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Let’s Work Together | Muslim Travel Girl


I love working with Muslims and brands alike to connect them and find the best way to make it a match made in heaven. If you are a brand please check the advertise section here.

If you are a reader loving the blog and need some one-to-one help from me, keep reading to see how we can work together. You can read more about me here. 


 The Travel Strategist

Do you want to travel more but you are not sure you can afford it, or you are too overwhelmed? No problem I know how you feel (I have been there) and I can help.

I can help you travel more while spending less. Together we will look at your income, spending, travel experience you would like to have and then we make a plan on how you can travel more. You don’t necessarily need a big bank check or a lot of changes and I guarantee you it is not hard work.

Many of my clients start from not travelling at all to taking 3-4 trips per year costing them a fraction of what it normally does. It is not about working hard but working smart and making your money harder for you.

You could save from $100s to $1000s depending on the scale of your trip.

When you work with me one-to-one you’ll get your own personalised travel strategy tailored to your life and your circumstances. You will have a travel blueprint, the steps and tips you need based on your circumstances to enjoy more travelling for less. You will feel confident to plan and book your trips for a fraction of the cost all tailored to your family’s life.

You then apply the suggestions and you enjoy more travelling any time you want as many times you want. Simple!

What you get:
  • 30min orientation call, to find out everything about  your big travel dreams
  • A detailed travel strategy plan that is personalised to your family’s circumstances
  • A recording of the plan explaining everything step in step – for you to keep
  • A 10-day window for amendments, changes or clarifications.
  • A 12-month update on new travel offers and deals available based on your travel strategy
  • Email support

The Travel Strategist costs £250

Lots and lots of information and options were made available, many of which would be very difficult to figure out and put together for a person on their own. This was great and has me very excited as a result of the many more opportunities that Sister Elena has informed me about. -Ishrat, UK

 Book Your Travel Strategy Session

Do you have a specific trip in mind you want help booking and saving money? Whether it is a Muslim-friendly honeymoon, a DIY Umrah or a family vacation I definitely have a few tricks up my sleeve.

This is a tailor-made package based on your needs. It removes the pressure and overwhelms from organising such a trip and keeps the fun in travelling. I am basically your dream trip expert planner!

Even when they thought they’d found the best deal, I’ve still knocked hundreds, sometimes thousands off the cost of my clients’ trips.

What you get:
  •  30min orientation call – to find out all the details about your awesome trip
  •  Recommendation of hotels, flights, and ways to bring the price down. 2 free changes on your proposed itinerary
  • Email support

The travel consultancy service costs £250 per service for up to 6 people.

We are In Sha Allah travelling in April within the budget (which I thought was impossible) and staying in 5 star hotels. I can’t thank Elena enough! I have been struggling to meet various travel agency deals and she was able to find an amazing deal within my budget in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Elena for her services and 100% trust her. – Sidrah, UK

Let’s Start Booking this Trip


Do you want to know how to travel and learn all these awesome travel hacks? I empower Muslims to travel and there is no better way to do this than by teaching you ALL the travel tricks.

I’ve created a DIY Umrah Course for those who want to perform Umrah for a fraction of the cost of organised trips. And the principles you’ll learn can apply to other travel destinations, so after your discounted Umrah you can be your own travel consultant, exploring the world at affordable prices.

This is one of the most useful and helpful seminars that I have ever taken!She does a great job to help you get your total price point as low as possible while at the same time teaching you that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your stay in order to do so. Her reputation and experience truly shows in this course, with her displaying a depth of knowledge on the subject. Sister Elena has spent thousands of hours researching this subject and is a specialist on the subject of going for Umrah on a budget. There are no similar courses of this nature offered that I know of that can provide the amount of beneficial information that she gives you. – Naved, USA

 Check out the available courses


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