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Moxy Heathrow Hotel Review, the New Millennial place to go or not?

There are very few times where I can say that I feel old. But my recent stay at the Moxy Heathrow Hotel did just that. The new Moxy Heathrow Hotel opened its doors just two weeks ago and while training via Heathrow I thought I will check it out.

Moxy Hotels is Marriott’s Millennial-Friendly answer to Airbnb and that are no-frills, but packed fun culture of cheap hotel stays. They are funky, young and with trendy decor and a sense of a big luxury hostel but with every room being ensuite. They do have several hotels around the world and many more are opening up.

The Moxy Heathrow Hotel was a good price for £59 a night and with a bus H56 from Terminal 4, it took only 20 minutes to reach to.

I have to say upon entrance at night time I didn’t realise the check-in desk was within the bar area until actually, I approached the guy behind the bar.

Check-in area and bar

The bar was full of people and what I noticed is that majority of them were not so millennial but rather on business trips and above their 30s.  Needless to say loud music, bar deco and a hijabi walking in I did turn several heads around. 🙂

Check-in was easy and we were on our way to the room, which was small and compact but perfect for a nights sleep. Although I have to say the room could have been better cleaned as there was dust everywhere and the AC too loud to sleep with, it was well spaced and nicely decorated.

No wardrobe just this space

The bathroom was also well done for such a small space.

Breakfast is included, it is not much they did have some hot options but it had fresh croissants, cereal, some fruit and orange juice, similar standard to a Holiday Inn Express breakfast.

on-site store

The deco is definitely funky and millennial, with industrial-looking design, a mini car parked next to the bar, pool and tennis table it has plenty of entertainment choices. They also have a 24hr gym for those fitness fanatics.

Moxy Hotels pride themselves in vibrant modern style properties targetting the younger traveller and I think they do succeed in this. For me, I think as an older generation millennial I might be a little too old since I don’t like having to walk down to a bar to pick a bottle of water and I enjoy good customer service.

Moxy staff need to be better at customer service. They talked to each other while we were waiting to be served and they were not very helpful in explaining the hotel features. It did truly seemed like a hostel-style property with a higher price tag.

Judging by the TripAdvisor reviews they can do better for a brand new hotel.

Our Uber the next morning to Terminal 5 took 20min and it cost us £15 so it location wise it’s also great.

Overall for a night sleep before an early morning flight, it is a perfectly functional property and if prices in other hotels are as high as this past week I will happily stay here again.


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