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Buy Points Offers for Hilton, SPG, IHG and Hyatt are currently running point promotions

buy points offers


Currently, all four major hotel chains are running their buy points promotions.

Depending on your travel strategy usually, I will top up my accounts for a rainy time or when I do need a redemption.

Starwood Offer

Last year I had bought SPG points and this year I did the same. They are currently running the same 35% off promotion so you can buy the maximum amount of points for $682 which thanks to the stronger British Pound is about £450.

You can find the link for the promotion here.

Last time I had transferred the points to Marriott and I had paid for some upcoming holidays. This time I am thinking of transferring to United as I need to book some very awkward flights from the Middle East. Starwood gives you 5,000 extra points on every transfer of 20,000 points.

Offer is available until 16th of March

Hilton Offer

Hilton is also running a promotion for up to 100% extra points so the total amount you can buy is 80,000 + 80,000 for $800 or £566.

My offer was for 80%, I am personally not a buyer with 80% extra points since history shows that during the year Hilton will have another sale and offer me 100%. In December they were running the promotion and even though I bought some early last year they had doubled the points I could buy for the promotion. Again, I do have a decent chunk and currently, I am not in a hurry to buy unless it is 100%.

However, if you have a planned trip and you need a top up then this can be a good way of doing it. My review and redemption of the Conrad Makkah was a great value and I will top up for this one.

You can find the link for the promotion here.

Offer is available until 16th of March


IHG is also running a points promotion for 75% extra points on more than 20,000 points bought.

So the maximum you can buy is 60,000 + 45,000 for $690 or £488. Personally, I am not sure If I will be buying this offer, I might purchase some later in the year is there somewhere expensive I would like to redeem. My Accelerate promotions recently haven’t been great so not sure if I will have any use for extra IHG points.

As we have already been for Umrah, I currently don’t have many places to redeem for a great value. However as always if you are travelling with a family and need a cheap stay and a top up, still can be a good deal.

The link for the promotion is here. 

Offer finishes on the 28th of February.


Hyatt is also running a point offer for 30% more points when you purchase more than 5,000 points. It is this time of the year and I always fell like they wait for one brand to announce their promotion so they go and do a similar one. Competition is fierce. You can buy 55,000 + 16,500 points extra for $1320 or £935.

When I had the Hyatt status it was a no-brainer since my best ever redemption on Hyatt saved me over $10,000 for a 10-night stay. Sadly these times are gone now.

If you live in the USA and you a status then this offer might work for you. I love Hyatt properties and I am looking at options to qualify for their status again at some point.

The link for the promotion is here. 

Offer finished on the 16th of March. 

Buying points can be a good way to actually top up your accounts. I have stayed in great properties on points, like the Waldorf Astoria Dubai and I have seen value from buying and redeeming. Yes, sometimes you have to be flexible when it comes to redeeming as some programs like the Hilton Honors were recently devalued, but still, some properties in Asia can be a good value.

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