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9 Awesome Travel Tips Every Muslim Traveller Should Know

Pinterest 9 Best Travel Tips Every Muslim Traveller Should Know

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I love traveling. The excitement of seeing new places and meeting new people is unbeatable. However, traveling has its ‘not so fun side, like being squashed in an economy seat for 12 hours or carrying a massive suitcase with clothes you probably will never wear. For some these are enough to put them off traveling and for others, they are just part of the experience. No matter what category you belong to, it is always more fun to have some travel tips that can make your adventure go smoother.

Below are my 9 best travel tips every Muslim traveler should know and that I use every time I travel.


1. Decisions Decisions

Women suffer from over-packing the most, unfortunately. We like to take every single outfit combination “just in case”. I try to have as little as possible with me and by combining the right pieces you can have a full wardrobe. I spent 3 weeks in the USA with only having a carry and I didn’t suffer the ‘no clothes’ syndrome or my ‘back hurts’ syndrome. The secret is to have as many versatile clothes as possible. Having two centerpieces, for example, a beautiful skirt that can be worn day or night with different tops can make easily for two or three outfits. I prefer to take pieces that can be worn in more than one way like a dress that can turn into a nice top when tucked in. This way I can wear it multiple times without even having to worry about over-wearing it. I know as Muslim women we do have more things to carry than non-Muslims. For example, hijabs are a must-have for us. Usually, they also take less space so if you choose a monochrome wardrobe you can spice it up with multi-color beautiful hijabs or cardigans. Decide what works best for you and before you pack your bag ask yourself- will I wear this?


2. Outfit selfie

I know it can sound weird to combine all your clothes into outfits before you travel but it does help. Have you ever been in a situation while abroad wondering why did you pick these tops when they don’t match anything? And now you don’t have tops to wear? Combining your outfits into wearable options before you travel will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Put your outfits on the floor and think about what you can combine them with. Add in your shoes and accessories as well. If you want you can even take a photo of it to make sure you remember the combination. Trust me this works and it is great for short weekends away where you want to spend time exploring outdoors rather than inside your luggage.


3. Have a plain outfit

This is more relevant for long-haul flights but it is good to have it. When traveling in business class many airlines give you pajamas to change and feel comfortable. If you are flying business then perfect you don’t have to bring anything. However, if you are not, then having a comfy plain outfit for a long-haul flight can really make a big difference. You feel more relaxed when traveling and you can sleep better as well. Unless you find jeans comfy for travel then that is perfectly fine too. I love changing at least my top and hijab before arrival or during flying just so it is not creased. If you want you can also have a new hijab and top/dress for your arrival. This will psychologically help you feel refreshed after a long journey. For some awesome reason, it gives you a happy boost like you are ready to handle the world outside the plane with more confidence.


4. No iron no problem

Most hotels have irons in the room however I have been in five-star properties where there was no iron; unless of course, you wanted to use the overpriced laundry service. I always try to bring with me clothes that don’t need ironing since this saves me time and hassle. Sometimes however it’s not possible. So for these times where I find myself with no iron, I just take the clothes with me in the shower. Well of course not literally. You can hang the clothes on the hanger and the steam from the hot shower will take care of all the wrinkles. It is very effective and quick. One of my favorite travel tricks.


5. Take advantage of technology

We live in an era where technology plays a very important part in our lives. One thing I really love and take full advantage of is the Google street view before I leave for my holiday. Most of the time we don’t have data for the internet when in a foreign country but we still need to navigate around. I use Google street view to check the hotel where I am staying as well as the surrounding area. This makes it a lot easier to find once you are in the country since you know what it looks like from the outside.


6. Booking flights and hotels

Everyone wants a cheap deal and I agree sometimes it’s harder to find than other times. If you have been looking for a flight and then suddenly the price increases this could be due to the cookies stored on your computer. Many travel companies will install cookies when searching and due to your interest in this particular route or hotel, they can increase the flight just before you book. One way of bypassing this is to use the Incognito mode on your computer while browsing. Once you are ready to book you can visit the site and book normally. This way you won’t have any previous cookies stored on your pc.


7. TripAdvisor trick

Many people first go to third-party websites before TripAdvisor. I use TripAdvisor all the time not only for reviews but also for hotel deals. Like many other websites, they also are an aggregator of different websites. Additionally, if you put the dates you want to travel and the area and check the prices from all operator providers as well as clicking “other deals” and expanding it. I have found five-star hotels for half the price on some websites that I would have not found otherwise. It is a great way of comparing prices and sites before finally buying.


8. Travel Prayer Mat and Qibla direction

For every Muslim, there is an important part of our life no matter where we are and that is prayer and halal food of courseJ. I always carry with me a small travel prayer mat so I can pull it out any time I need to pray. I have prayed in airports, airport lounges, hotels, on the street, and many more and they always make great accessories. I also use a qibla direction app on my phone as it is much easier than asking people or trying to figure it out yourself.

9. Cashback

Not many people know they can save hundreds of pounds a year by using cashback websites. I use them myself all the time and especially for traveling or utility providers they can save you hundreds of extra pounds a year. Over time when shopping online you will save a lot of cash. Then you can convert this cash to airline miles and fly for almost free. Not a bad deal in my books. If you want to find out more about this option check my Topcashback article and how you can make the most value of it.

Like with anything traveling is a very personal experience and I would love for you to share if you have any cool travel tips that I can use when traveling. There are so many more I can think of but I think these are great for a quick trip around the world. 🙂

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