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 DIY Umrah Course

The Best Umrah Course You will EVER need


Umrah is one of the most blessed trips you can ever take.

If you have been once you want to visit again and if you haven’t then you should visit the Holy City of Makkah at least once. The cost, however, can be way over your budget.

The DIY Umrah course has everything you might need to find and book five-star Umrah saving you thousands of pounds.

And the best part; You can visit every year if you want. Over and Over again insha’Allah

“This is one of the most useful and helpful seminars that I have ever taken! This course is worth every penny that you spend on it, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to work the system so that you can make many Umrah trips in the future!

Most people think that you have to go through a travel agency in order to book your Umrah trip and thus feel helpless in terms of being able to reduce the total costs of their trip. Well, sister Elena proves that this definitely doesn’t have to be the case!”

-Brother Naved, DIY Umrah Course Alumni


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