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Halal Hotel Review -Tivoli Al Wakrah in Qatar

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar16

I love finding true halal hotels and Doha has many of them for which I am very excited to share, this time it is the Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah. For me, I always try to find a “real” halal hotel which is not always easy because we do have different interpretations and also different tolerance for example to music, food etc. 

For me personally, a halal hotel is a place that doesn’t serve alcohol and offers halal food. The female and male spa is a bonus as is the private beach. For other people, it might be different standards. 


Back in December, we visited the newly opened Tivoli Hotel in Souq Al Wakrah which is located in the old souq in Al Wakrah town about a 20min drive from Doha. 

We had some friends staying there and they really enjoyed it, plus it was a new hotel so I thought it’s perfect for a review.

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar

The hotel is located in Souq Al Wakrah they have remodelled the old buildings that were there and kept the old historic charm which I really love.

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
Reception Area

Many of the local Qataris use to play in the area as children and they come to the hotel to reminisce their childhood. I find this super sweet.

The hotel is spread out in two sections North and South, we stayed in the Northside and I have to say I prefer it. The pool, the spa are also located in the South, the Northside only has a gym. 

This is totally a halal hotel in Qatar and one of the very few in the Middle East that are true halal resorts. 

The buildings have kept their old charm but it is upgraded to a very good standard of a luxury halal resort. As it is located in the souq area you can literally walk outside and see many people but within the walls of the hotel, it feels like an Oasis. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
The area outside the rooms

I really like the fact that the rooms are spread across and you have to walk around the hotel, this gives me a nice feeling always as I am not keen on block style hotels. 

They have nice seating areas outside the with fountains and chairs where you can relax and read a book and outside every room, there is a seating area also. 

Halal hotel in Qatar
The sitting areas outside the rooms

Even though it was chilly I did take advantage of this and spent a good amount of time relaxing outside.


The rooms are designed in the same old style which was nice as I always wanted to “stay” in one of them. They are refurbished and modern with everything you will need in them. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
Our room

The bed was very comfy and I love the authentic ceiling they kept, though I wonder how they clean this thing. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar39
I love the ceiling

The bathroom was nice and I enjoyed the seating area we had especially with the door open to feel the fresh air. 

Halal hotel in the Middle East
The Bathroom


During the weekend when it’s busier they serve a buffet breakfast, which had a small selection but more than enough to feel you up. Their products also seemed to be of good quality and I did appreciate this.

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar11
Breakfast area

Service was nice although a bit slow at times especially when ordering the extra from the menu.

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
Breakfast from the menu, they could have done better with the presentation


The hotel was several restaurants that serve food. We did spend most of our time eating inside to try the restaurants, I felt sometimes it was hit and miss, to be honest, but the Umm Ali and the pizza were our favourites and we did have them several times. 

They have separate gym and spa options for women and men which is excellent. The women section also has a small courtyard where you can sit and relax, remove your hijab and just read a book. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
Steam room

I had totally forgotten about it until I went to check out their sauna and jacuzzi but it was too late by then. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
Women only area in the Spa to relax.

I would highly recommend for the ladies to enjoy a few hours there especially on a nice day. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar

Also, their prices for massages were very reasonable, considering this is a luxury hotel and also in Al Wakrah rather than Doha.


The Area  

My favourite thing about Souq Al Wakrah is the fact that it is located on the beach, they have a lovely promenade where you can walk and it is buzzing with people during the weekend and later afternoon. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
The view from one of the restaurants overlooking the Souq and the sea

There are many coffee shops, restaurants play areas for the kids, mosques and various markets tucked away in the small streets. 

Right outside the hotel, there is a beach which is empty and you can bring your own chairs to use and swim. There is also a lifeguard but bizarrely there are no hotel chains or sun loungers. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
The hotel coffee shop

I did ask about this but they said they didn’t know if they will get any, which I think it’s a shame because I was looking forward to seating by the beach and reading a book. I think a beach basket with a blanket would be a nice addition to the room. 

Halal Hotel Tivoli Al Wakrah Qatar
The small areas around the souq

However, further down the beach, there are chairs and umbrellas you can rent for the day you just have to walk 3minutes. In the grand scheme of this, it’s not a bad thing, but I think the hotel is missing a trick there.


We really liked the hotel and would happily go back for a staycation in Tivoli Al Wakhra hotel. We felt like we relaxed and escaped from Qatar, even though we were 15min away from home. It felt like a nice change. 

You felt like in a cocoon in a quiet place but only outside the door, there are a plethora of things to do and enjoy as a couple or as a family. It is one of the few places in Doha where I have felt like this in a hotel. 

I also liked the fact that the hotel is halal, so there is no alcohol, all food is halal and there are separate gyms and spas for women and men. 

Price wise it was also a great deal, we paid £70 per night including breakfast and you can check prices here. 

If you are planning a trip to Qatar then I would highly recommend for you check out the Tivoli hotel in Al Wakrah. 

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