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What to Do Next Time you Travel With Your Baby as a First Time Mum

What to Do Next Time you Travel With Your Baby as a First Time Mum

Today’s post is written by the lovely Attika who shares her tips on travelling as a new mum. She blogs and writes over at Forever17mag so go check her out and connect with her on Facebook.

I would be delighted to hear someone say ‘let us plan a vacation’. That is the thing about travelling; it is amazingly exciting where the mere thought is enough for an adrenaline rush. I would expect a similar reaction from anyone around because getting a break from a monotonous routine is a must. However, the exotic, serene and relaxing experience can shake a
bit if you are travelling with a baby. Yes, you heard me right!

For a first time mom, a vacation can become a never again if things are abrupt and unplanned. In other words, you can never expect things to go smoothly if you have a baby with you, even if it is about visiting the nearby grocery store. They can throw tantrums at the least expected moments and dirty their diapers when you are about to leave for a party. So when things can
go wrong in your city, travelling to a distant location with a baby requires a lot of homework. No, I am not scaring you. Unwanted incidents can happen anywhere around the globe. You can lose your credit card or even your suitcase. But with a baby on board, you need to be careful with your decisions for an enjoyable journey.

Travel Smart

Travel light is what you hear again and again. I would rather rephrase and say travel smart. If you are going for a week, you know you don’t need to carry 12 shirts and eight pairs of jeans. Remember, you should buy a shirt or two, and you can use that too. Also, check the weather before reaching your destination. You might require an overcoat or jacket for yourself and similar extra layers for the baby. So once you are done packing your essentials that I am not supposed to talk about (I am expecting you have travelled before and are expecting some baby-related advice), move towards the baby to-do list. When travelling with a baby, don’t forget to carry his ‘various types’ of clothes. Whether it is a girl or a boy, keep nightdresses, onesies, two pieces, vests and underwear.

Also, add in a swimming costume and swimming pants. Carry a good amount of diapers (6 per day) and few extras for emergency poop (diarrhoea) days. You may hear someone say you can get it from your travel destination, but it is better to carry a little weight than get into the hassle of locating shops and bombard yourself with an unnecessary mess. Take a packet of wipes with you. You can have a travel pack separately placed in your baby bag. Interestingly, I would advise you to carry the baby bag during the flight and keep your handbag/purse in the suitcase; as I said, travel smart.

 Baby on board

While you prepare your toiletries and medicines, keep a separate pouch for your baby’s essential. There should be a grooming kit having his hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, nail cutter, lotion and a shampoo/soap. Don’t forget to add in his diaper rash cream. Keep a separate pouch for his medicines that you will need it during the flight and the entire journey.

Keep a painkiller; ear drops, teething tablets and an anti-allergy. Along with the medicine pouch, your in-flight baby bag should have an extra pair of baby clothes, a nursing cover, diapers, wipes, rattles, snacks and your own spare dress. Carry a stroller with you and make sure you get a separate cot in the hotel room. Flying may be difficult, but try to make the child sleep while you land to avoid their yanking shrieks.

 Enjoy your time off!

Babies previously sleeping throughout the night might not sleep during the vacation or vice versa. They might scream unnecessarily and be at their worst. If this happens, hang in there. It will begin to settle in two days and then ta-da! You will be living your magical moment. Yes, you may not be able to enjoy the nightlife with a baby crying for milk, but you might certainly
choose a destination with relatives present around. Leaving the baby with them or even opting for a daycare service at your hotel is your chance to enjoy the trip as a bachelor (I know you will worry what your child is doing back home).

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And Finally…

Do not hesitate to go on a vacation because of a baby. Remember, you need some time off, away from the worries of a daily routine. Babies always behave well when they are at a new, lively place. Recall the last time you took him to the zoo. He was silent and observant. That is how he will be while on vacation. And even if something goes wrong, you are a mom; you will know how to handle it.

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