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No More Hilton Makkah Hotel & Towers, Welcome Makkah Millennium Hotel

So we no more have the Hilton Makkah Hotel & Towers now it is Makkah Millemmium Hotel and Towers. Hotels are properties that can change management and name since they are contracted and not owned by the brand. The Hilton Makkah Hotel changed named and brand and now can be found under Makkah Millennium Hotel and Towers here.

The Hilton Tower is a flagship and for many, they have Umrah associated with staying in the 1,400 room hotel which was operated under Hilton for the past 23 years. This is a very long time and understandably it can be sad for many.

The hotel changed management on the 1st of September 2017, which is interesting considering that was during the second Eid and Hajj in the area.  I guess it made sense since all of the pilgrims would be in the Arafat and busy with their worship. For a city that never stops being busy, it was a good move!

The hotels are in desperate need of renovation as they are one the oldest properties in the Haram area and with all the new players coming up competition is fierce. No wonder during the previous Ramadan the hotel didn’t care much about providing any decent customer service since I did receive quite a few complains.

Now, going forward the hotel will be found under the Millennium Hotel and Resorts brand and can be booked there. I believe they are renovating currently some the rooms and once renovated the hotels will operate under the Baltimore Collection and the Towers under Millennium. The photos of the rooms currently show on their website as the same as they were under Hilton management. They will be rebranding their rooms and look at the renovating stages.

You can book rooms at the new hotel here, currently, the prices seem similar to what Hilton was offering the property at.

No More Hilton Makkah Hotel & Towers, Welcome Makkah Millennium Hotel

Millennium Hotels an Resorts also have one more hotel in Makkah the M Hotel Makkah by Millennium which is brand new property and with the Millennium Makkah and Millennium Towers this will make their portfolio of three hotels in the area.

No More Hilton Makkah Hotel & Towers, Welcome Makkah Millennium Hotel

As for Hilton they still have 3 properties in Makkah and of course, they have few more under construction so there will plenty of Hilton options around as well.

Hilton has the luxury Conrad hotel, the Hilton Convention hotel and the Hilton Suites all of which are part of the Jabal Omar development. You can visit them here.

No More Hilton Makkah Hotel & Towers, Welcome Makkah Millennium Hotel

In due course, I will cover the new options with Millennium and hopefully, we will see better service from them than we did from the Hilton managed Makkah Hotel and Towers.

I know it will come as a shock to many people who will start booking their Umrah, but I guess changes are inevitable and hopefully, they will be for the best. Only time will tell. 🙂

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Tuesday 11th of October 2022

Now i dont know if this review is recent or old as there is no date on the article. So no help to me

Muslim Travel Girl

Monday 31st of October 2022

Now it is called Makkah Hotel