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5 Reasons Why Every Muslim Couple Must Go on A Honeymoon

Every girl’s dream is about the wedding and more importantly the honeymoon. We know that Muslim couples don’t date so the chances are when you are actually married you know very little about your spouse. You probably know only the things you asked before the wedding but there are so many more things that can be left out.

There is a very old but good saying – “You only know someone when you travel with them”. This could not have been truer for relationships, friendships, and even family travel. It is the only time where you see someone’s true personality and for a newly married couple, this is a must experience.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should travel together as a Muslim couple

Discovering each other

Muslim Couple on A Honeymoon 5 Reasons why Every Muslim Couple Must Go on A Honeymoon

This is one of my favourite reasons. As Muslims we don’t date, we don’t have relationships and the reality is before marriage you didn’t cover the whole ground of your personalities. After all, we are complicated creatures. So your honeymoon is the perfect place to start discovering each other, spending time together and learning what you really like. Does he like to sleep in or is she an early bird? These small aspects of daily life that make a big difference. The honeymoon trip, especially for those couples who will be living with their in-laws, is a perfect opportunity to spend alone time and build the base of a strong and happy marriage.

Expanding your comfort zone

Muslim Couple on A Honeymoon 5 Reasons why Every Muslim Couple Must Go on A Honeymoon

I always recommend couples have a mixed activities honeymoon, somewhere were they can spend some time relaxing on a beach and then a few days exploring a city or having some activities together like trekking, water sports etc. The simple reason behind this is the fact that when doing activities you are more out of your comfort zone, so you see how you work under pressure. Even the little decisions such as buying a meal in a different language or a bus ticket bring a different light to your personality. They even make you more confident not only as a traveller but also as a person. It is great to see your partner grow in front of your eyes.

Decision making

Muslim Couple on A Honeymoon 5 Reasons why Every Muslim Couple Must Go on A Honeymoon

Continuing from the above, decision making is very different when you are responsible for another person especially in a foreign country. How you make even the smallest decisions about your food can open a large window into your personality. There are studies supporting that many couples argue more during their holiday due to these decisions.  Getting to know each other will help you avoid these pitfalls whether abroad or at home. And since Muslim couples on a honeymoon start from 0, it is a lot easier to find out what annoys you about your spouse and talking about the compromises you can make. Because not everything in marriage is perfect and it’s easier to clear out things from the start and be clear on expectations.

Being together 24/7

Muslim Couple on A Honeymoon 5 Reasons why Every Muslim Couple Must Go on A Honeymoon

Honeymoons and travels are not real life; holidays are escapes of reality where we are more relaxed and positive. Initially being together 24/7 can be a very exciting opportunity, spending all this time alone away from friends and family just the two of you. Fast forward a couple of days and it can be very boring being with each other 24/7. Talk about the things you would like to do separately from each other, like reading a book or taking a massage or even just going for a walk alone. It is important to grow as people separately from being a couple which can only help you in your marriage later. It is important that you have a strong foundation where you can learn how to laugh and enjoy each other’s company without compromising yourself.

Building those marriage foundations, knowing that you are working towards a common goal can be very motivational when you are back home leading busy lives.

Team building & Fun Activities

Muslim Couple on A Honeymoon 5 Reasons why Every Muslim Couple Must Go on A Honeymoon

Talking about common goals and team building. Honeymoons are a perfect opportunity to actually enjoy activities that will encourage you to work together as a team. To be able to cheer on each other and show support is a great start to a common future. Participate in activities that will make you work together such as hiking, scuba diving, bike riding anything that you have a common interest in and will make you support each other. This will show the natural ability to adapt, support and motivate your special half.

Honeymoons can be a great foundation building for a happy marriage together. There are so many things you can do while on holidays to just have fun, relax and get to know one another. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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