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Do you have a hotel check out list for your travels?

Do You Have A Hotel Check Out List For Your Travels-

Have you ever forgotten something in a hotel? It doesn’t matter how big or small, losing or forgetting something can be really upsetting. I remember my sister once forgot in a hotel room a scarf that I had given her as a gift. Thankfully the hotel had found the scarf and returned it to her. However the price she paid for the courier cost more than the actual scarf. For her it had sentimental value because it was a gift and she really liked it so she was happy to pay the price.

On a recent trip I thought I had forgotten my engagement ring in our hotel room. Usually I am always good with stuff like this and never throw them around the room. So when I called the hotel and they told me they didn’t find my ring I was really upset. It turns out that indeed I was practical and I hadn’t lost it this time but it taught me a lesson; I can really save years of my life just by creating a quick ‘check out’ list.

The check out list was actually my husbands idea as I am sure he wouldn’t want to pay for another ring.

Now there are two ways you can do this you can either;

1. Write it down or
2. You can ask each other of the things you might want to check before leaving your hotel room. 

Personally our check out list is not very long but it has really helped us have peace of mind, especially for me when I get paranoid about locking or turning off the iron or steamer. The doubt  can drive me crazy and in return I drive my husband crazy too. Voicing your concerns out loud gives you reassurance that you have actually turned off  and packed everything so you can relax.

Here is a list of some of the things you can include in your check out list:

  • Chargers
  • Passports
  • Irons or other amenities
  • Jewelry/ watches / sentimental value items
  • Safe locked
  • Ipads
  • Phones
  • Boarding passes
  • Toothbrushes
  • Other things that are important for you

I know some of the items on the list seem obvious but the most frequently forgotten item in  hotel rooms are chargers. Your list shouldn’t really take more than 30 seconds to read or check. You can even have it saved on your phone so then you have one less item to think about when you check out. Usually when I travel with my husband we will mentally go through the list where he asks and I check that we have taken everything. If you do this on a regular basis it becomes a habit and even if you have to check-out quickly to catch a train or a flight you will not forget your valuables.

Another very good simple trick I always use is to have one place where I will put my jewelry, watches, money and rings. This is usually on the hotel desk next to the hotel room key card.

Have you ever forgotten something in a hotel room? Please make me feel better and say yes 🙂

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