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A Muslim Friendly Weekend Away in Malta

We recently visited Malta. It is a beautiful country and I wish I had visited earlier. I booked a very good deal that worked pretty well. Malta is a very Muslim friendly island and there is plenty of opportunities to explore it.
It was 4 nights in a 5* hotel with a car rental and flights for the AMAZING price of £300! Yes, you totally read this right £300 and the best part of the whole trip was that the airport is only 15 minutes away from home.Many of my friends asked me how I did it so I hope I can shed some light for you guys. Because we want to travel in as much style as possible on a budget we always have to think and decide which is better. Business class flights ( especially in Europe this can be total waste) or a very nice hotel to enjoy for 4 days. Well it is no brainer really, we went for the hotel.There are plenty options out there on hotels depending on what you want. I am a member of some of the loyalty programmes so I decided that I wanted to make sure of some of the offers available.
Hilton was my first choice; the hotel is in a beautiful location, with amazing views, close to the sea and with a lot of restaurants around.I found an excellent deal with Ryanair for £90 return for both of us from our local airport. Brilliant price with excellent flight times. We had full 3 days exploring Malta and enjoying some much-needed sun.As an avid Avios point collector I checked the prices to rent a car, first I would go with an offer from Iberia Plus but this seemed quite expensive. I always check for three different quotes trying to find the cheapest possible with the most benefits. British Airways gave me 500 Avios points and the car rental was £17 for 3 days.The one I struggled the most is the Hilton Hotel I wanted.
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As a Gold Hilton member,  I get free breakfast and possible upgrade. On the Hilton website, the hotel was £180 a night, way above the price I was willing to pay. Looking around I found that I can get it from a third party for £200 for the three nights including breakfast and also receive 10% cash back. This brought my hotel deal to £190 for three nights.Upon arrival, we got upgraded to an executive room with a lounge access, amazing views and the sound of the sea. I was in heaven.

While on the island we actually did not spend much money as we found a nice Halal restaurant just two minutes away for taking away. There are many choices of Halal restaurants and sea food restaurants, I had one of the best calamari ever plus their portions are massive.

Overall I loved Malta and would recommend any Muslim or non Muslim to visit it. The island is a floating museum with great Arab influence and beautiful scenery.

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The cost of my total trip to Malta was:
  • £90 for flights
  • £190 for hotel
  • £17 for car hire

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Sunday 2nd of February 2020

Hi can you share the name of the halal restaurant you found?