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Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay Healthy – While Enjoying Local Cuisine

Often when on a holiday, we will eat a great deal of food. Partly because we want the experiences, but also because when away we tend to take away all restrictions we associate with our stressful home life. Sadly, we may return with disappointment with the amount of extra baggage we return home with. By this, I do not mean all the amazing treasures purchased during the trip, but that extra pounds we’ve put on or, worse the bad health habits we’ve developed while away.

Eating healthy and looking after your body can often feel like a chore especially during holiday time. The truth is when you are out exploring, the last thing you want to do is restrict yourself – right? Firstly, the problem here lies with the mindset that looking after your health, both body and mind, is a restriction or chore. Being healthy means feeling good and looking good, inside out. This can be done easily both at home and on a holiday. Here are 8 ways to keep you healthy on a holiday!


Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay Healthy
Nothing beats going for a good walk! Part of going on holiday is about exploring new surroundings. Many cities offer great discounts on public transport however if you find the location of where you are going to is in a walkable distance – take a walk. Not only are you getting in some exercise without trying too hard, you will see much more of the area and meet more people.

Make the most of the hotel

Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay HealthyMany hotels have gyms or fitness centres within the complex. Make the most of these by waking up early and getting a quick 20-minute workout in. This is a great way to maintain any routines you had at home. Get your friends or family involved with you to make it a fun, social experience.

Fresh food markets

Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay Healthy
In each country, there will be a number of different fruits in season. Perhaps some that you have never tried before. Head out and explore the world of food markets. You are likely to find some good, wholesome food that can help keep hunger gremlins at bay. By picking up fresh fruits as snacks, you are less likely to snack on sweets, chocolates, and cakes as you travel around. Food markets are handy if you are staying in apartments or Airbnb where you are able to prepare some healthy meals in your own kitchen using fresh ingredients.

Be adventurous

Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay HealthyExplore the outdoors and take up activities such as watersports, hiking or even riding an animal. Holidays are all about trying out new experiences so do something active that will get your heart racing. Enjoying such activities may even spark a new interest for you to follow up on when you get home!

Pack water

Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay Healthy
Another very simple thing to keep in mind is to drink plenty of water. In warm climates amidst the excitement of traveling it is easy to forget to grab a drink. This can leave you dehydrated and tired, something which you do not want to experience especially when on a holiday. Keep a bottle with you at all times!

Turn off your phone

Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay HealthyWhen talking about being healthy, we often forget to mention our mental health. Being away allows you to detach from your stresses and worries. Turning your phone off is a good way to forget about work, distractions and anything that causes stWhileWhilre ou may not be able to do this practically on a daily basis, even doing so for an hour can make a huge difference.

Research healthy places to eat

Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay Healthy
The health and fitness industry is a fast growing one throughout the world. People are becoming more health conscious and with that brings tons of cafes and restaurants that have great tasting food on their menus that take your nutrition into account. Before leaving for your travels, do your research on any good looking establishments that you may want to eat in. The key thing to remember is by having a healthy diet majority of the time you can treat yourself to cakes, snacks and treats every once in awhile that you may otherwise not have an excuse to indulge with!


Use These Tips on Your Next Holiday to Stay Healthy

With all this being said, when on a holiday, go with the flow. Do not restrict yourself as this time is about enjoying and having fun. Do not worry about counting calories or ensuring every meal is perfectly balanced. Just remember everything should be in moderation!

What tips and tricks do you use on holiday to stay healthy?

Aishah is a qualified medical doctor, blogger and personal trainer. She has a keen interest in promoting a healthier lifestyle for Muslim women and she blogs regularly about health, fitness and personal development. Visit her blog here  and follow on her on Instagram

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