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Umrah FAQ: Do I need to buy an Umrah package

Umrah FAQ- Do I Need To Buy An Umrah Package

In this series I will tackle the most common misconceptions and questions relating to Umrah, in addition to some of the questions I received from people who bought my book.This is an extremely common misconception and a very important one. I received a few emails from people who have bought my book and thought  that they had to buy a tour package.

When I started researching all the possibilities for my book I had the exact same confusion, I thought that the only way we can actually go for Umrah was if we booked the super expensive package. From my research and after speaking with over 10 tour agencies and from people who regularly go without a package it became clear this was not the case.You do not need to book a tour package in order to go for Umrah. What the Saudi government wants is for you to book your visa with an accredited agent so they can keep track of all the people. Many agents will actually say that they cannot issue you only with a visa and that you have to book the whole package.What they don’t say is that their competitors will book it for you. I did speak with few of these people but they were the minority and they do want to sell their overpriced packages so they will not reveal the whole truth. You CAN book and construct your own Umrah just like I show you in the book without any problem. You do need a visa from an approved agent and all the vaccinations however.

A five star Umrah like the one in my book can cost up to £3,500 during Ramadan if bought as a package which is extremely expensive. I can book the same Umrah for £300 and approximately £500 during Ramadan. If one agent says they cannot issue you with a visa ask around and if you live in the UK then I can recommend an excellent and established agent that you can contact and who are used by many travel agents for their visas.

If you have any travel related questions regarding Umrah or my book then please drop me an email and I can cover it for you.

Happy Travels 🙂

P.s the book is currently unavailable, you can check out the course here. 

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Thursday 5th of March 2020

Hi I'm going umrah with family we booked tickets online via skyscanner. We are due to go on april 2020 but there are restrictions on travelling I'm worried that I wont get refunded because we are not going with the umrah group

Muslim Travel Girl

Tuesday 17th of March 2020

You should be able to cancel once it is confirmed that Saudi will close their border for April too