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How much does a long weekend getaway cost?


Many people have one big holiday a year and that’s about it. We chose a different route for our travelling. I usually get bored in a place after 4-5 days and I am looking for another challenge. Sitting on the beach for days on end is not really my thing. Maybe because I was very lucky and grew up in the beautiful island of Corfu, where my summers would be spent on the beach. So I really couldn’t do this for much more.As a family we started taking short weekend breaks and people would really be surprised. We would go to work on Monday and they would be, “Where did you go this weekend? ” We do travel a lot but we do not travel spending thousands every time. Most of the time we spent only a few hundred pounds. After my husband started sharing this with his work colleagues there was an increase in breaks away :). Alhumdulillah

We are lucky enough to live in Europe, a continent with great history and short distances. Even for my American and Canadian friends, there are great places in North America that are so vibrant and different and same distance as in Europe. You can always treat them as short weekend breaks away.We have low cost airlines flying from regional airports which makes transport cheap and accessible. Yes, you only take a hand luggage and there is no free food, but for £40 return to Spain, it is an offer not to miss. In reality you don’t need that many clothes for a weekend, now even if you ask me to pack a full size suitcase I will struggle :). This whole travel experience actually taught us that we really need very little things in order to be happy, and that less is more.

Booking your a hotel  for a weekend away always costs less as well. My lovely husband enjoys only the best in life, and now he won’t accept anything less than 5* hotel for the price of a 3*. I would spent dirt cheap on a flight and splash out (well not really) on a 5* hotel.

A weekend away can help you recharge your batteries, change the scenery, enjoy the sun (a big bonus for us British people) and have fun. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg as we say here. We have associated holidays with once a year experience where we spend thousands, when in reality we can spend the same amount by breaking them into short breaks. I have seen an increase in productivity, our mindset, our energy and that we look forward to a trip every few months. It works for us and I know it works for so many other people who started following our example.

I love it when I see our Muslim friends calling up and asking for deals for a weekend away with their wives. I mean seriously Alhumdulillah this is amazing, people who have never been away except going “back home” starting to explore Europe.

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Here are my tips for short weekend away: 

  • Book with low cost airlines from regional airport
  • Rent a car if this is a cheaper option (many times it is)
  • Hotels, get a more expensive hotel if you can afford, makes such a difference – there are many discount codes available
  • Check packages available- BA has excellent deals sometimes
  • Go off peak times
  • Embrace the challenge
  • Have fun

My husband went on a guys weekend away for three people for £490 in total to Istanbul. They had great fun and are still talking about it. Now all the guys are taking their wives :).

I will share my hotel links and options in another article as it will take quite some space :).

Until then enjoy

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Useful links: -US based
BA Holidays 

p.s. This is still possible with children, you will have to work with a different budget but it is doable. Also you can take them for weekends away just on a road trip. Might come cheaper for a bigger family. Imagine the bonding and fun though 🙂

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