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Muslim Friendly Hotel: Holiday Inn Berlin city-west

Muslim Friendly Hotel- Holiday Inn Berlin City-West (1)

I always get super excited when there are good deals, you all know this. But what makes me even more excited is that there is a good deal to a destination I visit frequently as a connection point. Berlin is one of my favourite places as it is a great connection for Avios users to the Middle East, now this became even better as there is a Muslim Friendly Hotel in Berlin. How amazing is this?

I saw the post yesterday on Halal Trip. I believe they are part of Crescent whom I love, as they are a travel rating agency based in Malaysia. I met their boss at the Global Islamic Economy in Dubai and they have done some great work  MashaAllah. Worth exploring them a little if you are interested.

Back to our Berlin Hotel. What makes this  a better offer is that we are talking about the Holiday Inn Berlin City-West. They have equipped the rooms with all the necessary things that a Muslim will need, which makes it so hassle free. No need to try and figure the prayer direction, they have it marked in the room. Plus a prayer room in the hotel which can come very handy if you are more than one family staying together.

Here is what you get from their website.

  • Qiblah direction in guestrooms.
  •  Handshower / Bidet in guest bathrooms.
  •  Prayer facilities can be arranged upon request.
  •  Halal option can be arranged for in-room dining.
  •  A list of Halal restaurants nearby the hotel.
  •  Halal banquets can be arranged upon request for special occasions.
  •  A copy of the Quran can be provided upon request as well.

The best part?! This is an IHG Hotel, meaning you can have award nights redemption with them. Currently, the rooms sell for about 80Euro but they require only 10,000 points or 5,000+$40 a night, which is good value especially if it is a busy period.  I

Tripadvisor gives it a 3,5 rating out of 5 and you can check it here. I know many people prefer to have a Muslim friendly hotel or they totally reject travelling anywhere besides Turkey in Europe. So, this will be a very welcome addition to their travel map inshaAllah. I have an upcoming trip in July to Berlin and might give it a go so I can write a review for you guys. 🙂 It will be interesting to see how they treat their Muslim customers.

If you are not a points collector or an Elite member with IHG I would recommend using Halal Trip to book your stay. It is always good to support each others initiatives in such a competitive world.

Tip: I have said this before, but when you make a booking, email the hotel few days before your stay to reconfirm and request your Muslim amenities in your room. This will make it hassle free inshaAllah.

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