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UK To Dubai for £120 per person or Less, the Airline Combinations that make it Possible

Best Areas to Stay in Dubai When VisitingI am heading to Dubai next week to speak at the MEADFA (in sha Allah), which is the annual conference of the Duty-Free Association. I am very excited for this opportunity since it’s super interesting to be with people in the retail side of travel.

I wanted to share with you how I combine miles and points with low-cost airlines to make the most of my savings. I have written about both options but never in a combination.  This is also great for some people who have asked what to do with their American Express points that they have earned via the sign-up bonus.

Since I wanted to keep my cost down when going to Dubai, I knew my best option is to wait for the WizzAir sale and get one of their super cheap flights.

We are starting the journey from the UK. Taking a cheap EasyJet flight to Sofia from Manchester airport.

  • The total cost of these flights is £60 for two people.

As I am only going for less than a week we are not taking any check in luggage, just hand luggage which is more than enough considering that Dubai is 30C.

Usually, when I travel with my mum, I always go via Sofia. My family lives in Sofia so it’s easy for me to spend a few days there, see my nieces and then take the 5 hr flight to Dubai. I have never had an issue (I hope I still don’t) with flying WizzAir and have been doing so for many years. I believe that as long as you keep to the terms you are fine and after all it takes you from A to B for very little.

  • My total cost of the flight from Sofia to Dubai for two people, £80.  

On the way back I wanted to get home quick and cheap of course. There is no better way to do this than with the frequent KLM Promo Awards. From the Middle, East Dubai is a frequent destination. Last month the offer was for 50% discount which makes it excellent. If you have read my reasons why I prefer KLM for some flights you will know that the taxes on flights into the UK is super low making it a very lucrative option.  

  • My total cost of the flight from Dubai to Manchester for two is 20,000points  + £100 taxes.
[ms_icon icon=”fa-plane” size=”30″ color=”#f70070″ icon_box=”no” class=”” id=””] In total, the cost of these flights to get me to Dubai and back is just around £240 for two or £120 per person.


I don’t think there is any other cheaper way to get out of the UK and to Dubai unless of course there is an error fare.

Now, if you don’t have family in Bulgaria as I do, you can always explore the city, it’s a beautiful place with so many things to do and see. This won’t add a big dent into the cost since the Ibis close to the airport costs about £20 a night. Plus you get to explore the city. Your other option will be to take an early flight into Sofia but that will be cutting it close to clear immigration and back in. If you don’t fancy stopping in Sofia you can take a WizzAir flight from Budapest.

Sometimes you can find even cheaper flights from the UK to Sofia usually around £10 one way and from Sofia to Dubai for £20. Crazy prices but they do offer a very decent way to get into the Middle East. The best way to search for the cheapest flights is with Skyscanner; I just use the calendar view option.  KLM promotions are also a very good deal and they regularly offer sales on their routes.

Happy travels.

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