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Budget Traveller: Flights to Dubai for £150


I promised a few days ago to show you how you can visit Dubai only for £50 and £150. I have already posted on how to do this with Airberlin and Avios.Back in November, I went to Dubai for a conference. I was looking for flights from the UK and the cheapest I could find was £500 or more as it was their peak season. I managed to book flights to Dubai for £230 for two people and I took my mum with me.

While I was looking for flights I came across the new route that Wizzair started to Dubai and the new Al Maktoum airport. For those of you who do not know, Wizzair is a low budget airline like EasyJet. They have flights to Dubai from Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia.The flights are from £80 to £150 depending on when you book them. I have found that the cheapest option is for flights from Sofia which works perfectly for me as I have family there. For those of you that do not want to go to Sofia first you can have the stopover in Budapest as there are plenty and very cheap flights there daily.

The flights are every other day from each country and they leave at about 1.30pm from Europe and around 8pm from Dubai Al Maktoum. This means that you can actually book an early flight from the UK or Europe. You can always mix and match airports if necessary. For example, you can travel from Budapest to Dubai and return to Sofia from Dubai. With Wizzair unfortunately, you will have to take your suitcase and re-check in but I don’t find this to be a problem especially if I travel alone. Also, allow at least 2-3 hours between your flights.

I found my flight with Wizzair to Dubai very pleasant, which was a bonus. Yes, we didn’t get free food but I paid £210 for two people including the suitcase. The flight is 5 hours approximately and for me, the BEST thing was that I actually took my mum with me. She was so happy, she always wanted to visit Dubai, for me this was simply priceless. If I had to pay the £500 each I most likely would have thought twice before suggesting this trip to her.

So far Wizzair is the best and cheapest option for a trip to Dubai on a budget. Their service is good, the luggage allowance is excellent (you pay £20 and you get 32kg) and they were on time. Al Maktoum airport is the newest airport and is set to be the largest once it is fully operational. It took us approximately 30minutes by taxi to arrive at our hotel in town and cost was about £9.If you always wanted to visit Dubai alone or with your family and you were on a budget, then this is a great opportunity.

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