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Reflections on My First Month Of Living in Hotels in Doha

Living Hotels in Doha

Seriously it’s been a month?!

Time surely flies around here. I honestly believe time in Doha goes faster than in the UK. It probably has to do with the fact that here they start work at 7 am and for a night owl this is basically half a day of sleep. 🙂

I can proudly say that we have survived living together as a couple in a hotel room. It has had its ups and down but it was been mostly positive and less tiring than I imagined. Although we do have an issue with a loud club on the roof top the property; will get marks down on this, unfortunately.

So far it has been a great experience however and we are happy to continue for a few more months. I have found that is a lot easier to downgrade from a house to a room into one go rather than slowly. We arrived in Doha only with 4 suitcases one of them containing my steamer, don’t ask, but it’s so good. The hotel room is spacious and I love looking out to the sea and enjoying nice big glass windows.

Because we are in a room we don’t cook and I don’t have to do the cleaning since it’s included. We do eat out mostly which can be boring and I would prefer to have a meal cooked by me! I never imagined I would say that before I moved here. I thought I would love the fact I don’t have to cook or clean but honestly, it gets boring, especially because I also work from the hotel or the coffee shops. You never understand how much you miss the things you can’t do.

One other thing I didn’t realise is that I will get bored of was the breakfast. I thought that not having to make breakfast will be …oh so much fun… but I truly miss the cereal option. Now, because I can’t keep my eye away from everything else I tend to overeat.

One great thing about living in hotels is the fact that it provides you with a better location in some cases. We live near the old souq and we can walk around the Museum of Islamic Art and Souq Waqif in 10minutes or so via the Corniche. If you were to rent a place in the area it would have been much gloomier and of a lower standard or more expensive in one of the apartments around here.

Living in hotels is definitely great fun and we have tried to keep a routine so it actually feels like a home rather than a holiday especially for my husband who needs to go to work every day.

Do I miss something?

Yes, I totally miss my washing machine! This is the one thing I didn’t even think I would miss but oh, the convenience of just doing your own washing. In our next hotel, I am actually booking into a studio so I can have the washing machine. I know some people said to just give everything to laundry but I don’t feel I can. So washing machine it is. At least I avoided cleaning ;).

Another thing that this month made me realise is the fact that you can live with so much less than you are used to. I thought I don’t have clothes, but so far I have worn all the clothes I brought and never worn them more than twice. It is a matter of combining and also having versatile clothing. But I definitely have enough clothes. Yes I really did say that! It might also help that I stick to abayas sometimes.

Speaking of abayas, though, the black cloth Muslim women wear here, for some reason when I was visiting Dubai before I always loved wearing it. Here I only wear it for breakfast because I’m way too lazy to dress up in the morning, and for every other occasion, I wear my Western style clothes. So weird! I thought I would love to wear abayas.

This month made me reflect on a lot of the things of my material and emotional existence. It definitely has been an interesting experience and many first for me.

Definitely, the lifestyle in Doha is different that in the UK, it’s a lot closer to the one I grew up in Greece though, so it feels going back to the old times.

So far so good and the adventure of hotel living continues….

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