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Top 5 Travel Apps I Love 

Top 5 Travel Apps I Love to use when I travel. Makes the halal travelling a lot better experience. Which is your favourite?I know there are so many apps on the market that it can be super overwhelming. I for one always check out new apps and ask for recommendations, then I download them check them out, and delete them or let them use my phone space. I don’t know why but I just stick to a few goods and reliable apps I have and I LOVE them. I will occasionally download a few more and check them out if I like them and i know I will use them in the future I will leave them. I am not a super savvy tech traveler and I do most of my work on my laptop rather than on a phone so I limit myself to the ones I will use.

Here are my top 5 apps that I love & recommend



I love this app as it shows you all the flights by country and any destination you want. I think this is a super cool way to find cheap deals for any country really. I will usually open Skyscanner first and then check the rest of the websites. Their best feature is the country to everywhere search, I just wish they had this for the business class as well.


This app is excellent if you are like me and you don’t know the lounges available in every airport. I know some of my fellow bloggers know pretty much every lounge, airplane configuration, and information about an airline. I don’t, and I assume the majority of people don’t either so I find Loungebuddy super useful. You can put in your memberships and the airport/destination you are visiting and they will tell you which lounge you can use for free and which you can pay for. There are also reviews and photos of the lounges which makes it great especially if you will be paying real money for it.



I love this app, for someone who is just starting in the game of miles and points and you have a ton of programs you sign up for it is easy to lose track. AwardWallet keeps every major loyalty program in place for you. It will notify you if you have an increase or decrease in your points and shows your balances. Many times there are points I totally forgot about, which is usually after a promotion that takes ages to post, and AwardWallet would email me with my updated balance. There is a paid and a free version and I would recommend it for you, even if you just have the free version it is great to just see your balances grow. 🙂



I have written about Uber before. The on-request travel app that you can use and order yourself a nice car instead of a cab. I love to use Uber in places I visit due to the fact that it is super easy and just a click away. I don’t have to have cash and I don’t have to worry if I get lost while exploring a new city. I know that If I walk too far away from my hotel in an unfamiliar area I can order an Uber to drive me back safely. Plus not carrying cash for a taxi and just paying via the app is excellent because I don’t have to worry about having extra cash on me for this purpose or trying to find a cash point. The only negative is that you do need to have wi-fi abroad to use the app, however, there are plenty of spots with free wi-fi that you can use nowadays.


Exchange Rates

This is an app I downloaded months ago and I use it very often. Psychologically we think in our home currency best and it is the easiest way to see if something is a good value or not. I find it very useful especially in countries with devalued currency or currency with many 00s at the end. When I shop in the Middle East or Bulgaria I always find everything too expensive because psychologically I know I will pay 60p for a coke in the UK rather than 100 Dirhams or 2 Leva so it is just easier to have an exchange rate. Small expenses are not too much of a deal but others such as hotels, car hire, or shopping can be more expensive. The app I have downloaded is called Exchange Rate and it automatically updates with the up-to-date rates. These are my top 5 apps that I love them and I use them every time I travel. They just make my life easier on the road and more enjoyable. I am sure everyone has different preferences and I would love to hear what apps you use. Please recommend below so I can download and check them out too. 😀

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