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Review: Hyatt Regency London The Churchill

This is the second time we stayed in the Hyatt Regency London The Churchill over the past few months. I honestly love this property and the fact hteir customer service even the second time around was fantastic.

fIt has quickly become one of my favourite hotels in London especially since it felt like we were in the Middle East with pretty much a large portion of guests being Muslims. 

The first time was over the summer and I pciked it because my husband was a Globalist and also because of the location of the hotel near Oxford street. 

Hyatt Regency London The Churchill21


When in London, I usually stay in the area, as I like the proximity to Oxford Street, Edgware Road and Hyde Park for walks with the little one.

In the summer we decided to book the Hyatt Regency London- The Churchill since my husband had a voucher for any category at a Hyatt that was about to expire. The price was also good with the Amex platinum offer of spending £250 get £100 back.

You can read more about the Amex cards and why I love them here. 

As a Hyatt Globalist, he also got a free upgrade to a lovely suite with a balcony overlooking the private Portman square garden.

In December 2021 I stayed and used the guest of honor option since we booked on points so I received an upgrade and free breakfast plus lounge access.

hyatt regency london hotel review

the lounge

Consdering that the nights when we were in London the hotel cost was £650 a night for a standard room and the suite £900. This was a bargain!


Check-in was easy, and even though we had a few reservations, they managed to upgrade us and keep the same room.

The process was efficient, and the staff were very polite.

The lobby is my favourite of the hotel as it is well kept and you can feel its quality.

In December when we went I actually moved from the Great Scotland Yard hotel and had booked on the same day. They did upgrade me to a suite and then worked their magic to keep me there for the next 3 days since the hotel was pretty much full. 

The Suite at Hyatt Regency London The Churchill

Our suite was a good space for three people, and they also added a rollaway bed for the little one, which we managed to squeeze in the bedroom as well.

The first suite we received in the summer

It was well appointed and there was space to enjoy at night when the baby went to sleep.

There is a door, so you can close it and talk without disruption.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t even think of such things before the baby, but now it is essential that we have the space and the option since our little one goes to sleep at 6 pm.

The balcony

We really enjoyed the balcony on the two days that it was not raining, and we could sit in the evening and just relax.

The balcony wall is high, so you have to be standing to enjoy the view, but it is safer for children.

The bathroom had a shower, and a bathtub and all the toiletries were Molton Brown. I liked the shampoo as well.

The bathroom

Overall, I like the room; I felt it could get an update, especially since the standard rooms I had booked for my sister felt sparse for the £300 a night cost. Even when considering the location and the property.

My sister’s toiletries were standard Hyatt toiletries as well, so I assume the Molton Brown option was only for suites. 

Our December suite was bigger than the summer one but didn’t have a balcony or as nice of a view. However the bedroom and living room were spacious and there was plenty of space for suitcases, prams and us. 

hyatt regency london

Our second suite upgrade

Much larger bedroom

Hyatt Regency London The Churchill bathroom suite

smaller bathroom on the second suite


The breakfast was served at the Montagu restaurant, and it had everything you might need, from cooked options to cold cuts.

Montagu restaurant where breakfast is served

Due to Covid, the cooked breakfast options were served to you, but the cold cuts and fruits you could pick yourself.

The food was well cooked and of good quality.

However, I think what makes the property fantastic is the customer service and people working there.

We usually went for breakfast early in the morning since little one wakes up at 6 am, so in most cases, we were alone. Staff would play with Sophia and entertain her so we could enjoy breakfast. Always with a smile.

They also have halal and veggie options for the breakfast either in the cold cuts or at the English breakfast with veggie sausages. 


The property has a lounge on the 8th floor, during the summer it was not open. As a Globalist, you can enjoy complimentary refreshments from the lounge on the ground floor and between 5 and 7 pm, you can have a small snack option which they serve you like afternoon tea.

interesting choice

We had had this one afternoon to try it, and it was an interesting selection of snacks. You cannot fill up on them, but it was good to enjoy before dinner.

We ordered food several times from the restaurant to enjoy for dinner, and we found that every time we liked it and weren’t disappointed.

Their chicken is halal as well so you can order pretty much everything. I believe the beef was halal too but not sure so double check. 

In December the executive lounge on the 8th floor was open and they had snacks and drinks from 5.30pm to about 8pm I believe. During this time it got busy with guests. 

Executive lounge on the 8th floor at the Hyatt Regency London The Churchill

They had cold cuts, some hot spring rolls and small selection of salad and veggies. 

couldn’t take a photo with the snacks as it was always busy

They also had halal cold cuts for those guests who are Muslims. In December this was a big part of the hotel. 

You could enjoy a snack but it is not a full meal. 

One complaint that we had as guests was that there was no attendant and sometimes during the day things were missing. If you wanted something like milk that was finished or the coffee machine was not working you didn’t have anyone there to help. 

This was however hoenstly the only complaint we got for both stays. 

Park Access

One thing I enjoyed especially travelling with the baby, was the access to Portman Square. This is a private garden only for the hotel and residencies around the square, so you need a fob to enter.

As guests of the hotel, we were allowed into the garden where children could play, and there was a small playground with swings as well. After walking around London, it was nice to relax and enjoy 30minutes of playtime for Sophia.

There is also a tennis court which you can book with the concierge if you want.

Portman square park

I think the park access for me and the location sold the hotel to me.

Selfridges were only a 5minutes walk, and the rest of Oxford street was easy to explore.

As I mentioned before, the staff’s customer service was excellent, from concierge, reception, and restaurants down to housekeeping. They genuinely make you feel welcome and that nothing is too much hassle.

The property is part of the Hyatt portfolio and category six, costing 25,000 points a night. For dates like in December when prices are £650 a night, this is a decent value.

One thing I like about Hyatt is that they treat their loyal members well and always upgrade them.

Regarding parking, the hotel is in the congestion charge zone, but I used the trick in this article and found parking just a few streets above to avoid paying this or the extra high parking charges of the NCP next door.

If you are looking for a hotel in London that serves halal food options and is catering to Muslim travellers then you definitely won’t be disappointed with the Hyatt Regency the Churchill. 

This property is worth considering if you want a good hotel, close to halal food options in London near Edgware road and everything else around the city and of course, it is within your price range.

Where to Book 

You can read the reviews of the hotel on Tripadvisor here and you can book via as you get 10th night free.

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