the fastest ships of its era.

Built-in Scotland, it now resides in the Royal Greenwich Museum. Visitors get to explore the ship as well as meet the crew who has worked on Cutty Sark.

If you want a guided tour I would recommend that you check out the Muslim History Tours, they are run by a Muslim and also have great reviews on Tripadvisor. 

Halal food in London

As London is very multicultural, every food preference is easily met there. There are hundreds of eateries in London and it isn’t difficult to find a halal restaurant. Some of these restaurants offer halal food along with non-halal and alcohol too. But some others are exclusively halal.

Royal Nawab

Royal Nawab is a fine dining restaurant and one of the most preferred halal restaurants for Indians and Pakistanis in London. They do not serve alcohol.

Address: Hoover Building 7, Western Avenue, Perivale, Greenford, UB6 8DB


Dishoom is another popular restaurant for halal food, although they do serve non-halal food also. The restaurant has a lively, vibrant ambience too.

Address: Shoreditch: 7 Boundary Street, London, E2 7JE
                 Covent Garden: 12 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2H 9FB

The Meat Co

A perfect place to try a juicy steak in London is The Meat Co restaurant which serves halal meat. They do serve non-halal food and alcohol also but a separate area has been designated for Muslims where they do not serve alcohol.

Address: Unit 1026, Westfield London, Ariel Way, London

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler 3resized
The British Museum

Siam Central

If one is longing for halal Thai food, Siam Central is a perfect choice. They serve Thai food which is pretty decent and reasonable. They do serve alcohol and non-halal food items also.

Address: 14 Charlotte Street, Bloomsbury, London, W1T 2LX

Best Mangal

Although not a fine dine restaurant, Best Mangal is one of the favourites for Turkish kebabs. They serve delicious, halal kebabs.

Address:  104 North End Road, London, W14 9EX,

                   66 North End Road, London, W14 9EP,

                   619 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5UQ,

If you find yourself near Oxford street then you can also visit Edgeware road which is an Arab street with plenty of halal food options, shisha options and other Muslim-friendly amenities.

Mainstream Halal Food experiences

There are many options in mainstream restaurants to order halal food options.

If you want to enjoy the totally quintessentially English experience of Afternoon tea, there are several hotels that offer halal afternoon tea options.

Check out our article here for these and where to enjoy them.

Mosques in London

With the increasing high Muslim population in the city, there are plenty of mosques to be found around London. Some of the major mosques include:

  • London Central Mosque – Address: Regent’s Park Mosque 146 Park Road Regent Park London NW8 7RG London UK
  • Islamic education and culture centre -Address: Falcon Rd, London SW11, UK
  • Baitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre – Address: Dickens Square, London SE1, UK
  • East London Mosque -Address: 82–92 Whitechapel Rd, Shadwell, London E1 1JQ, UK
  • East End Islamic Centre- Address: 98 Plashet Rd, London E13 0RQ, UK

East London Mosque is the first mosque in the UK where they deliver Adhaan on the loudspeaker.

Transport in London

London is one of those cities which has excellent and very convenient public transport. The first thing to do when you arrive in London is to buy an Oyster card.

The underground and the buses in London, do not accept cash, Oyster card is pre-loaded with credit and is then used to pay at the underground stations and on buses.

The card can be bought for £5 at any tube station and when you return it back, you get your £5. Almost every tube station offers the facility to load credit in Oyster card.

#Tip: You can also buy a day pass ticket for Zone 1-2 for the underground if you have some days during which you will travel a lot with the underground. This sometimes works cheaper.

London is divided into nine zones and the cost of tubes and buses is based upon the departure and the destination zone.

Things to do in London as Muslim traveler 3resized
View from the London Eye

There are 11 tube lines and the majority of those run from 5 AM- midnight. The price of the trip depends on the zone you start and end up in.  For first-time travellers, it is advisable to understand the Underground map as it can be confusing at times.

Don’t forget to pick up an underground map from any of the tube stations or download one on your phone.

It explains which tube to take from your station to your preferred destination. It also indicates the zones. Very convenient bus services are available in London, and the best way to cover distances between tube stations if you don’t walk to walk is to catch a bus. Oyster card is used on buses too.

#Tip: Also, sometimes it can be easier for you to actually walk to certain stations than take the underground. Many of the Zone 1 location are very closely located. This way you will save time and money plus you explore the city.

Here is a map for you to check the walking distance between stations.

London also offers the famous black cabs which are a lot more expensive than Uber, which is also available.

There are many apps which help you check the best public transport route as well as the timing of tubes and buses in London.

#Tip: TFL Oyster and Citymapper apps are the most commonly used ones.

Safety in London

London and most tourist areas are safe with of course the normal precautions. As a Muslim female London is safe to explore on your own and even at night it is safe to use the tube.

This, of course, changes from area to area so it is advisable to exercise caution. There have been instances where you might hear a comment especially now with Brexit directed towards Muslims but this is only in certain areas and wouldn’t affect the tourist landmarks. Plus this could happen in any major city.

Every year millions of tourists visit London without an issue and it is an excellent multi-cultural city to explore. It offers something for every traveller and it is also a great place to just relax and do some shopping.

If you have a longer vacation I highly recommend you visit some other places in England that are beautiful and only a short distance from London. For more, check out this article with some great suggestions.


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