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20 Safety Tips for Muslim Solo Female Travelers: The Ultimate Guide to Fearless Adventures!

Are you a Muslim woman with a passion for exploration? Do you dream of embarking on solo adventures to distant lands, uncovering diverse cultures, and creating unforgettable memories? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to our comprehensive guide of safety tips for solo Muslim female travelers, designed to empower and equip you with the knowledge and confidence to wander the world confidently.

As Muslim travelers, we understand the beauty of connecting with people from different backgrounds, breaking barriers, and fostering acceptance among cultures. Traveling offers a unique opportunity to build bridges and promote understanding, making it an experience that transcends boundaries and enhances our global perspective.

Europe is still very much a Muslim-friendly place. However, as with anything else in life, it is important to keep safety at the forefront of your mind because there are accidents, and we don’t want you to be a statistic. Especially in the summer, there are hot spots in Europe that are full of pickpocketers who are out to make a quick buck. This can ruin your holidays within minutes. Of course, if you are a solo Muslim female traveller, there are sadly other aspects to keep in mind apart from pickpocketing. 

Travelling alone is a great way to discover more about yourself and how you manage outside of your comfort zone. Over the past few years, more and more Muslim women have started travelling solo or with women-only groups. It’s a great way to explore but without feeling lonely. 

A recent report by Global Muslim Travel Index suggested that over 45% of Muslim travellers were women, which shows just how much demand there is. 

Many Muslim women worry that the hijab will be a “red flag” for non-Muslims and that they will feel intimidated. During my travels through Europe, I haven’t felt intimidated but rather made feel welcomed. I think the misconception comes from people not knowing how to react and be respectful to a Muslim woman rather than due to racism. 

Things are changing, and now it is safer, easier and more acceptable for Muslim women to travel solo or with a group of friends. As a solo traveller myself, however here are the safety tips I have for any woman who wants to explore. 

I personally stick with this one on every trip I take alone or with my daughter. 

20 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

1. Start with Your Dua (Prayer)

There is no better protector than the one high above. So make sure that before every trip, you make your duas and intention. He is the only one who can keep you safe no matter what. That is a way to start your journey.

Awesome Safety Tips Every Solo Muslim Traveller Needs to Know

2. Book a Reputable Hotel

One of the most important things for me and the one that I am happy to pay good money for, is my accommodation. You can use hotel loyalty programs to bring the cost of your accommodation, but a reputable hotel in a good location can provide the safety you need when travelling. Many brands also have budget options so you can opt for them as well. 

Always read TripAdvisor reviews and look online for the cheapest deal.

tip: One thing I always do when going to a new city is to use Google Map street view to check the surroundings of the hotel I want to book. This gives me an area of the area it is located and how I feel about it. 

3. Trust your Instinct

The best way to tell if something is wrong is to trust your instincts; theyUltimate Guide on Things to Do in London as Muslim Traveller are usually never wrong. If something doesn’t feel right when on the road, don’t push it. Just remove yourself from the situation. Better miss an event than be sorry later. No matter what the situation, my inner voice is almost 99% right and that 0,01 % is usually because I try to ignore it.

4. Share your itinerary

As a solo Muslim woman travelling, you want to share your itinerary with a friend or a family member, so that they can keep track of you. Just in case something happens, there is one person who always knows your location. I do this often with Uber, especially if it is nighttime. I just share the location with people to keep safer. 

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5. Register with your embassy

I know this is extreme, but many consulates and embassies have programs where you can register with them. In essence, you let your government know you are in town, and if something happens, you are on their radar. This will make it much easier in case of an emergency. This can work well if you are staying in a city for an extended period of time. 

6. Never say you are alone

There are cases where you might be asked whether for a hotel reservation or someone on the street. I never say I travel alone and, in some cases add a second person to my reservation. Am I overly cautious? Probably but it is better than to be sorry. Many people might be scouting for solo females since they are easier targets. 

7. Protect your hotel room

There have been cases on social media where women have found strange men in their rooms claiming to be maintenance. One thing you can do to prevent yourself from having this experience is to buy lockers for your room door that stop them from opening from Amazon. 

8. Get yourself a personal alarm

Again, this I find very handy because it clips on your bag, and if you want to scare pickpocketers or just take extra safety precautions, especially at night, they are good. Hopefully, you never need them, I am also getting myself one as well. I like this one on Amazon.  

9. Avoid the scams

A lot of scamming and pickpocketing is done by opportunists. My mum and I almost got pickpocketed in New York because she was oblivious to her surroundings. Europe sadly has several of these hot spots in popular tourist destinations. Never stop if someone asks you or hands you something for you to return. It might sound rude, but in several reported cases, several of them work together to steal from you. One will draw your attention the other will slip their hand in your bag. 

Awesome Safety Tips Every Solo Muslim Traveller Needs to Know

10. Get yourself an Anti-theft bag

I always travel with bags that are harder to open or crossbody that I have in front of me. I recently came across Pacsafe bags, which I find really stylish and excellent for city travel or life. I bought a sling bag which I can wear in different ways, and I really like it. They are anti-slash and anti-cut as well, and they have extra locks to protect your belongings. 

11. Visit the local mosque

One of the best ways to make friends and ask questions about the area is to visit a local mosque. As a solo traveler, it can be lonely, so talking to other Muslims and asking for places to visit off the beaten path is great. You also get to know the local Muslim community there. We normally visit the mosque and ask locals for the best halal food places we can try.  Search online for the central mosques in the city and visit them. You might be invited to try some local food too or have a tour guide for the day.

Awesome Safety Tips Every Solo Muslim Traveller Needs to Know

12. Join a Free Walking Tour

If you want to keep your independence but still want to explore some of what the city has to offer, join a free walking tour. It is a great way to meet other travellers too, have a local tour guide and see the city. It’s a win-win and definitely a lot of fun. There are even themed free walking tours so look online for some in your preferred destination.

I normally take a walking tour on the first day of arrival as it helps me acclimatise myself to the city. 

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13. Rely on trusted guides or tour operators

If you plan on participating in guided tours or excursions, choose reputable companies with positive reviews. This minimizes the risk of scams or encountering unsafe situations. I always read the reviews carefully, positive and negative ones. Viator and Airbnb experiences are a great way to find activities and tour operators. 

Awesome Safety Tips Every Solo Muslim Traveller Needs to Know

14. Keep important documents secure

Secure your passport, identification, and other valuable documents in a locked bag or hotel safe. Carry copies of essential documents in case of loss or theft. I don’t carry my passport unless I am going somewhere where it will be needed. I have copies of my documents, but the originals are in the safe in my hotel. 

Awesome Safety Tips Every Solo Muslim Traveller Needs to Know

15. Keep money in several places

I have a card that always stays in the hotel room, usually hidden in my belongings as well as cash in case I get stranded. If I am going to places where I know I might get pickpocketed, I also remove the cards and spread them around my bag. If someone tried to take my wallet,  they find one card there. This might sound extreme, but it gives me peace of mind. I won’t get stranded in a foreign country with no money. I also usually leave my debit card at home. 

I use Wise and Revolut when I travel abroad. Their phone apps let me transfer cash online. 

Travelling alone as a Muslim female might not be the easiest to blend in, especially if you wear a hijab, but one thing I have found is to try and dress not as touristy. I am not sure how to explain it, but some tourists “scream” I am a tourist and don’t blend very well even in Europe. If you feel comfortable with an abaya, wear a maxi dress that covers you but doesn’t draw attention. Try and find the destination you are going to before you embark and avoid without looking around much, which are usually tourist giveaways. 

16. Buy Data for your phone

I hate being without data when I travel. I feel almost naked if I know I can’t make a call in case of an emergency. I discovered recently (late to the game) a company called Holafly, which provides e-sim cards with data packages. I have used them in several countries without a problem, and they are now my go-to for travel data options. 

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17. Protect your phone 

My phone is my life, which I can assume is yours too. Not only photos but so much data is stored on our phones. I have this lanyard that my phone goes on, and usually, in my everyday life, I will just carry that with me instead of a bag, but when I travel, I clip the lanyard on my bag so that it cannot be snatched. There are many cases when thieves have stolen phones (which are the easiest to do) when you are distracted by a traffic light or searching for something. 

safety tips for Muslim solo travel. Bag and lanyard for safety
the lanyard I use for my phone

18. Try to blend in 

Travelling alone as a Muslim female might not be the easiest to blend in, especially if you wear a hijab, but one thing I have found is to try and dress not as touristy. I am not sure how to explain it, but some tourists “scream” I am a tourist and don’t blend very well even in Europe. If you feel comfortable with an abaya, wear a maxi dress that covers you but doesn’t draw attention. Try and find the destination you are going to before you embark and avoid without looking around much, which are usually tourist giveaways. 

19. Be confident 

I feel the best solo safety tip I can give you is to be confident. Walk straight, look people in the eye, especially in situations when you don’t feel super confident, and just carry yourself well. Every tip above is just an accumulation to get you to be as confident in your safety as possible. This in turn will make you walk and feel safe and confident, which is the best deterrent for opportunists. 

solo female travel can be fun with the right safety precautions
confidence and smile

20. Travel with other Muslim women’s group

Another option for those who don’t want to travel alone is to explore with other solo female travellers. It kind of connects the best of both worlds and it’s a great way to make friends. In recent years there have been many organisations that create group trips for women. You get to explore a new place but with other female travelers and make new friendships. Many offer halal food options as well as a Muslim-friendly experience. 

I will be creating one again later in 2023/ 2024 so if you want to find out more sign up for the newsletter to get the updates. 

Is it safe for a Muslim woman to travel alone? 

Islamically there is a difference of opinion on whether Muslim women should travel alone. I have friends who do not travel without their mahram and others who travel all the time. This is totally personal of what is your school of thought and what you follow. Many scholars say it is safe since now we have technology and planes, but again it is a decision you can make. 

Travelling alone can be an empowering and life-changing experience for any woman, including Muslim women. It is important to remember that safety is not determined by one’s faith or gender but rather by being prepared and aware of our surroundings. Muslim women have been travelling solo for centuries and have contributed immensely to the world. By stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring different cultures, you can break stereotypes and inspire others.

Take precautions by researching your destination, understanding local customs, and dressing modestly if it aligns with your beliefs. Connect with other travellers or locals to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. Trust your instincts and exercise caution wherever you go. Remember, being a Muslim woman doesn’t limit your ability to explore and experience the beauty of this world. Travel confidently, embrace independence, and make unforgettable memories. The world is waiting for you! 

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