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Travel Planning 2017, Tips to Help you travel more

2017 is here and even though I didn’t get the best start, I hate being down with a cold, I am bouncing back and ready to plan some trips.

Especially now that I am living in the Middle East all my favourite exotic destinations just became so much closer. Maldives is only 3,5 hrs away, Woohoo!!

Every year I plan and put all my travels on a piece of paper for the upcoming year. This, of course, changes depending on my other work commitments but I like to have an idea of when to plan so I can find the best deals.

I also look at what statuses I want to maintain,  how to make sure I get the most bang for my buck and of course stack up promotions that can work well together.

A couple of days ago I did a Facebook Live video from Doha so I thought I will share it here for those who don’t follow me on social media.

Like really? I’m heartbroken.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video here is the summary:

  1. Download my awesome travel planner below, it will help you stay organised and plan your holidays
  2. Keep an eye out for sales and options that can help you save money
  3. Cashback can really help you save without even spending anything extra. I save about £400 plus per year this way
  4. Of course, loyalty programs can really save you a tonne of cash. I also love using because they give you 1 reward night after every 10, by far the easiest and hassle-free loyalty program.

Of course, check out the video and more details below

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