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Best Halal Restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town is known for its natural beauty. From its rocky landscapes to turquoise seas and long winding drives where the mountains meet the sea, it is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Cape Town offers visitors an array of activities, including swimming, surfing, sailing, windsurfing and kite-surfing.

It is also known for its rich cultural heritage. There are many museums, art galleries and markets that showcase traditional African culture and cuisine. In addition, there are plenty of festivals throughout the year that offers visitors a chance to experience music, dancing and vibrant colours from different cultures.

the best halal restaurants in cape town
Capetown South Africa

It is the most popular destination in South Africa, attracting millions of local and international tourists each year.

Cape Town is also home to a large, diverse Muslim population. The exact size of the Muslim population in Cape Town is not known. However, Muslims make up around 4-5% of the city’s total population, which is approximately 5 million people. There are many mosques and halaal restaurants in Cape Town that serve delicious cuisine.

There are a few certifying halal bodies in South Africa, and most halal restaurants will hold a certificate. Halal Restaurants in South Africa do not serve alcohol.

Does Cape Town have halal food?

Cape Town is a vibrant, diverse city, and it has a wide variety of options when it comes to halal food. Many restaurants and eateries across the city serve halal dishes, from traditional South African cuisine to more international fare. From quick takeaway meals to upscale restaurants, Cape Town has plenty of options for those Muslims. Many halal restaurants offer various cuisines, from Cape Malay to curries and biryanis to kebabs and rotis.

If you’re looking for something different, there are Lebanese and Turkish restaurants and many Middle Eastern-style cafes that all serve authentic halal dishes. So whether you’re looking for a quick snack or an evening meal out with family while visiting, you can rest assured that Cape Town has plenty of halal food options available.

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We have shortlisted some of the best halal restaurants in Cape Town below:

Saray (V&A Waterfront)

halaal restaurant waterfront cape town saray

If you are looking for a halal restaurant in Cape Town waterfront, then check out the Saray, an authentic Turkish restaurant located on the popular V&A Waterfront. They have a beautiful outdoor and indoor setting where you can relax and indulge in some good quality Turkish cuisine.

The flatbread starter is freshly prepared and arrives hot at your table. I also enjoyed the falafels and hummus at Saray.

Address: The Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001

Wembley Roadhouse (Belgravia)

Wembley Roadhouse is Cape Town’s longest-standing halal establishment. It will take you back to your childhood when trays were hooked to the window and meals were served in the car. There is of course, an option to eat at a table outside of the car if you prefer.

Webley serves fast food items such as burgers and hot dogs with fries and shakes, but you can also find Cape cuisine and Indian food items such as samoosas and briyani.

Address: 33 Wembley Rd, Belgravia, Cape Town, 7780,

Butchers Wife (Belgravia)

the butcher's wife halal steak restaurant in cape town
Photo Credit Bucher’s Wife

This restaurant specializes in grills, gourmet burgers, pizza, and pasta. If you are feeling for a good steak, they have Wagyu, Angus, and dry-aged steaks on the menu. This is one of the halal restaurants in Cape Town known for preparing steaks to prime.

Address: 114 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Col Cacchio (Canal Walk Shopping Center)

Col Cacchio is a traditional pizzeria that serves classic Italian dishes such as salads, pizza, and pasta.

The Canal Walk branch is halal, and the menu features wood oven pizzas with gourmet toppings and a variety of bases to choose from. They also have light meals and low-carb meal options.

Address: Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Century City Blvd, Century City, Cape Town

Larocca (Canal Walk Shopping Center)

Larocca is an established restaurant located in the Canal Walk shopping centre. They have an extensive menu serving everything from fast food and light meals to seafood and mocktails. They are open for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Address: Century Boulevard, Century City, Cape Town 7441

Talladega Grill (Lansdowne in Imam Haron Road)

halaal restaurant serving halal burgers in cape town
Photo Credit Talladega

This is a Texan-style grill house. Their specialities include fried chicken and waffles, Philly cheese steak, and grass-fed Angus and Wagyu burgers. If you like burgers and fries, I highly recommend the Wagyu burger, as this was possibly one of the best burgers I have eaten in South Africa.

Address: The Highbury Centre, Imam Haron Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town 7780

Nandos (Various Locations)

Nandos is South Africa’s most established and famous chicken restaurant chain. The menu comprises peri-peri chicken items such as burgers, pitas, and grilled chicken. All chicken is marinated using sauces prepared with African bird eye chilli and char-grilled, giving the menu a unique flavour and taste.

There are many Nandos establishments located around Cape Town, but not all are halal. Look for the certificate in the store to find out if it is halal.

Mochachos (Sea point)

Mochachos is a very popular restaurant chain in South Africa. They serve Mexican fast food items such as nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, burgers, and grilled chicken. All items are prepared with varying levels of spice based on your choice. Their french fries are worth a try.

Although there are many branches located across the city, not all are halal. The Sea point branch is halal. You may look out for a halal certificate if you visit a different branch.

Address: Mochachos Sea Point, 125 Beach Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8005

The colourful area of Bo Kaap, a halal friendly neighbourhood with many halaal restaurants

Bo Kaap Deli (Bo-Kaap)

Bo Kaap means “Above Cape”. This is an area in Cape Town, home to many Cape Malay Muslims. The area lies near the hills of signal hill and is famous for the coloured houses that line the streets.

Bo Kaap is a must-visit on a trip to Cape Town, as it will allow you to experience Cape Malay culture. It is also a very beautiful area with a lot of history. Here you will also find the oldest mosque in South Africa which dates back to 1794.

At Bo Kaap deli, you will find traditional Malay cuisine as well as other dishes. Their koeksisters come highly recommended. Koeksisters are balls of special dough, which are fried, dipped in a sweet syrup, and then dusted with coconut.

This is a favourite amongst anyone visiting Bo Kaap Deli.

Address: 42 Wale Street, Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

Eastern Food bazaar (Longmarket Street, Cape Town CBD)

Photo Credit Eastern Bazaar

Eastern Food Bazaar is a canteen-style eatery that has ten kitchens. It is open seven days a week from 9 am-8 pm. They serve everything from traditional Cape Cuisine to Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian and vegetarian dishes. There is a huge variety of items to choose from and a large seating space.

Address: Longmarket Street, Cape Town CBD.

Ciao Pizza (Long Street, Cape Town CBD)

Ciao pizzeria is another pizza joint that delivers wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas prepared with the freshest ingredients. They use San Marzano-style tomatoes and high-quality mozzarella in creating their pizzas and pasta.

You can choose from a selection of interesting toppings or opt for the Margherita pizza, which I would recommend. The restaurant also has a small breakfast menu and a range of San Pellegrino Italian soft drinks to pair with your meal.

Address: Ciao Pizza, 39 Long Street, Cape Town CBD, 8001

Ocean Basket (Vangate Mall)

Ocean Basket is another South African chain restaurant. The menu has a special focus on fresh seafood. Main meal options include various types of fish, prawns, calamari, and sushi. Dishes are served with lemon butter, tartar sauce, garlic, and fresh chilli on the side. The prince prawns prepared in lemon butter sauce are a favourite for me.

Address: Cnr Vanguard & Settlers Drives, Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, 7785,

In conclusion, Cape Town is an excellent destination for halaal food lovers. There are plenty of halal restaurants to choose from, all offering amazing culinary experiences. Whether you are looking for local cuisine or international fusion, there is a halal restaurant to suit your needs.

The Ocean Basket in Vangate Mall is halal certified and thus will have no alcohol on its menu.

If you are planning a trip to Cape Town, you won’t be short on a selection of halal restaurants. There are so many great halal restaurants in Cape Town.

I have highlighted just a few of them. I hope you will get to try some of them out when you are in Cape Town.

Guest Post: Rehana Mahomed is financial writer turned travel writer who has 19 years of travel experience. She shares her unique travel insights on her blog.

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