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6 Tips To Never Ever Lose Your Bag

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After my adventure with Gulf Air I am always scared when making short transits or when travelling with checked luggage. For some reason I always think that it will be lost and never found again. Below are some tips that hopefully will reduce your chances of losing your bags. Well, a strong prayer towards your airline might help as well in this case. 😉

Remove your tags

Remove old tags from your bag. Airlines use scanners and barcodes to direct your bag through the vast airports to the right place. Sometimes if you have many barcodes on your bag it can confuse those little scanners and your bag can end up on the opposite side of the world. I actually know little about this since my bag was looking like a puzzle with different barcodes until they asked me to remove them!

Name your bag

I always have my email and name on my bags, just in case I lose it and someone finds it. If you are not comfortable with giving your phone number then an email can work well as well. Or since we live in the world of social media your Twitter handler. 

Stand out from the bag crowd

How many times you have arrived at the conveyor belt running towards your bag only to realise it is one that looks just like yours but it’s not. It has definitely happened to me. At the beginning I bought bright colourful bags, beautiful designs to make mine stand out, however I quickly realised it is a waste. After the first travel and my bright green bag turned into a dark green one as it was smashed from all the moving around the dirty conveyor belts. So now I have decided to stand out from the crowd with a black bag and bright ribbons. Easy for my husband to spot!

Take a Selfie 

Who doesn’t like selfies? I mean of your bag not yourself. I am not very keen on selfies but I do snap the occasional bag selfie. If you lose your bag it is easier to show to the airline what your lost bag looked like. It is also better for description purposes when it comes to claiming money for compensation. You don’t have to take a selfie of your bag every time you travel but just once to keep in your archive. 

Fly without “checked” luggage

I mean this is something I do and I know it is not for everyone but if you are going only for few days or even a week, do you really need to check in luggage? I am sure you won’t be needing half of your clothes and it saves you having to wait at the carousel and longer taxi lines after too. You can check my travel checklist to help you pack all your necessities without overpacking. Honestly I prefer travelling without luggage, I know it might not be possible every time you travel but it’s an option.

GPS Tag your bag

We are talking about some really fancy technological things here. You can buy GPS tracking device for your bag and tag it. This doesn’t help with getting lost really but it will help you track the progress of your bag. You can start worrying when you see your bag leaving the airport before you arrive at the carousel to collect it. I guess this is particularly useful if someone mistakenly takes your bag instead of theirs. 

Do you have any tips to protect your bags from going missing? If so please do share them below : )

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