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5 Tips on How to Enjoy Travelling with Low Cost Airlines

I am finally ticking of my bucket list a long desire to travel through Austria and Hungary by train. My ultimate goal is to do the whole of Europe by train.

However this time I am doing a small proportion of the trip while taking a low-cost Jet2 flight to Salzburg.

Usually I travel through Europe on low-cost airlines. They are cheaper, they fly from my local airport and since I don’t live in London they provide a great variety of destinations.

Train is my number one preferred method of travelling and then planes. But these days actually flights cost less than train travel and it can be very tempting to just book a low-cost £10 ticket instead of spending 20 hours of travelling by train.

Some don’t like low-cost I don’t mind them as much especially because there are ways to enjoy low-cost airlines…


Don’t have high expectations

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Travelling with Low Cost Airlines

When paying £10 for a flight to Spain you can’t expect free baggage, drinks and all the bells and whistles. You know you are taking a cheaper more convenient alternative to having to connect via London on British Airways for example.

If you want extras you pay for them and it’s ok. You might not get the best customer service either, but in many cases the staff are overworked and want to go home while you are ready to party.


Keep busy

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Travelling with Low Cost Airlines

There is not much to do on a plane other than stare outside the window if you are lucky and you were allocated a window seat. I just pray I never get a middle seat because I hate them with a passion.

Always download some e-books, music, bring magazines and snacks. It will keep you occupied for the few hours that you are up in the air.


Be friendly

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Travelling with Low Cost Airlines

I know not many Muslims like to chit-chat and my poor husband had the occasional lady being scared and never looking at him. But usually the best way to break the ice is by a smile and a friendly chat. It makes such a huge difference. Most of the time just being polite and friendly can make such a difference to the whole journey and your seat companion. The lady mentioned above, by the end of the flight was telling family stories and sharing holiday pictures. Yep my husband talks a lot too! . 🙂

OK, maybe don’t over-do it but you get the point.


Bring your own amenity kit

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Travelling with Low Cost Airlines

In business class they give you a small amenity kit with some products inside to freshen-up during your flight or before you land. Well nothing stops you from putting together your own amenity kit for your flight.

Those small travel bottles and accessories can really make you feel fresh and ready to explore when you arrive. Plus it costs you less than a business class ticket. 😉

Relax & Patience

Ms ananas and a cup of cocktail on beach table

This is what I tell myself every time when I am bored on a plane because I didn’t do the above mentioned. Yes I do occasionally forget to follow my own advice! I keep staring at the clock or telling my husband every 5 minutes how bored I am. I keep reminding myself it is only a few hours and we will land.

Then I go back to playing my candy crush games until my battery dies, in which case I confiscate my husband’s phone until his battery dies. (true story)

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