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Luxury Halal Honeymoon Package Deals in 2024

Getting married is expensive as well as starting a new life together. However a honeymoon. i feel is the one thing you definitely need after the hectic planning and execution of a wedding.

For Muslim couples, this is extremely important since we don’t live with each other prior to marriage. Honeymoons can be expensive but with the luxury website offers I have below you can definitely save money and have an amazing time.

Credit: Reethi Faru resort

One thing I love a lot is deals, and these halal honeymoon packages are simply a great deal. 

I am usually all for DIY Muslim travel packages where you can put together the hotel, flights and excursions as the majority of the time it works out cheaper than going through an agent even for the most complicated itineraries. 

You don’t need an agent to book your luxury honeymoon package. You can definitely do that yourself.

Best Websites for Luxury Holiday deals

The websites below I recommend I have been using for the past 7 years and I have booked several times from them.

They offer great discounts on luxury properties in the UK or abroad to bucket list destinations with over 70% sometimes.

Especially for the Maldives, Asia and Europe have so many options that the majority of the destinations are Muslim-friendly and make the perfect luxury Muslim honeymoon option.

My two favourite places for unique luxury Muslim-friendly vacations with a good discount are Secretescapes which I have mentioned before, and I have had great success with them and Voyage Prive

They offer time deals, and itineraries (a new option) and all you have to do is book them.

I love booking these options for London hotels as well since you can find also half prices for luxury stays for a weekend away.

Basically what these two sites do is they are like Groupon for luxury travel. They negotiate discounted rates with hotels or tour providers and then pass the saving on to you.

Their offers usually only last a few days, so if you find a good deal, you like and the price, book it before it expires. 

The sites are ATOL protected as well, and I always recommend you book with a credit card for extra protection as then the bank is liable if something goes wrong.

This is the case with any online purchase, and I never use a debit card online. 

The majority of the time, the prices are cheaper and more convenient than having to book yourself and plan it all out. 

I always check the prices on other online sites and Tripadvisor before I book just to make sure I get a deal.

Also, in most cases they will offer upgrades, extra meals or benefits so make sure you check all the details to make an informed decision.

They are my first go-to site for luxury holiday options whether it is a honeymoon or a family holiday where I want to enjoy luxury for less.

Both sites have so many destinations, especially in the summer that you are bound to find a place you love that is also Muslim Friendly.

Below I have included a few offers available now that I think are worth a look. As mentioned their offers change often so depending on when you are reading you will have to sign up to get up-to-date deals.

Cheap Luxury Holidays

There are so many deals that I liked, it was hard to choose what to show you.

First, here are some deals from Secret Escapes for the Maldives that can save you on average £200 per night on an overwater villa with half board.

secreat escape muslim friendly honeymoon luxury deals
The price on Secret Escapes

On the Secret Escape website, the price is for half board with an overwater villa for £550 compared to the offer which is more expensive.

secreat escape muslim friendly honeymoon luxury deals
Price without discount, the transfer is extra in both

The Maldives is a Muslim country, so halal food is available there with no issue in the resorts. You can also spend some days if you wish on a local island for a more authentic experience after or before your resort. 

This is precisely what we did when we visited the Maldives and the Waldorf Astoria Ithafushi.

You can also get £15 off your trip with my referral code.

Another great deal also includes a full luxury package with flights to Zanzibar. Another great Muslim-friendly destination with rich history, mosques and halal food.

secret escapes zanzibar deals halal holidays
All-inclusive 8 nights deal

There are so many deals to choose from that I honestly struggle with picking the best and then I want to book them all. 🙂

Voyage Prive Luxury Deals

The other website I always check is Voyage Prive, they have sites in different countries as well, but in this case, we are looking at the UK option.

I always compare the two websites because since they are competitors, sometimes they have overlapping deals. Plus I want to make sure I get the best option available.

Again they work in a similar manner, and they offer good discounts for luxury holidays anywhere in the world.

This deal to Bali is a fantastic offer especially if you can book a hotel only and manage to find flights cheaper. Even with flights it is still a good deal.

It is such a popular destination for Muslim honeymooners because it offers not only stunning scenery but also great activities. Here are some of the things you can do in Bali.

voyage prive deal for bali muslim honeymoon package

For £450 per person, you have many extra included such as massages, excursions and more. The online agencies offer similar prices but without all the extra.

So sometimes it is worth comparing what is the value of those perks that make a honeymoon special and you don’t have to book yourself.

Here is the Voyage Prive website to check it out and also you can receive money off your first booking.

The below deals are from 2019 before I update the article however I have left them just so you can compare the price differences. These have expired but are still beneficial.

Fushifaru Maldives

Another great option is the Fushifaru Maldives which doesn’t offer transfer, but the prices are lower in terms of accommodation. 

You can have a look at them and see if the price for the transfer makes sense; I believe it is $460 per person return. 

  • The price for 5 nights in a Beach Villa is £1160 for two people half board. 
  • The price on for the same villa is £2200 for two people half board also without boat transfer.

The good option about this is that you can also take up to two children so this can be a great halal holiday for the family. 

Also with the majority of these packages, you can book your flights at the same time, therefore, you don’t have to worry about arranging them yourself. 

Amatara Wellness Resort 

There is also an offer for a hotel only at Amatara Wellness resort which I have actually reviewed here.

The hotel offers halal food in their restaurant and has some great villas with pools for a private hijabi-free holiday, whether a honeymoon or a post-Eid holiday. 

The price between the Secretsales offer and the option is around £150 however, the package is offering slightly more things, including dinner, cocktail drinks etc. 

websites for Deal for Halal Honeymoon packages

Of course, this adds up and it is better if you decide to visit to book via the Secretescapes deal. 

All offers mentioned above as timed offers and they will expire, the deals are only available for a short period however these two websites always have discounts and I love looking at them to see if I can get a luxury escape for less. 

Even if these packages have expired do check the website as there are other similar ones all the time. These offers are valid at the time of writing. 

Tips for Booking Luxury Deals from these sites

As you can see for all deals, I mention the prices on other sites as well. 

I always check the prices for the dates I want to go to make sure they are a good deal and cheaper than the hotel.

Sometimes they might not be; however, the perks of including flights or hotel credit, hotel transfer etc might make it a better deal. 

Overall I have booked several times, and in some cases, like my Holiday at Secret Escapes hotel, I got a bargain for being in central London in August. 

Destinations that a great for honeymoons and Muslim-friendly are usually included in their sales such as the Middle East, and Asia and exotic destinations such as the Maldives. 

So if you are looking for a halal honeymoon package but you don’t want to plan the whole holiday on your own or pay an agent, these are excellent options. 

I am not affiliated with Secretescapes or Voyage Prive; I use them and recommend them; however, if find a deal I would appreciate you signing up via my link as we will both receive some credit to use towards a trip. 

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