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9 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Travel Light


9 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Travel Light

Gone are the days for me when packing included a large suitcase and hand luggage. Now it is just hand luggage and with as little as possible.

I cannot imagine taking the big suitcase and carrying it with me around the streets trying to find the hotels. Last time I did this it was in Rome and my back was hurting after that for days.

Travelling light is the new trend and it can really help you have a better travel experience.

 Saves you money

9 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Travel Light

With low cost carriers asking you to pay for your luggage learning how to pack less can really save you as much as your ticket. Many low cost airlines in Europe charge only £10 for a one way ticket however if you take luggage with you and the price is £15 or £20 per bag one way. So just by taking less things with you you can save money on the ticket and invite your friends to join with the leftover money. 🙂

Makes Exploring Easier

9 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Travel Light

One of the reasons why I love travelling light is because I can just explore the city even when I have my luggage with me. Many times I chose flights late at night so instead of leaving my bag in the hotel locker I prefer to carry it with me. This way I can plan my day sightseeing as much as possible before heading to the airport for my flight back.

We never wear them

9 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Travel Light

Let’s be honest why do we carry 10 tops when in reality we know we will just wear 2 of them. Most of the times the things you wear at home and you feel comfy in are the things you will end up wearing on your trip. I used to carry practically my full wardrobe just so I end up wearing the same 4 outfits for the whole duration of the trip. Plan you outfits with our awesome travel tips and make your holiday much easier. Plus you won’t be wasting time thinking what to wear.

Less is More

As Muslims appreciating what we have in this moment of time is the best way to reflect and be close to Allah. While on the road you have the opportunity to avoid the trap of consumerism and materialism. Reflect on how little we actually need to survive and concentrate on the beauty we are surrounded by. I mean the natural beauty of the world of course. 🙂

Less things to lose


I am sure I am not the only one forgetting clothes in hotel rooms or Ipads in cafes. The less you have the less chance you have to actually lose them. This includes gadgets and clothes alike. You will worry less and be stress free.

 You can travel more

9 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Travel Light

Seriously if you have fewer things packed you can actually explore the neighbouring city without worrying how you will carry your bags. If you have a small hand luggage or a backpack, it is easy to roll and just take with me.

You realise what is important to you

When packing light you start thinking what you really like and what you cannot live without. We are surrounded by advertisements of the latest modern gadgets, trendy fashions and all. But when you start packing you know that the things you take with you are the ones you really cannot live without. Like clothes, phone for photos, prayer mat and a qibla compass, these are at least my essentials. 🙂

You can always buy

9 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Travel Light

Sometimes we pack everything as if in our destination we are going we will not find anything. As if we are going in the middle of the desert, in which case pack it because you probably won’t find a supermarket to buy toothpaste. However if you are going to a civilised city/country I am sure you will be able to find toothpaste, shampoo and anything else that you may need. You can even gift the rest or leave it behind. It will be probably cheaper than packing it from home; see the luggage fees above.

 Memories are made with moments not things

9 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Travel Light

We travel to be present in the moment, to immerse ourselves in the experience. Things will not help you have better experiences in my opinion, they can actually distract you. The people who are with you and the location are the things that make these moments special. Concentrate on enjoying them and you will have some amazing fun. Trust me.

Be a traveller and a stranger in this world… explore the beauty of our creator. 

P.S You can download our free travel checklist to help you pack just what you need here. 

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