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Review of Q Suites by Qatar Airways & How to Try it on the Cheap

Here is my review of the QSuites the best business class in the air by Qatar Airways. Since it was announced in 2017 I really wanted to check it out but sadly, my routes didn’t fly this product. 

However back in September 2018 on my way back to Doha from the USA I had the opportunity to try it out as the flights worked out well for all of us and Qsuites were available from Frankfurt and so cheap on miles.

Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?

I was back from speaking at Travelcon, Nomadic Matt’s travel conference and I was travelling with my mum from Washington DC.  She was heading to Turkey on Girl’s only holiday and I was heading back to Qatar. 

The flights were similar times so I could drop her at her gate and then head to my flight. 

Review of QSuites by Qatar Airways 

I was booked last minute, literally the night before my flight from Washington. I was given a backward facing seat so just before boarding, I requested to change to a forward-facing seat, which was granted. 

Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?
Couples seat or family

Onboard the flight I found my seat and like half of the other passengers started taking photos. 

The Qsuites for me are perfect for a family travelling together or like the couple with a young child next to me perfect because they all turn into a bed and they can relax and sleep together. 

The window seats are single women with the hijab as they offer plenty of privacy and I have to say impressive. 

Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?
Window seat

The space inside the suite is nicely designed, there is a small seating area which is also a cabby to put your handbag or anything else you want making it spacious to put your things away and relax. 

There is a nice leather light and also a hanger which I didn’t use but I can see that it would obstruct you if you were lying down and you had a coat hanging. 

Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?

Under the table and entertainment console, there is a small space to put things as well which is where I put my jacket and a few small other things.

Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?
Plenty of storage space
Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?
Space next to the seat

You can put anything on the big table during taking off and landing as they will fly down so it’s a nice little space. 

Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?
Foot space

After takeoff, you can close your door and put the don’t disturb sign on so you can take a nice long nap as I did. 

I slept for two hours straight after takeoff and the Q Suites bed was very comfortable.

I really love the Qatar Airways business class blankets as they are big and comfy. The pillow was also comfortable and at the end the cabin crew let me know I can take the smaller white gold pillow with me as they are promotional. Needless to say, I still use it at home and smile every time I see it. 

That Feeling on QSuites 

I have to say one thing I didn’t expect but I think it can bother some people is the fact that once you close the door of your Suite and you lay down I felt a little claustrophobic and like in a “coffin”. 

Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?
The door opens

It’s not a massive thing because the doors are not very high and you still have that feeling of space but I truly didn’t expect this feeling.  

Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?
The door closed and in bed mode

The individual window seats are better options for Muslim women wearing Hijab because they are more private and if someone is standing to go to the bathroom they can’t see much in your suite.

I did love the fact however that I can loosen my hijab and sleep properly without worrying if my hair shows or if people can see me. This was very liberating as a Muslim woman. 

On the other hand the family Q Suites, in the middle have a little less privacy when standing up but are perfect for family meals, talks and games on a long flight. 

If your flight is empty you can always switch for your sleep to a window seat if available. Just ask the crew which are usually more than happy to help. 

Food on QSuites 

After my nap the cabin crew came to ask if I want to have my food, I ordered off the menu and anxiously waited for my food since I was hungry but I also enjoy the Qatar Airways food on board.

Qatar Business class Qsuites for Muslim travelers
Table set up

Oh, and the free-flowing So Jennine, a halal version of champagne which cost almost as much as the real thing at £35 a bottle! 

I have to say the food was OK but I wasn’t overly impressed. I think for me the main dish could have been better as the tartar sauce on my fish was a little overpowering. 

Qatar business class for halal travel
Qatar Qsuites review good for hijabi travellers?
A little overwhelming

Overall however the food was good quality and I did eat the majority of it. 

After a 5,30hrs flight from Frankfurt to Doha, we touched down and sadly my request for the pilot to circle a few more times didn’t work!

I did enjoy the experience on the QSuites and I have to say it is a great product and Qatar Airways should be proud.  At the moment one of the best business class products available by any airline. 

I will definitely try it again with my husband especially during Qatar Airways 2 for 1 business class sales they do a couple of times a year where you can fly QSuites from Europe to Asia for around £1500 per person.

Routes with Q Suites Available 

Very tired but happy

Currently, QSuites is available on several destinations around the world making it easier for you to pick a holiday trip and make the most of it. Also, make sure to check out my article on Doha and why you should get your free overnight hotel to see the city. 

Asia Routes with Q Suites Available

  • Bangkok (BKK) | Flight no: QR 830/831
  • Bengaluru (BLR) | Flight no: QR 572/573
  • Canberra (CBR) | Flight no: QR 906/907
  • Colombo (CMB) | Flight no: QR 668/669
  • Hong Kong (HKG) | Flight no: QR 816/815, QR 818/817
  • Maldives (MLE) | Flight no: QR 672/673, QR 674/675
  • Mumbai (BOM) | Flight no: QR 556/557
  • Shanghai (PVG) | Flight no: QR 870/871
  • Sydney (SYD) | Flight no: QR 906/907
  • Singapore (SIN) | Flight no: QR 944/945, QR 946/947
  • Beijing (PEK) | Flight no: QR 892/895, QR 896/895
  • Tokyo (NRT) | Flight no: QR 806/807

European Routes with Q Suites Available

  • Amsterdam (AMS) | Flight no: QR 273,274
  • Berlin (TXL) | Flight no: QR 77/78, QR 81/82
  • Frankfurt (FRA) | Flight no: QR 67/68, QR 69/70
  • London (LHR)| Flight no: QR 1/2, QR 5/6, QR 7/8, QR 15/16
  • Paris (CDG)| Flight no: QR 37/38
  • Stockholm (ARN) | Flight no: QR 171/172
  • Zurich (ZRH) | Flight no: QR 95/96
  • Munich (MUC) | Flight no: QR 57/58, QR 59/60

Middle Eastern Routes with Q Suites Available

  • Kuwait (KWI) 
  • Muscat (MCT)
  • Beirut (BEY)

Americas Routes with Q Suites Available

  • Chicago (ORD) | Flight no:  QR 725/726
  • Houston (IAH) | Flight no:  QR 713/714
  • New York (JFK) | Flight no:  QR 701/702
  • Washington D.C. (IAD) | Flight no:  QR 707/708
  • Sao Paulo (GRU) | Flight no:  QR 773/774
  • Buenos Aires (EZE) | Flight no:  QR 773/774

If you want to make sure that the aircraft you are flying is equipped with Q Suites the best thing I personally do and it’s free is check out SeatGuru. You will find the configuration of the aircraft looks like below. Also, note that sometimes aircraft changes are possible and last minute so you might end up with a non-Qsuites flight or with Qsuites one. 

How to Fly Q Suites by Qatar Airways on the Cheap 

Now, the big question is how did I fly QSuites without breaking the bank. Well, my one simple answer is miles and points, and if you want to learn more about them check out this guide here. 

If I were to book a one-way flight from Frankfurt to Doha on Q Suites it would cost me an arm and a leg or around £2350! 

What I did was redeem some of my Avios for a one-way ticket on QSuites paying around £222 plus 37,500 Avios. This is a total bargain for many loyal travellers and it is definitely one of mine. 

I have said it time and time again that starting on the loyalty game and learning how to earn and spend miles has transformed the way I travel without breaking the bank. Make sure you read about how I earn points here. 

After all, this website started from my desire to upgrade to business class!

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