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Hotel Review: Summercamp Hotel Oaks Bluff Martha’s Vineyard

On my solo travel trip, we visited Martha’s Vineyard and stayed at the Summercamp Hotel Oaks Bluff. I initially found the hotel, which looked nice, and my friend booked it for our road trip. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but here is my  Summercamp Hotel review in Oaks Bluff, which pleasantly surprised me and was one of the best we stayed in during our travels. 

summercamp hotel oaks bluff martha's vineyard view of the satellite building
Exterior view

Summercamp Check-in 

We visited Martha’s Vineyard during the off-season in the middle of May when they were getting the island ready for the summer. 

The hotel’s location is in Oaks Bluff, just opposite the sea and close to everything there is to do in the area.  

summercamp hotel oaks bluff full view of lobby
Full lobby view

There are several parking spots opposite the hotel where you can park, and also, there are four stops behind the property that are first come, first serve bases. Since we were there just before the season started, we always managed to find parking at the back. 

summercamp hotel oaks bluff lobby area
Lobby area

Check-in was easy, and the staff was helpful and professional. The hotel is split into two buildings; we were in the satellite building. It is only a minute’s walk from the reception area. 

Summercamp Oaks Bluff Lobby & Vibe

I loved the vibe of this hotel, and it is not normally what I book, but for this trip, it worked well, and I would happily stay again. 

As an amenity, they have free coffee, water and tea available in the lobby, always a games room, and some other seating areas where you can relax. 

summercamp hotel martha's vineyard canteen area
Canteen area, free coffee and drinks available

I loved the comfortable and modern sitting, and on the first day, we stayed inside and worked in the lobby for a cup of coffee. 

Summercamp Room 

Our room was a twin bed in the satellite building overlooking the sea. They are small but comfortable, especially if you don’t plan to stay in the room long. 

summercamp hotel oaks bluff
Our room, small but adequate

They don’t have a wardrobe but open shelving and hanging space and a fridge that came in handy for our snacks. 

summercamp hotel oaks bluff

Considering the lobby has a game room and space to sit, I was happy with the room. 

The bathroom was also small but comfortable and enough for what you needed to do. They did have shower gel and shampoo as well. I also liked that they had a black towel for removing makeup! 

summercamp hotel martha's veneyard bathroom
Bathroom view

One thing I loved was the free coffee that was also available in the satellite building, so we didn’t have to go to the main lobby for it every morning. 

I would make a coffee, sit outside in the Adirondack chairs overlooking the sea outside, and start my day with some positive vibes. I think this was one of my favourite things. 

summercamp hotel oaks bluff martha's vineyard outside sitting area
The sitting area outside our room

It did show that the Summercamp was renovated recently, as the vibe you get is between a hotel and hostel mix. I assume in the summer; it will be fun to stay and meet up and talk to people in the lobby or the game room. 

summercamp hotel oaks bluff view from our room
View from our window

The wifi was fast, and I did manage to upload some of my photos to my drive. Also, surprisingly we didn’t hear much noise from the road even though we were just outside a busy intersection of the island. 

The location was perfect for exploring Oaks Bluff and, in general, Martha’s Vinyard. The hotel is located just at the start of the Gingerbread houses so that you can walk around the area, and a short 5-minute walk, you will find the rest of the small village. 

summercamp hotel martha vineyard hanging out area next to game room
Lobby hanging out area.

We also explored the rest of the island, which was a self-guided car audio tour which was fun and a great way to learn more about the area. Highly recommend it. 

We paid approximately $200 for the night and booked on during the non-peak season, which I assume will only be higher during peak summer. 

Overall the Summercamp Hotel Oaks Bluff is a relaxed vibe hotel, and I really enjoyed my stay there. If I were to go again on the island, I would happily stay there again. It is more hip than the rest of the hotels we looked at, but it is exactly what we had in mind. Fun environment to relax and see the island. 

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