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Review: Ryanair Damage Baggage Claim

Review: Ryanair Damage Baggage Claim


Ryanair! The airline that you either love it or hate it, many hate it yet travel with them. Personally, I have never had an issue with Ryanair and I have taken a tonne of flights in the past few years.

Always on time and last time I needed their customer service it was pretty good.

A couple of weeks ago my uncle took a flight from Athens to Sofia and even though he had hand luggage only they asked him to place it in the hold. He happily accepted since its common practice on Ryanair flights due to limited cabin space.

Sadly on arrival, the bag’s wheel was broken. He did file a complaint and was given a receipt with a website. This form made its way to me since I am the “travel expert”. Dreading to deal with a  Ryanair damage baggage claim I thought it will be a waste of time.

I submitted the details on Ryanair’s website and they messaged me saying it will take 7 days. The compensation amount for us was 25euros.

True and behold I submitted the claim at 4:30pm and at 6.41pm I received an email it was approved! I could not believe this. I have never had any claim accepted so fast.

I had forgotten to email them the bank details (oops, sorry uncle) for a few days so yesterday I did. They replied to my email within a few hours again saying the money was deposited.

Seriously I am totally impressed with their customer service. I am not sure what to assume, they don’t get many complaints or that they are super efficient, either way as a customer I am happy.

So if you ever find your bag broken on a Ryanair flight don’t hesitate to claim it.  I just thought I had to share this because seriously the good and the bad stuff always need to be told. In this case, it’s good!

Have you ever had a damage claim with Ryanair? What was your experience?

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Orhan Durmus

Thursday 9th of January 2020

I have just made a claim for damaged luggage and it was rejected due to routine wear and tear. The really odd thing is that I never sent them pictures, or explained the damage, so cannot understand how they can say normal wear and tear without seeing the suitcase. For info, my 8 month old hardshell suitcase has a U-shaped 20cm long crack it in, you can now see the inside of the case. Normal wear and tear? I think not

Muslim Travel Girl

Thursday 9th of January 2020

I would submit again and add photos.