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Exploring London on the cheap with London pass

Exploring London On The Cheap With London Pass

Many people emailed me with requests on deals for London. London is crazy expensive during the summer as so many tourists are sightseeing and on many occasions it is not even pleasant due to all the queues. Having said that I am planning a trip to London and looking for some friends too.

I had an unused train ticket that didn’t want to go to waste so instead of letting it expire I decided to spend even more money than the £50 I had paid for it and book a short break in the capital. Definitely smart thinking. 😉

I have lived and visited London so many times but there are still places I would like to see so I was looking for cool deals and then I found London Pass. London Pass is what the word says a pass to some of the biggest London attractions. The pass costs £49 per person and £33 per child for one day, you only pay the fee of the pass and not a penny more and receive access to 60 or more attractions plus a free guide book.  I found a discount code for 10% which you can put out at the check out to receive your discount. You will need to put the discount code on the promo box at the bottom of the check out page

Pass details: London Pass website

10% discount code: showyourcard

This deal is excellent value for those who want to visit many museums and historical sights in London. My best advice will be to make a list of all the places you want to visit, check the prices for each site individually and see if it makes sense financially for you. Also think whether you will be able to cover all the things you want in a day or you will need to buy an extra pass day as this can be more expensive.

One disadvantage I found with the London pass is that the most popular two sights in London are not included the London Eye and Madame Tussaud, so if you want to visit these two attractions you will have to pay extra.

What are your summer plans? Let me know below and share some nice places to visit, I am always looking for inspiration.

Happy Travels 🙂

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