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7 Reasons Why I Use Uber All the Time Over Taxis When Travelling


It is no secret I use Uber a lot. Yesterday there was a debate about which is better; a local company or Uber.

I have nothing against other companies but now that we live in Doha and we still don’t have a car we use Uber all the time. It is a known fact that you don’t walk in Doha unless it is around the corniche.

So after a month of using Uber in Doha and always using them abroad why do I use them? It’s a question that a friend of mine asked me as well and it made me think.

Nowadays we don’t call it a taxi, we call it an Uber, which I guess is a great marketing strategy. I heard it even in a movie when someone said I will call an Uber, gone are the days when we would taxi around.

So, here are my top reasons why I use Uber. You can get your first ride free when you sign up here.

#1 They are everywhere

Uber is an international company and they operate in all major cities around the world from New York all the way to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. I know for a fact that when I land in a country it is most likely to operate Uber and since I suck at taking currency before I arrive it is the best way to get to my hotel hassle free.

#2 Cost Effective

Uber is cheaper than many local taxis, I know there are issues with paying Uber drivers a good salary and I am all for it but still they are more cheaper. Plus you can link your account with earning Emirates points or SPG points ( in my case) it’s a no-brainer. I mean, I certainly won’t earn a return business class on Emirates just by using Uber but it does help.

#3 Safer

I find Uber saver when I travel. I and my husband share the same Uber account and every time either one of us orders we know where the other is. ‘Stalking when being married’ I guess. But when I was recently in Athens on a girly trip, it was nice to know he was kept in the loop on our movements, just in case. If you don’t want to share your Uber account you can always share the particular trip with a friend or a family member.

#4 Customer service is excellent

Now that we use Uber all the time there were few incidents where we had to deal with the customer service. For example, one trip was cancelled but we weren’t at fault, however, we were charged. I contacted Uber and within an hour it was solved. This has happened on a few occasions and it was always dealt with promptly so I really have no complaints.

#5 Offers

They are always offers going on, whether it is for newbies who receive £10 towards a free ride, or for long term customers like me there is always an offer. I have spent the previous two weeks riding with 50% due to a MasterCard offer in Doha offering 50% off rides. I think they stopped the offer too soon since as it was popular but nevertheless, I saved about £200 just because I found this 50% offer. If MasterCard Middle East is reading this, please bring the offer back ;).  Saving money is always a good thing in my books.

#6 Hassle Free

One thing I dread when travelling is having to deal with taxi drivers ( sorry I do have some in my family too) but they can be a pain. Imagine you are in a new city, all happy to have arrived and then they start haggling and overcharging you, or they drive around the block 4 times before they drop you in the hotel. Or worse they change the price you agreed upon while driving you to your destination, this happened to us. I love the fact I don’t have to deal with any of these, I can check the estimate price, see how much the ride will cost me, plan and budget and then just order it from my phone. I guess life would be easier if taxi drivers around the world didn’t share the same “qualities” but sadly they do have a reputation. I find that the accountability that Uber gives you prevents them from doing such things and because everything is tracked you can even have the option to review the ride if it took longer than expected.

#7 Side Hassle & Success

I know many people complain about the money they get paid and I am sure in more expensive cities it’s not easy to make money with Uber. However, I have met many Uber drivers in the Middle East who earn a decent income, have bought their own cars and have a much better quality of life that they did when they worked for someone else. I also know of friends who drive uber on weekend to just add some extra cash for a holiday or a big expense. So it has changed people’s lives in some better ways.

Yes, not everything is rosy for everyone with Uber but personally, I like them and I will continue using them. Will I try some of the other services in the Middle East like Careem or Karwa taxis in Doha? Yes, when they improve the service and bring the price down.

Uber cars differ in countries and you have plenty of options but I know I definitely feel better to know that I can get to my destination as easy and hassle-free as possible. So for now, Uber will continue to be my number one option.

If you are new to Uber and you want your next ride for free then you can sign up here.

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