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How I save £400 a year with Topcashback plus £5 free when you sign up & more

I have said numerous times I really like Topcashback. I use to LOVE them before when I could transfer my money to Tesco and then to Avios but alas this is not available anymore.

However, I still use them all the time since they do provide a great value. This past weekend I needed a car rental excess insurance and I used them. Yes, I earned only a few pennies but every little helps.

If you want to find out how Topcashback and other cashback websites work, then visit the Ultimate Budget Guide page here.

With Christmas promotion on full swing, they have some great offers available and many of the retailers have actually increased their bonuses.

Sadly these are only for new members but they can save you a decent about over the holidays. Plus if you are a new member you do receive extra £5. If you already have an account then you can still shop the increased sales.

I always save my cashback on pretty much everything I shop and then I add it to my travel jar. All cashback money is spent on travel-related things, like flights, hotels or accessories. 🙂

The current offers I found great are:

Ebay shopping

I just uploaded some things to sell on Ebay and checking other to buy and I know I am not alone many others are doing exactly the same. This offer expires tomorrow. 

5% Cashback on all eBay purchases + spend over £50, get an extra £5 free bonus 

Asda shopping: £10 Cashback at Asda

I am sure there is so much you can spend for a £10 in Asda and get your shopping free. I did something similar with Ocado a few months back. Offer expires end of the month.

New members spending £10+ at Asda Groceries get £10 cashback.

Mothercare £15 Cashback at Mothercare

New members spending £10+ at Mothercare get £15 cashback.

Many of the hotel websites currently have 10% discount deals as well, so if you are planning any trips make sure you check them out. Plus if your utility contract is running out make sure you check the Christmas deals they have at the moment.

I have mentioned numerous times on my webinars that I love cashback websites and I save approximately £400 per year using them even though I am not a big spender.

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