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The Best Travel Hacking for more luggage space

The Best Travel Hacking For More Luggage Space (1)

I love travelling but I really hate carrying bags.  I am well known amongst my friends for hating to travel with more than one bag and for some reason I used to always end up with extra luggage.Now I have a rule, I buy clothes that don’t take much space and are versatile, then I use my best travel hack. Clothes can take a lot of space in your suitcase when travelling and women can take more clothes than they need on the 7 day trip.I am sure you have been in a position carrying a big bag full of clothes only to wear 3-4 pieces the entire trip. I am totally guilty of this! 🙂
travel hacking


My best travel hacking is to always pack my clothes in clothes vacuum bags! They reduce the space so much that I can travel with smaller suitcase and have more space for all the other necessities.  We managed to put clothes for two people for a weeks vacation just in one suitcase! 

This is especially good if you have a large family, as baby clothes and changes can take one full suitcase. You will need a vacuum on your way back home, but so far I have never had a problem and hotels are happy to provide you with one. Only downside with this is that you will have to place them carefully or re -iron the clothes once they are out of the bag. Abayas that are iron free are great for this. :)For me this is the best travel hack ever, saves so much space in your bag that it is amazing. I use them also for organising my clothes at home. You can find them in any store or supermarket and don’t cost more than £10. Definitely worth it for me.

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